One name stands out as Angels announce Freeway Series roster.

Mark Lowe

Mark Lowe had a 3.43 ERA in 36 relief appearances for the Texas Rangers last season. (Associated Press)

The Angels are bringing 20 position players and 15 pitchers to the Freeway Series. One name on the list stands out.

Mark Lowe signed a minor-league contract this morning after being cut by the Dodgers on Sunday. Lowe, a XX(B) free agent, finished last season on the Texas Rangers’ roster and had until Tuesday before the Dodgers had to decide to keep or cut him. Coincidentally, the Angels’ final four exhibition games are against either the Rangers or Dodgers.

Lowe, 29, has pitched in parts of seven major-league seasons for the Rangers and Mariners. The right-hander posted a 4.15 ERA in nine Cactus League appearances with the Dodgers (four earned runs in 8 ⅔ innings) while walking three and striking out six. With David Carpenter struggling (5.91 ERA in 12 appearances), Lowe stands a decent chance of making the team. The Angels have four open spots on the 40-man roster.

The other name on the list that seems out of place is Austin Wood, but he’ll probably only get on the mound in case of an emergency. The 22-year-old right-hander finished last season at Low-A Cedar Rapids.

Here’s the full list:


55 Blanton, Joe
24 Burnett, Sean
28 Carpenter, David
37 Downs, Scott
49 Frieri, Ernesto
48 Hanson, Tommy
40 Jepsen, Kevin
38 Lowe, Mark
43 Richards, Garrett
35 Stetter, Mitch
60 Vargas, Jason
36 Weaver, Jered
57 Williams, Jerome
33 Wilson, C.J.
81 Wood, Austin


16 Conger, Hank
22 Hester, John
17 Iannetta, Chris
46 Snyder, Chris


2 Aybar, Erick
6 Callaspo, Alberto
47 Kendrick, Howie
68 Navarro, Efren
20 Harris, Brendan
18 Jimenez, Luis
5 Pujols, Albert
18 Rodriguez, Luis
20 Romine, Andrew
44 Trumbo, Mark


25 Bourjos, Peter
56 Calhoun, Kole
85 Grichuk, Randal
32 Hamilton, Josh
39 Shuck, J.B.
27 Trout, Mike

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