Restaurant of the Week: Dripp

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Dripp, 13855 City Center Drive (at Grand), Shoppes at Chino Hills

Dripp, a new coffeehouse at the Shoppes center in Chino Hills that opened in November 2011, took the place of a Peets on a busy corner. In a surprise to me, this is a one-off coffeehouse, not a chain, although it certainly could become one. A lot of money was poured into the space to revamp it and install some complex drip coffee equipment.

The beans are roasted by high-end LA coffeehouse Intelligentsia. You’ll have to find someone else to explain or critique this aspect (the website uses such terms as “ambrosial coffees,” “flavor-enhancing methods” and “Japanese drip bar”) because I don’t drink coffee. But I visited recently with three friends and they were impressed.

What I can tell you about is the ice cream. Dripp has eight flavors of ice cream and eight types of cookies. The sandwiches ($4) are made to order and you can choose two different cookie types if you like.

I had peanut butter ice cream between two peanut butter chip chocolate cookies. As you can see, they put a spoon in it and that’s recommended for getting started. The cookies and the ice cream both were amazing. You can also get ice cream solo in one, two or three scoops, or the cookies by themselves.

The coffeehouse looks like hipster central: exposed piping, menus attached to pieces of distressed wood, ropes hanging from the ceiling, antiques, a loft upstairs with sofas and chairs. An annoying notice on the door reads “No Photography,” which is roundly ignored. There’s a shady patio outside.

But, wait: Dripp? At the Shoppes? As my local friend told me: “It’s Chino Hills. We can afford some extra letters.”


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  • Fred Tessensohn

    Ah, Chino Hills! It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to afford a trip that far downhill. Perhaps since the Shoppes are doing well enough to afford Dripp, and all those extra letters, they should re-incorporate the city as “Chinno Hilles.”

    Yours truly,

    [Imagine how many letters they’ll be able to afford once the economy comes back. — DA]

  • Andy

    Now this excites me! It seems lately that Chino Hills is starting to get real non-chain artisan restaurants. At $4 an ice cream sandwich, this only costs 75 cents more than a Handel’s single scoop. We could use more great places like Dripp and Klatch in the IE. I will try to check it out this weekend.

  • Doug Evans

    Yay, Dripp! I’ve been four times so far. Consensus among my various friends and family is that it serves delicious coffee, not for all that cheap, and it does have a nice atmosphere. On one trip, a friend of mine, born in Iran, read my fortune in my Turkish coffee drippings. It was all good. One complaint I’ve heard is that they only serve whole milk… serving any other kind would compromise the taste of the coffee, according to Dripp, and they’re not willing to sacrifice. Good to have standards, but this may make weight-conscious people choose to visit not quite so frequently.

    If anyone visits in the evening, say hello to my friend Kristie working behind the counter! Also, I’ve decided to change the spelling of my first name to “Dougg.”

    [We’ll look for the new spelling in your upcoming comments! — DA]

  • Andy

    4 miles from Dripp.. very tempted to get an ice cream sandwich after work. Wonder who makes their ice cream.

  • Andy

    This place was great David.. we need more places like this in this suburban wasteland… actually more places like this East of the 710. Thanks for such a great find… the ice cream was great.. now I’m really scratching my head, why am I paying $3.25 for Handel’s when ice cream at Dripp blows them away at $2.60. The tea was great… I tried the cold drip… it was ok.. very different. Will visit again.

    [Glad to have turned you on to a new favorite, Andy. — DA]