Vin Scully remembers the early years.

Vin Scully

Vin Scully’s career with the Dodgers began in 1950. (Getty Images) has a great piece up about Vin Scully’s early years as a broadcaster in Brooklyn. It’s a revealing retrospective, pulling back the curtain to the broadcast booth during a time when Scully was just getting started.

One cool passage from David J. Halberstam:

With those two gone, Scully’s star rose. At last he was given the air time to grow his talent. He loosened himself of the grips of Barber and carved his own style that was warm, entertaining and inimitable. In 1957, when he told his audience that he just spilled a cup of coffee over a pair of slacks fresh out of the dry cleaners, Barber wasn’t there to say, “Who cares?” Scully had built sufficient capital and respect to do things his way.

Game 31: Did the Dodgers just win the Dan Haren trade?

Giancarlo Stanton home run

Fans look for a ball hit by Giancarlo Stanton over the left field wall in the first inning. The Dodgers beat the Marlins, 11-1 on Tuesday. (John McCoy/Staff photographer)

Giancarlo Stanton left the crowd breathless with his first-inning home run Tuesday — estimated at 483 feet — but the Dodgers won the game. Their search for a semi-permanent starting rotation appears to be over.

Check out what Mike Bolsinger said after the game here.

Why did Joel Peralta take particular pleasure in Adam Liberatore striking out John Baker on Monday? The answer reveals a key to Liberatore’s success as a rookie with the Dodgers.

The box score is here. The photo gallery is here.

During the game broadcast, Vin Scully told a story about Satchel Paige.

Remember, tomorrow’s game begins at 4:50 p.m.

How do the Dodgers rank among the 50 Most Powerful in L.A. Sports?

Andrew Friedman and Josh Byrnes. #Dodgers

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Today, the Los Angeles News Group launched its list of the “50 Most Powerful in L.A. Sports.” The list includes Magic Johnson, Mark Walter, Vin Scully, Clayton Kershaw, Stan Kasten, Mike Scioscia, Yasiel Puig and Andrew Friedman. Dodgers advisor Ned Colletti ranks among the “fallen five.

The full list is here. Check out a photo gallery of the entire Top 50 here.