Claremont Insider is back

Just when you thought it was safe to use the Internet, the valley’s most feared blog is back. After an absence of five months, the Claremont Insider resumed daily posting on Monday, smacking around the usual suspects (Oliver Chi, Ellen Taylor, the 400) as if nothing had changed.

As we regular readers might expect from a blog that beats the drum for transparency from behind the curtain of anonymity, there was no explanation for its death or its (pre-Easter) resurrection. C’mon, Insider, we were hoping for some insider gossip!

Well, there was a tongue-in-cheek allusion to the situation at the end of the first post, which was about the storm: “The commotion is enough to wake the dead, or even the e-dead.”

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  • judi

    Hey, if they want to talk about a real storm, they should check out your Facebook page. Holy canoli, did you stir up a hornet’s nest over there! If I were you, I wouldn’t walk down a dark alley in your beloved Pomona any time soon.

    Just curious: Are you still planning on attending the film festival?

    [Undecided, honestly. It may not be safe to walk down a dark alley in Claremont either… DA]

  • Bob Terry

    And where can I find this blog that reports on The People’s Republic Of Claremont?

    [Click on “the valley’s most feared blog is back” in the text. — DA]

  • Shirley Wofford

    The Claremont Insider needs to check its facts a little better before writing an incendiary piece like the one it just recently did, regarding the CalPERS situation with placement agents who received large fees for steering CalPERS investments to entities the agents were representing. The Insider is saying that the placement agents who made millions of dollars in fees for steering CalPERS investments to those respective entities were working for CalPERS. They go on further to say that the placement fees came from CalPERS and, ultimately, the taxpayer.

    The placement agents who pocketed millions of dollars in fees were the employees of the entities who were invested in by CalPERS. The entities then paid the huge commissions to their placement agents. So, the CalPERS investments remained whole. This Insider piece is false and paints an unfair picture of CalPERS, which has been looking into the situation regarding placment agents and setting up some new rules in that regard.

    [If you want to complain about the Insider being unfair, Shirley, you’ll have to step to the end of a very long line. — DA]

  • craig

    Looks like the Insider is back, so let’s have a $7000 party like the city gives, to the outgoing fathers of the city GOV. (oversite)/Ha Ha !!!! or lack of it!!!

  • robert bunch

    calpers and all else face it if the colleges weren’t there the town would die.