Restaurant of the Week: Lollicup

Lollicup, 4323 E. Mills Circle, No. 104 (at Concours), Ontario

Lollicup is a chain of tea and coffee shops specializing in boba drinks; there are other local locations in Chino Hills (14320 Chino Hills Parkway) and Pomona (961 E. Mission Blvd.) But the Ontario location, which is operated by a family from Indonesia, also sells food.

The menu has a few fried snacks, which may be common to other Lollicups, but the Ontario store has a small bakery-type case atop the counter, a sign near it about taro pudding and various jellies, a few bagged items for sale to-go (Dendeng Sapi, described as sweet beef jerky, and something crunchy-looking called Rempeyek) and a short lunch menu displayed on the counter. A chalkboard had five or six specials, including Soto Ayam (a soup) and several noodle dishes.

From the specials I ordered Mie Goreng Jawa ($6.50), which was much like pad Thai, with thin noodles, onion, Chinese cabbage, tomatoes and chicken. It was too much for one meal; I took the other half home. For a beverage, I had a jasmine milk tea ($3.25) with boba (35 cents).

The interior seats 20. It basically looks like a Starbucks except with tables. Kind of cute. There’s a Korean-style yogurt shop, Berry Trees, a couple of doors down but when I left I was too full to go in.

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  • Stupid Happy Idiot

    Pardon the unusual ignorance, but between selling Boba drinks and Mie Goreng Jawa, I could have sworn you were eating at the cantina in Mos Eisley. Are you sure that wasn’t Bantha jerky they were serving? Was Xavier Alvarez there, by any chance?

    Then again, I can’t really see Ontario having the most wretched hive of scum and villainy in the (Inland) Empire.

    S. H. Idiot

    [The characters at Lollicup weren’t quite as colorful as those in the “Star Wars” cantina scene, I’m afraid. — DA]

  • Paul

    Great blog! Keep it up Mr. Allen.

    [Will do, Mr. Paul. — DA]

  • Ms. Anonymous

    What did you think of the Boba Thai Tea with the tapioca balls (boba)? That’s what it’s known for, their boba tea. We want to know what you think of the taste. You didn’t review your thots on that. Please comment. Thank you.

    [Boba is fun; it’s like a game with yourself to see if you can slurp up all the balls through that thick straw before your drink is finished. Milk tea is a little sweeter a beverage than I prefer, but I like it, and the Lollicup version is as good as any I’ve had. — DA]