SoCal Eggfest returns to Upland’s Cable Airport today

No. The SoCal Eggfest has nothing to do with chickens.

Well, on second thought, it has everything to do with chickens, and steak, and hamburger, and veggies, and well, whatever you want to grill or smoke.

The Eggfest is a celebration of the Big Green Egg, a combination kamado grill, ceramic grill and charcoal smoker.

There will be food tastings and demos for those who own a Big Green Egg or are interested in buying one.

If you don’t already own one and get hooked during the Eggfest, there will be demo Eggs available for purchase at the event.

There will also be live music, a Last Name Brewing beer booth and activities for kids.

Tickets for the event, which will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Cable Airport, 1749 W. 13th St, Upland, are $35.

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