Another Victoria Gardens


“I don’t know if you’ve been to EPCOT before,” reader Will Plunkett asks, “but there was a garden in the Canada section of the park, titled ‘Victoria Gardens.’ This is totally a rip-off of the Rancho shopping location, I’m sure, as I can’t think of a single way the name Victoria relates to Canada at all.” Tongue further in cheek, the Rancho Cucamonga resident adds: “And no Abercrombie & Fitch store or Sbarro there, either.”

A garden without Abercrombie & Fitch or Sbarro? Pff. Here’s Plunkett’s photo; click on it for a larger view.

(I have been to EPCOT, actually, but that was years before our Victoria Gardens opened.)

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  • Pat Flinn

    I have twice written and tried to submit a comment about this item. Both times I got a message that had not been sent because it required a name and address, which I had included as always.

    Maybe my computer is resting or maybe there is some glitch I am missing.

    Pat Flinn

    [Well, this note came through. — DA]

  • Pat Flinn

    Thank you for letting me know that last note came through. I was commenting that I am not sure if Plunkett was just joshing about EPCOT rip-off of Victoria Gardens, Rancho Cucamonga.

    Since the Gardens were in the Canada section of EPCOT I feel pretty sure they are a replica or a representation of Victoria Butchart Gardens near Victoria, British Columbia. Originally the site was a limestone quarry owned by a man named Butchart. After the quarry was played out in the early 1900s, his wife, Jenny, began landscaping the site, creating the Victoria Butchart Gardens.

    I have been to neither of these places, but have pictures of the Gardens in Canada and they look much the same as Plunkett’s pictures.

    [Yes, Will was kidding. I tried to indicate that by noting his comments were tongue in cheek. — DA]

  • RK

    If you zoom in on the plaque, it says: “Loverboy, that most iconic of all Canadian rock bands, will be opening the season at the Lewis Family Playhouse at Victoria Gardens.”

    Made you look!