Column: Does each booth have a cone of silence?

A rare (but welcome?) all-Ontario column begins with a Spires restaurant sign now missing a crucial letter, continues with a City Council meeting and concludes with TV filming and a robot. What more would you want in a Sunday column? That’s rhetorical.

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  • SAWZ

    Is Upland on your calendar? You could let them know about the need for attention to Arrow Rte. between Mountain and Benson, I don’t know if it has an app. program for receiving reports of potholes but it if does I’m sure the inbox is full.

  • Richard_Pietrasz

    Ah, how well I remember the cone of silence, and also the portable one in an episode or two. Not from the reruns. And in every episode, 86 used a cell phone, which was in one of his shoes, which he had to remove from his foot (I do not remember which one) and put it where we put our cell phones know to use.

    About three decades later I learned decades later that rooms of surveillance were needed if one needed conversations secret from surveillance; spies could intercept almost all phone calls and radio transmissions, and even pick conversations by laser inferometery on windows and walls. (Phone and radio interception by NSA were revealed about 1979 in the Falcon and Snowman case.)

    Good luck Heimie, where ever you are, and the most loving words I ever heard on mass media were 99’s “Oh Max”. It was acting, but she did a great job of it in that show.

    • davidallen909

      There were so many great recurring lines and gadgets in Get Smart, at least in my memory of watching it as a boy. It may or may not hold up today; I haven’t seen an episode in decades. But, yes, 99’s “Oh, Max.” Exasperated at times, but always fond, wasn’t it? And sometimes more.

      • Richard_Pietrasz

        If I did the arithmetic correctly, you were about 1.5 years old when the first episode was aired, so you likely saw them in reruns. For a year or so when I was in college, Rocky and Bullwinkle was aired (by KTLA5 I think) the half hour before dinner. It was a big hit in my student house; it was a combination of nostalgia for when we saw it as kids, and this time we were old enough to understand all the jokes intended for the adults.

        • davidallen909

          Checking the Wikipedia page, I see the last episode aired in 1970, when I was 6, so I may not have seen any of them first-run, or maybe I caught some of the last season. Certainly I was watching them in the 1970s, and I saw the fairly terrible 1980 theatrical version.

          Rocky and Bullwinkle was another rerun favorite. Were shows were commonly rerun back then? Probably there were also simply more independent stations with time to fill.

          • Richard_Pietrasz

            I first saw the original Star Trek in afternoon reruns, a few years after the original showing, but only in B&W. I was not allowed to stay up late enough to watch a 10-11 PM show.

            In the early 1980s Combat! reruns were shown here on the weekend, including the episode filmed at the ruins of the Virginia Dare winery.

            Big cities usually had one or two independent stations in the 60s and 70s, before Fox and one or two more lesser networks formed.

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