Adios to the old menu boards at Juanita’s


I wish I’d documented the old-fashioned menu board at Juanita’s, the popular burrito stand on South Indian Hill Boulevard in Pomona. Because after years of letters attached to boards that spelled out every possible combination, the eatery has put up relatively glitzy, and much simpler, menu boards that mimic ones at the Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga locations.

Here’s what I wrote in my “Pomona A to Z” column of 2004 about Juanita’s menu board:

Naturally, Juanita’s has its quirks. Like a student trying to pad a book report, the menu details every conceivable variation on its burritos and tacos, sending the combinations sprawling across three menu boards.

Say you want a pork burrito. Here are the head-spinning possibilities:

* Meat bean rice cheese $3.25

* Meat $3.25

* Meat bean cheese $3

* Meat bean rice $3

* Meat rice cheese $3

* Meat bean $3

* Meat rice $3

Can we get an organizational coach in on this? (And yes, somebody forgot “meat cheese.”)

Later they added “Meat cheese.” Who says I’m not having an impact?

I haven’t found a good image of the old boards, but you can get a glimpse of them in the photo up top, which I found on FourSquare. The woman is obscuring the third menu board. The photo above is of the new board.

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