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As soon as I hear something about Cammalleri’s arbitration hearing, I’ll have it up here. His agent would not return phone calls over the last two days, so I don’t have a lot of hope for getting a comment out of his camp, but we’ll see how it goes. Remember that technically, the decision might not come until tomorrow, but I’d be surprised if that happened.

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  • Shocked how? It seems all arbitration hearing have been waiting the full 2 days. The guy from Dallas last week had hi on Thursday and it was not released until Monday. Please tell me I dont have to wait that long!!!

    Get the info Rich!!!

  • Marc Nathan

    I’d certainly guess the actual decision would be made public tomorrow. I haven’t had the opportunity to sit in on NHL arbitration, but in other businesses, you have both sides present their case and then the ruling would come after careful review. To think they’d just listen and say, “OK, here’s my decision” seems a bit too quick on the draw. No?

  • Thanks for keeping us updated Rich. Lets hope for the best.

  • Rich Hammond

    I suppose my thought that this would be a one-day affair has been colored by my years of covering baseball, where arbitration is a pretty straightforward event. We’ll see how it goes…

  • Scott

    It would be nice to know which players are listed on the Comparables Exhibits offered by each side.

  • Dave Niren

    Ducks Decline to match Penner’s offer sheet from Edmonton!!

  • fiveholio

    Hey Rich, any idea what the two sides were asking for? It’d be nice to get our collective heads around the range we’re looking at. Also, do you know if the Kings selected two years or one?

    Thanks again for all of you work!

  • Kyle B.

    Well, it will be interesting to see what comes about this arbitration with Cammalleri. I’m curious though…I’ve heard a rumor that if Cammalleri is awarded something outrageous, then he might be traded…I heard something like Cammalleri + Nagy for Hossa…If that deal is even near the table, I would take that in a heartbeat…Yes, Cammy is a great player, but if I had the oppurtunity to trade him and an unproven forward like Nagy or even a first rounder, for a guy like Hossa who had 43 goals, 57 assists, and 100 points last season and stands 6’1” over Cammalleri’s 5’9”, I would do it. What does everyone else think?

  • MattGeorge

    i don’t know but the wait is killing me!

    Am I the only one or do you guys also cycle between yahoo sports,, and here for hockey news every HALF HOUR….

    i might have a problem

  • BobMillersHair

    Players and contracts signed this Summer

    Slava Kozlov three-year, $11 mil, 3.66 per yr av.
    Todd Bertuzzi two-year, $8 mil, 4 per yr av.
    Michal Handzus four-year, $16 mil, 4 per yr av.
    Jason Blake five-year, $20 mil, 4 per yr av.
    Dustin Penner five-year, $21.25 mil, 4.25 per yr av.
    Bill Guerin two-year, $9 mil, 4.5 per yr av.
    Paul Kariya three-year, $18 mil, 6 per yr av.
    Ryan Smyth five-year, $31.25 mil, 6.25 per yr av.
    Daniel Briere eight-year, $52 mil, 6.5 per yr av.
    Ryan Smyth five-year, $31.25 mil, 7.05 per yr av.
    Scott Gomez seven-year, $51.5 mil, 7.35 per yr av.

    Question is where does Cammalleri think he fits in. Is he in the Jason Blake area or more like Paul Kariya.
    I think the arbitrator will award $4.5 5 million.

    I like where Kyle B. is coming from. Hossa= F-YEA.

  • Jon

    Matt George you are not alone.

  • Fuzzerson

    Aren’t just RFA contracts used for relative value for determining arbitration awards?

  • Daniel


    Try every 15 minutes….