Reports: Proposed Time Warner-Comcast merger faces opposition from DoJ.

SportsNet LA logoOK, let’s start with the reaction to today’s news. That’s easier to explain than the news itself.

If you are a Dodgers fan who can’t get SportsNet LA on your television at home, your rooting interest in the proposed Time Warner Cable-Comcast merger is simple. You want the merger resolved quickly, one way or another. If the merger is approved, a separate transaction would be approved that would put SportsNet LA in the home of every Southern California Charter cable subscriber. If it isn’t approved, Time Warner and DirecTV are more likely to resume negotiations over SportsNet LA (there have been no negotiations to report lately).

So, either way, a swift resolution to the merger brings the Dodgers closer to more televisions.

Now, the news.
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Yasiel Puig held out of second straight game with strained left hamstring.

Yasiel Puig autograph

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Dodgers right fielder Yasiel Puig is not in the starting lineup against the Seattle Mariners for the second straight day because of a strained left hamstring. He is not taking part in the usual pregame routine for position players and seems likely to miss a second consecutive game.

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Roll out the tarp, it’s not time for Dodger baseball. Update.

There are three types of Dodger fans: Those who go to some of the games and watch other games on TV; those who go to most of the games and gave up on watching games on TV long ago; and those who are willing to sit in Dodger Stadium while surrounded by rain, occasional flashes of lightning, and only a big tarp on the field.

If you belong to the third group of fans, take a bow.

Then get under a roof because … for goodness sakes, lightning!
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