Grubhub lists unique offerings for National Doughnut Day, includes Rancho Cucamonga shop

For National Doughnut Day today (June 1), online food-delivery service Grubhub has listed some rather unique donut offerings and where they can be found.

An Inland Empire doughnut shop — Roll On Over Donuts in Rancho Cucamonga — landed on the list for its Samoas/Caramel deLites Girl Scout cookie-inspired doughnuts.

The shop is also known for its S’mores-inspired doughnuts.

A trio of Los Angeles-area shops — DK’s Donuts and BakeryKnead Donuts & Tea, and Spudnuts Donuts — also made the list.

However, don’t blame me if you roll on over to Roll On Over and there’s a line out the door…blame Grubhub.

Or, better yet, just log on to Grubhub and have some delivered.

Here’s a look at the whole list:

  • Gummy Bears Donuts — Vanilla icing and mini gummy bears
  • Purple Crumb Ube Donut — Purple crumb, purple cream cheese, toasted coconut, bacon, pistachio
  • Girl Scout Themed Donuts
  • Lemon Ricotta Donuts
  • Mochi Donuts — Coconut rice donut holes topped with sugar cinnamon or powdered sugar
  • Whisky Tangerine Fig Donut
  • Matcha Donuts
  • Unicorn Donutsuniquely hand-made, gold painted, delicately glittered, and all edible!
  • Beyonce Doughles Lemonade Donut  Yeast-based Bismarck, injected with lemon filling, topped with vanilla icing and yellow lemon sugar dust, and garnished with a lemon candy treat
  • Donut Benedict — Mini donut stuffed with poached egg atop Canadian bacon and topped with homemade hollandaise sauce

Roll On Over Donuts is at 8645 Haven Ave., Suite 400.