Column: New RC librarian has ideas by the volume

In Wednesday’s column, Rancho Cucamonga’s new library director tells me her impressions of the city and library and offers a few intriguing ideas for the future. She’s a big reader too.

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  • SAWZ

    The Biane Library and the adjacent Lewis Playhouse are “top notch” like all other developments in RC. The new Librarian’s excitement is understandable–“congrats” to her. (If I were a resident, I would have urged that the facility not be named after a politician.) My favorite thing to do in RC if I am having “me” time is to sit at the counter at CA Pizza Kitchen with the corn tortilla soup and bread with Olive oil–then stop at the Biane (gulp-gulp) and sit in the reading room looking at the mountains, catching up on the newspapers. The computer room is great too.

    • davidallen909

      It’s an unfortunate name, especially in retrospect. You make me want to visit the reading room!