Restaurant of the Week: Broken Yolk

Broken Yolk, 2488 Foothill Blvd. (at Towne Center), La Verne; open 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily, to 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

A San Diego-based chain, Broken Yolk opened up in La Verne in October in the Target center. I’d never heard of it — Broken Yolk, not Target — but decided to give it a spin recently, meeting a friend for lunch.

It’s breakfast and lunch (and weekend brunch) only at the Yolk, a mid-sized coffee shop. Apparently weekend crowds are intense, but for a weekday lunch, seating was no problem.

The chain is known for big portions, like four-egg omelets and large pancakes, as well as French toast made with Hawaiian bread. The menu can be seen here.

My friend got breakfast: the Ranchero skillet ($12.45), with chorizo, serrano peppers, two (not four) eggs, avocado and potatoes. He liked it. “It’s breakfast,” he said matter-of-factly. “It can be messed up, but they didn’t.”

I got lunch: a tuna melt ($12) on sourdough with sweet potato fries. Other side options are fries, onion rings, potato salad and broccoli slaw. (Calorie counts would point to the latter as the healthiest choice at 60 calories, but my choice was second-best at 240. Also, I don’t think I could bear to order broccoli slaw.)

Careful readers of this blog may recall that the tuna melt is my baseline sandwich, the one I’m likeliest to pick at an unfamiliar restaurant if it’s on the menu. This was an above-average version, fresh and with jack cheese.

People on Yelp seem inordinately gripey about the wait times for weekend breakfast, making me wonder if they’ve ever gone out for breakfast before. Drive past BC Cafe on a weekend morning and you’ll glimpse one or two dozen would-be patrons scattered out on the lawn waiting for a table inside to open.

Anyway, Broken Yolk’s got a varied menu, service was attentive and the food is pretty good. Despite the name, I’ll bet they will give you an egg sunny side up if you ask.

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  • Bob House

    Inquiring minds want to know, does an “above-average” tuna melt now become the new baseline?
    A Careful Reader

    • Richard_Pietrasz

      Just all the children in Lake Wobegon, I presume. And, is above-average the new 16th when in Upland?

      • davidallen909

        I’d like to find a town where all the tuna melts were above average! (Alas, one can’t even buy a tuna melt, good, bad or indifferent, north of 16th…)

        Bob, as you were the primary “careful reader” I had in mind, I’m glad you noticed the reference.

        • Richard_Pietrasz

          There are many restaurants north of 16th that have the ingredients and facilities to make a tuna melt. I suspect at least one of them would make one, maybe as a special order. Most of them are in the Colonies complex, and there is Giuseppe’s in San Antonio Heights.

          • davidallen909

            Correction: Tuna melts are everywhere!

        • Eric S.

          Roundin’ 3rd, just east of Campus on the north side of 16th, has a tuna melt. I can’t vouch for it however.