Restaurant of the Week: Warehouse Pizza

39311-warehousepizza 002.jpg
39312-warehousepizza 001.jpg

Warehouse Pizza, 2340 D St. (at Bonita), La Verne

Anchoring a prime corner in downtown La Verne, Warehouse practically anchors the entire downtown. Its website says it’s been there 23 years, but that seems to refer only to the current owners. A University of La Verne alumnus friend says he was eating at Warehouse as early as 1971.

Either way, it’s an expansive place — could it have been a former citrus warehouse? — with a large, open interior and exposed industrial ceiling. Equally large is the patio, only a portion of which could fit into the above photo. Warehouse is a favorite of ULV students and professors, as well as Bonita High students, sports teams and families.

The menu has a dozen sandwiches and three salads, plus beer and wine, but the pizza is the main reason anyone goes (the beer may be second). A 14-inch mushroom ($13.95), pictured, comes loaded, the sauce tomatoey, the crust chewy, but crispy at the edge.

For its size, La Verne has a lot of homegrown pizza parlors (Red Devil, Sal’s, Pizza Barn, Pizza N Stuff and maybe one or two I’ve forgotten), with Warehouse perhaps the best, and certainly the most fondly regarded.

Two ULV alums are said to have opened Warehouse knockoffs in Hawaii and Colorado, duplicating the interior to the last neon beer sign, hanging ladder and miniature gas pump. The original is a classic college-town pizza parlor. Long may it bake.

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  • Bonnie

    One of my favorite places to eat. You know that the pizza toppings are real, no fake cheese, etc. No other pizza places in the La Verne/San Dimas area can compare. The other night I was tired and picked up a pizza at another place that you named. My first bite and I was so disappointed that I did not drive a little further for Warehouse. When my family visits, they love going to Warehouse. Thanks for reviewing this standard for all pizza places.

  • canadian bacon sausage mushroom

    It’s been 20+years since i’ve had warehouse pizza! My older brother whom we lost a few years back would take us there after little league games. didnt know they were still there, brings back great memories!

  • Bob Terry

    I commend them for their longevity and possible “historic” status, but I have one question directed to Bonnie…what is fake cheese?

  • I have been thinking they should open one in Claremont. Good spot: failed 7-11 property!

    [It is sorta warehouse-y. — DA]

  • Bob House

    fake cheese: powdered milk plus vegetable oil, etc.

  • Bob Terry

    Thanks, Bob House…it does kind of make sense that you could actually make a product like that…I’m sure most of us pizza people would be “one and done” with a concoction like that. Does anyone remember Mama Rosa’s Pizza on W. Holt in Pomona? This would be circa 1968-72?

  • Bonnie

    Hey, Bob T. Howdy! I was surprised when I started reading food labels. Next time you’re at the market looking at cheese, you may find: Kraft Singles; Velveeta Slices; Kraft Deli Deluxe Bacon Cheddar; Market Pantry American Singles, etc. Notice what’s missing from the names? CHEESE! Kind of makes me afraid to read other labels and find out what I am really eating.

  • craig hellman

    i worked at the Mkt Basket store on west holt, Mama Rosa’s wsa great!!!!

  • Ron

    Warehouse Pizza is located in what was formerly the Casillas Bakery (and prior to that a Danish bakery). The open eating area sits on land which prior to demolition housed Haynes barber shop, a favorite for the more senior customers who preferred whitewalls (very short hair around the ears), and extending to the corner of D street and Bonita ave. was Homer Dacus’ Mobil filling station. For the record, Warehouse has great pizza but my favorite is Red Devil.

    [Thanks for the info, as well as the opinion! — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    Oh Bonnie, how could I have been so blind? I now realize what you all mean by fake cheese. Here is another one for you that I read about last year…guacamole made WITHOUT avocados!

  • Daniel Perez Resident of La Verne

    One phrase that best describes Warehouse Pizza…THE BEST! Kenny has been feeding me his famous Warehouse pizza since I was 5…I think Warehouse should truly begin to expand into other select cities…Thanks for continuing to make the best quality pizza around..Danny of La Verne