Column: Coronavirus soap opera: What to sing while washing your hands?

I write about people who didn’t wash their hands pre-coronavirus, offer some hand-washing tips and present reader ideas of song to sing while scrubbing up, all in Sunday’s hygienic column.

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  • SAWZ

    A former colleague told me a few years ago that we should silently sing “Happy Birthday” to ourselves while we wash our hands–in my case it takes about 30 seconds. When I worked, I had close contact with co-workers and the general public every day. I had many respiratory illnesses along the way–severe bronchitis at one time. I always washed my hands after using the restroom, but eventually kicked the habit up to doing it much more often and noticed that I was not getting colds at the rate I had before. Now that I am retired, I rarely have a cold. (I have often observed people not washing up in public restrooms–I hope this current crisis will wake people up to the fact that frequent hand washing works to keep them healthy as possible.)

  • Dara Allen

    Years ago, when I was a teacher in an elementary school, we teachers had to take turns supervising the children at lunchtime. The girls at that time usually washed their hands, but several of the boys were in a big hurry for lunch to be over, and they could go outside to play. So I would ask them to show me their hands, and, if they were obviously not clean, they had to go back and wash them. Since they were then at the back of the line, and among the last to leave the lunchroom, this usually solved the problem!

    • SAWZ

      Congrats to you on teaching good habits. I bet your students will remember your name when they are adults.

      My third grade teacher, Mrs. Wood, began each day with a hygiene check to see that each student had clean fingernails. I don’t recall how she handled bad results.

      I have reverence for teachers–I can remember the name of every teacher I had first-through 12th grade.