‘Luke, I am your trolley’

Darth Vader and an Imperial Stormtrooper trod the Claremont Village last Saturday as part of the monthly Edge of L.A. Comic Con at the Packing House.


The pair rode the trolley, which is soon to go the way of the Death Star (photo from the Claremont Insider blog), and briefly took the stage at Rhino Records during its Record Store Day promotion (photo courtesy of Rhino).


No, they didn’t perform Meco’s “Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band.”

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  • Charles Bentley

    Okay, now you’ve done it. I’ve got the Bill Murray version of the Star Wars theme stuck in my head and it’s just not coming out!

    Don’t remember it? Check it out on YouTube accompanied by scenes from “Star Wars Episode IV — A New Hope.”


    Thanks, David. May the farce be with you … always!

    [The same version went through my head too: “Star Wars, give me those Star Wars, those near and far wars, don’t let them end.” I did that from memory. Sad. — DA]

  • judi

    Curse you both! Now it’s stuck in my head, too! And glutton for punishment that I am, I had to find a visual, albeit grainy:


  • judi

    Okay, just when I almost got the song out of my head, along comes this misnomered version (go to about 1:30):


    Somebody, make it stop!

    [The first step is recognizing that you need help, Judi. — DA]