Column: Kicking up dust at Upland City Hall


Wednesday’s column (read it here) is about Monday’s Upland City Council meeting, at least nominally. (I tend to free-associate a bit with my Upland columns.)

I tweeted the above photo from the meeting. Didn’t seem worthwhile to try to get a photo of a dusty cabinet into the newspaper, but here it is on my blog as a bonus. It’ll make sense when you read the column.

Speaking of bonuses, below is a segment from early in the column — it would have picked up right after the first paragraph — that I decided to cut. Didn’t want to look like I was protesting too much. Also, because the meeting actually was kind of boring, the reader might have had a point!

Before we delve into the latest from the City of Gracious Living, a brief word about the frequency of its council meetings. They occur twice a month, and I try to attend both, but due to vacation I was only able to be at one of the February meetings.

Even one column a month about Upland is too much for some readers.

“You are a very talented writer but you are wasting the public’s time with the constant Upland City Council updates,” reader Rich emailed to say after my Feb. 15 column.

Constant? One or two columns a month out of a dozen or more?

“Not many people outside of Upland give a damn about that city’s business. Boring is putting it mildly!” Rich continued. “I could not finish reading the column after reading the first couple of paragraphs.”

At least he gave me a fair chance: two paragraphs.

Even if it’s true that “not many people outside of Upland” care, does that mean Upland shouldn’t appear in my column? Uplanders are people too!

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  • valerie marrs

    I’m outside of Upland and I always enjoy reading your takes on city govt, Upland, Pomona, whatever, just so I can appreciate being outside.

    [Good point. There’s always the “there but for the grace of God” angle. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    The gentleman who criticized your commenting, on what is happening in Upland, must not have lived, in this area, and read the DB, when we had your predecessor, at the paper. No city was spared, those snark attacks. Your presence, at the DB, following that columnist’s exit, has been a welcome breath, of fresh air–for 15 years.

    I wonder what the new Upland Councilmember has in store, for those high-grossing PS workers, that she is outing. Is she having the stake set up, or what?

  • 91784

    Upland is outrageously corrupt. Hilariously corrupt. Absurdly corrupt. Tragically corrupt. My guess is that Rich is an Upland PS employee…

    And I love that our newest council members, Ms. Stone and Mr. Filippi, are looking into these high-grossing incomes. I hope they examine these absurd retirement benefits, next.

    Upland has been cheated far too long.