• Will Bigham

    I just went through the trouble of finding that section of LA’s municipal code. I’m afraid it’s more perplexing than even the blank space.

    “No person shall use any area or facility set aside, used, maintained or designated for a specific recreational or park purpose by the Board, Department, Commission or Department of Beaches, which purpose is reasonably apparent from the appearance, construction or designation of such facility or area, or as to which reasonable notice of such designation or purpose is given by signs posted thereon, for a purpose contrary to or inconsistent with such specific or designated purpose.”

    [Why, that clears everything right up. — DA]

  • Matt Swift

    This area is open for the specific limited purpose of . . .nothing.

  • I’m assuming that the sign painters left that space blank while they searched for a dictionary to ensure that they had the correct spelling for “hmuping.”

  • Will Campbell

    “Posting This Sign”

  • Eric

    “This area is open for the specific limited purpose of….what Will Bigham said.”

  • Chris Trimm

    I think this is classified as an art form, but don’t ask me. I’m sure a graffiti ‘artist’ can fill in the blank!

  • Bob House

    Likely, you’re already all over it, but LA Times reports today that a small square, a block from Pershing Square, will be dedicated to LA author John Fante.


    [Didn’t know that, but I’m glad to. I’ve gotta read “Ask the Dust” sometime. — DA]