Who dat!

Continuing a long streak, I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. (However, having visited New Orleans post-Katrina, it was cool to know the previously hapless team had made the championship and had everyone there tossing around their giddy “Who dat?” catchphrase. I was happy to hear later that they’d won.)

I decided to take advantage of everyone watching the game to go to Ikea in West Covina.

There was noticeably less traffic on the 10, but to my surprise, Ikea’s garage seemed as full as normal for a Sunday, and the store was thronged with shoppers. In the cafeteria, all the window seats were taken, the ones with the view of the 10 and the hills.

Several TVs in the store were tuned to the Super Bowl. Two guys were seated on a sofa in one of the living room setups, watching the game on a big screen almost as comfortably as if they were at home. (Hmm. Did the store replace its usual fake TVs with real TVs for the day?)

Perhaps the sort of people who shop at Ikea aren’t (mostly) the sort who watch the Super Bowl. I dunno. As I maneuvered around all these non-Bowl watchers, I kept mentally asking them: Who dat? Who dat? Who dat?…

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