Column: New year cleaning leads to treasure — and trash

In an annual ritual, I clean my desk and get a column out of what I find. In this case, that meant finally dealing with a small bag of crumpled, dirty newspaper pages from 1935 that a reader had “helpfully” donated and which had been put on my desk. Read all about it in Wednesday’s column.

As an addendum, a few items were written or half-written but didn’t make the cut for the column, and most of the notes, etc., were simply tossed because nothing of interest came to mind to say about them. And I didn’t get my desk cleared before the column was due either. So there’s still a slight mess. But things look much better, and there’s a psychological and organizational boost from that. Onward to 2018!

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Inland Valley population, 2017

Every spring, the state Finance Department releases population estimates for California’s cities and counties. I always find the numbers of interest to see where our cities stand on their own and in relation to each other. Usually one or two numbers surprise me because I’ve forgotten how large one city or another is.

Having given up on writing an item for my column on the population numbers, as I’ve done some years, I’m putting ’em here on my blog. In descending order:

Fontana 212,786
Rancho Cucamonga 177,324
Ontario 174,283
Pomona 155,306
Chino 88,026
Chino Hills 80,676
Upland 76,790
Montclair 39,122
Claremont 36,225
La Verne 33,174

Chino’s population increased 2.7 percent, highest in the valley, over the previous year. And note the big spread between Pomona and Chino.

You can look at all the numbers starting from the department website and downloading the spreadsheet.

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