Happy National Doughnut Day!


Today (June 4) is National Doughnut Day!

Who knew there was a day dedicated to fried dough and sugar?

Apparently, the special day, which takes place on the first Friday in June, dates all the way back to World War I, and was begun by the Salvation Army.

According to a press release, the day “pays tribute to The Salvation Army women volunteers, called ‘Lassies,’ who prepared doughnuts for thousands of homesick soldiers during World War I. Lassies resourcefully made doughnuts using on-hand ingredients such as leftover flour, as well as other handy tools, from wine bottles as rolling pins to soldiers’ steel helmets as frying pans. Beyond brightening the day of soldiers, the Lassies are credited with popularizing the doughnut in America. When the soldiers returned home from the war, the doughnut was virtually unknown in the States, but the demand created by them inspired countless bakeries to add doughnuts to their menus.”

The day is being marked in several ways. Follow the jump to find out a few.

  • The Salvation Army will be giving out doughnuts and coffee at its veterans’ shelter in Los Angeles, The Haven. For more information on this event and to find out more about the origins of National Doughnut Day, click here.
  • In addition, you can help support the Salvation Army’s veterans effort just by buying doughnuts at your local doughnut shop. Many local shops (18 in San Bernardino alone!) will be giving a portion of their profits today to the Salvation Army. Click here for a complete list of participating shops.
  • And last, but certainly not least, Krispy Kreme is giving away free doughnuts in honor of National Doughnut Day. Customers can receive one free doughnut of their choice (my favorites are the original glazed and the glazed chocolate cake) just for the asking. Our lone Inland Empire Krispy Kreme location in Ontario is indeed participating, so feel free to stop by.