A message from…Mark Cuban?

For those who don’t know, Mark Cuban, Internet-savvy owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, runs his own blog at www.blogmaverick.com. It’s usually a very interesting read, because regardless of what you think of Cuban, he’s an entertaining guy. So what does this have to do with the NHL Kings? Well, Cuban recently posted about his team’s dealings with the media, and how he saw it evolving and what he thought he could do to improve the often-difficult relationship. While I understand that the average fan cares little about the plight of the media, the average fan should care about how NHL teams present themselves and how they’re working — or not working — to improve their standing in the eyes of the local media. This is an important time for the NHL, when it comes to media attention. Some teams understand this, some teams often seem to not get it.

Mark Cuban’s blog

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Derek Armstrong has a “clavicular contusion,” whatever that means, and with Jeff Cowan already out of the lineup, the Kings had no spare forwards. So they put both Armstrong and Cowan on injured reserve and recalled Noah Clarke and Tim Jackman from Manchester.

Clarke never rose about the level of fourth-line forward in his previous stints but he’s off to a great start in Manchester, with five goals and four assists in nine games. Jackman has two goals and one assist in nine games with Manchester. The Kings acquired him in one of their 524 transactions involving Yanick Lehoux last season.

At least one of them — or both, if the Kings decide to scratch Raitis Ivanans — will be in the lineup Tuesday night in Colorado.

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