Vampire Weekend!

Yes, the hot band of 2008. They’re playing — wait for it — Pomona.

Sept. 16 at the Glass House. That’s a Tuesday. Vampire Weeknight?

I saw a notice of the show in Thursday’s L.A. Times Guide (the last issue, btw) as part of its list of upcoming shows at various venues. Tickets went on sale Saturday. The show precedes two dates at L.A.’s Wiltern Theater on Sept. 17-18.

On my lunch hour, I headed for Pomona’s Glass House Record Store a couple of storefronts from the venue. Tickets are still available, maybe because the Inland Valley is light on Columbia grads. Picked up two tickets, $23.50 each. Two opening acts, including Abe Vigoda, a rising band from (believe it or not) Chino.

I wasn’t immediately sold on Vampire Weekend. A friend had loaned me a burned copy of their debut CD early this year and a couple of spins didn’t do much for me. Weeks later, I was riding in another friend’s pickup and eventually noticed the catchy, vaguely familiar CD he was playing. Turned out it was Vampire Weekend. They kinda snuck up on me. Bought the CD myself and it quickly became a favorite.

“I see a mansard roof through the trees”! Bom! Bom bom!

For me, this is the biggest Glass House show since the White Stripes in 2005. Can’t wait.

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