Scioscia denies confusion about Hamilton’s timetable to return

Angels manager Mike Scioscia admitted on Wednesday his estimate of Josh Hamilton’s arrival to the Angels training complex in Arizona “later this week” may have been premature. Scioscia denied there was any confusion within the organization despite reports of general manager Jerry Dipoto disagreeing with Scioscia’s timetable for Hamilton.

“No mixed messages,” Scioscia said. “I think the process is starting with Josh this week. I think that the timetable for him to get to Arizona is really fluid, but could happen this weekend, could happen next week, but the process is there.”

Scioscia said the Angels have a plan in place for Hamilton to be evaluated both on and off the field, something that has been communicated to the embattled slugger through his agent. Hamilton, who has a well documented history of addiction, self-reported a drug and alcohol relapse to Major League Baseball in February. He is currently rehabilitating after shoulder surgery prior to spring training.

The Angels aren’t simply waiting on Hamilton to show up, though the date he will report to Arizona is still in question.

“Nothing is firmed up there, but there are certainly things in place to get this process started, absolutely, to make sure Josh is getting the help and evaluation that he needs,” Scioscia said. “I was probably commenting more on the aggressive side of (when his arrival) could be. It might not happen in that timetable, but there’s no confusion.”

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