Report: Dodgers place Yasiel Puig on waivers, pull him back after he’s claimed.

With rare exceptions teams don’t comment on waiver-wire transactions in August, which belies how common they are. As I noted above, everyone goes on waivers in August.

The reason is fairly simple.
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The most overlooked quote of the 2015 trade deadline.

Farhan Zaidi

Dodgers general manager Farhan Zaidi. (Keith Birmingham/Staff photographer)

This quote from Dodgers general manager Farhan Zaidi was so overlooked, I completely missed it for two days. I only noticed it just now as I was going over notes for an off-day story. Here it is (words bolded for emphasis):

There were certainly conversations we had with teams where all of our players were at least asked for.

There you have it. If anyone reported that a Dodger player’s name came up in trade discussions this year, they were correct.

Literally every rumor was true.

And yet somehow, not a single player on the Dodgers’ active major league roster was traded. Amazing how that works.