Upland’s getting a second In-N-Out Burger…sometime

We know where Upland’s second In-N-Out Burger will be.

The question is when.

The company is still dealing with city hall on getting final approvals, but that’s not the main roadblock.

The main roadblock is…the road leading to the restaurant.

You see, the restaurant is planned for a currently-undeveloped spot on the southeast corner of Campus Avenue and 20th Street, just north of the 210 Freeway.

The problem? 20th Street currently only goes west of Campus Avenue (although there’s a short access road going east), and Ford of Upland, which will be occupying the property to the east of the restaurant, is responsible for extending 20th Street east of Campus Avenue.

And construction on that is expected to begin sometime in the next year.

Once construction begins on the restaurant, however, it should probably only take about four or five months, according to the chain.

But it could be a long wait for construction to begin.

Once the restaurant is done, it’ll bridge the long gap between freeway-adjacent locations in Rialto and Glendora.

In-N-Out is gearing up for the location to be a busy one. The average drive-thru accommodates six cars. This one will hold 20. Plus, the restaurant will feature an expanded kitchen to help reduce drive-thru wait times.

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