Thursday transactions

The Kings made only two transactions today, sending Colten Teubert and Dwight King to their junior teams. King went to Lethbridge of the WHL and Teubert went to Regina of the WHL. The next round of cuts is expected after Saturday’s game in Las Vegas.

It’s safe to say that Teubert had a much tougher adjustment to the NHL level than Drew Doughty. It doesn’t mean that the Kings are down on him, by any means, and it might be more of a reflection on Doughty than it is on Teubert.

Just as a FYI, I’m out of town for a couple days, so I’ll do my best to stay on top of the news…

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  • dan

    have fun in Vegas!

    always double down on 11 !!!!!!!!

  • Anze

    I was hoping Teubert would stay. The team definitely needs more toughness. I’m tired of our goalies getting run over without any interference or retaliation from the Kings’ D.

    I also hope you’re right, Rich, and that this means Doughty is a star.

  • Paul

    Too bad. I thought both guys had a chance to make the team. Hopefully they’ll take the training camp experience and build on it.

  • Vasquez

    The third defenseman we picked in the draft is still in the lineup, Voinov. Does that say anything to you Rich? Or are their styles of play so different that Teubert’s does not translate for a few more years, while Voinov is more NHL ready??

  • Quisp

    Vasquez –

    Isn’t there some ambiguity about the juniors/Manchester rules when the player in question is Russian? I remember reading this somewhere re Loktionov (sp?). If so, maybe a longer look for Voynov is in order. Or maybe, as you say, he’s closer to NHL ready for his style of play. Teubert, meanwhile, has always looked (to me anyway) like he needs at least a year, maybe two, to grow into his frame.

  • Anonymous

    Sure wish I won those Kings vs Quacks preseason tix!

  • Quisp

    Murray’s comments on Simmonds [LA Times online] suggest he’s got a real shot of making the team. Boyle, Purcell, Moulson, Simmonds and Moller all appear to be having great camps (Clune, also, but…). Murray mentions Boyle, Moulson and Simmonds as working on the first line with Kopitar and Brown. Moller has also worked a lot with Moulson and Boyle (if I’m reading the box scores correctly). Lombardi’s comments on POS — namely that he won’t take less than a three year deal and, missing camp, POS is likely to be so far out of game shape that this season will be a write-off (see the article in the Times for the real quote, but that’s pretty close to it) — indicate a much harder line than DL had previously indicated. I choose to be an optimist and interpret this as good news: DL must like what he sees from the prospects, or he wouldn’t be able to adopt such a stance with POS. But of course I am optimistic to a fault.

  • kopi

    i would have to agree with the kinds on this one… i was so happy 2 hear that he was gone b4 voinov cuz his thinking is not fast enough from when i saw the first 3 days of training camp

  • kopi

    i would have to agree with the kings on this one… i was so happy 2 hear that he was gone b4 voinov cuz his thinking is not fast enough from when i saw the first 3 days of training camp

  • kopi

    i would have to agree with the kings on this one… i was so happy 2 hear that he was gone b4 voinov cuz his thinking is not fast enough from when i saw the first 3 days of training camp

  • jet

    Quisp – I am hearing the same message. If DL caves on POS then the next 2 years will be challenging.
    I do have concerns about Simmonds and Moller being strong enough to play an NHL season, but as my neighbor reminds me daily, I said the exact same thing about Gagner last year. And the Kings do have a little more protection this year.

    The new offsides rule puts me more at ease with keeping Doughty, although I still think he will be physically challenged in every game.
    Some would say optimism is an attribute, not a fault.

  • ryan oliver

    Exactly what you want from DL. Cant have Sully sign a 0ne or two year deal, We need him for the core group for years to come. Can’t have him ready to leave when this team will be turning the corner and winnig some games

  • Anonymous

    Ridiculous…..sad and ridiculous that POS and his selfish greedy agent do not figure this out. How can a man…(Don Meehan) be so greedy? Look what’s happening in the world….he is using this young man…just like the financial creeps use investors. He played 1 yr….1 YR for God sakes….
    you build a business it takes a few yrs…
    you build your career it takes a few yrs.
    Greed and hedonism will ruin sports…and it is such a crying shame that agents like like ruin this kids life. C’mon POS. tell your agent to take a hike and play the sport you love!!! $2.5m would go along way for those of us parents who would dream of our kids to be in your shoes. Please don’t ruin your chances…prove yourself and you will be rewarded! Isn’t that the way it is for everyone?

  • Anonymous

    Here’s what Murray said about Simmonds from
    that article:

    “Murray, who was hired over the summer, was especially complimentary of Simmonds, a 20-year-old right wing who played at the junior level earlier this year.

    “He has brought my focus to him often with good play, smart play and energy,” Murray said. “It’s interesting, for a young player coming out of juniors, to be able to play the level he’s playing at . . . he’s still playing the game the right way and executing the style of play, the system that we put in place.”

    We got ourselves a good 1 folks.
    –Sergei Prozacutov

  • JonG

    I’m sure Teubert is disappointed at being farmed out so soon, but it’s best for everyone concerned. Based on Darryl Evans’ radio comments it’s pretty clear that the kid is not ready for the NHL.

    It is totally unrealistic to expect teenagers to succeed in the NHL just because they have been first round draft picks. Give them until age 21 before even thinking about calling them a disappointment.

    The same goes for Thomas Hickey. I won’t be upset at all if he spends a year or year-and-a-half in the minors.

    Drew Doughty sounds like that very rare defenseman who can jump right in. Other than Phaneuf, you can’t really say that about anyone else in the past several years. Even Pronger had his troubles early on.

  • jediknight329

    i agree with everyone above. Doughty is 18 and plays like he’s 22/23. Tuebert is 18 and looks 18. we all know he can hit, but his skating and d work needs improvement. look what a full year in juniors did for moeller and simmonds. next year, we’ll be talking about tuebert making the club. as for the russians, they both look nhl ready. they make smart, good hockey sense kind of plays. one or both could make the club. the one that does not, will most likely be a mid-season call up. i don’t think russians have to abide by the under 20 rule go to juniors. they’ll either be in l.a. or manchester.

    don’t look now, but our 29th place team is 3-0. i know its only the yotes, avs and blues, but still. i’ll take it. looking forward to ff in vegas.

    see ya there……

  • Quisp

    I totally agree re Teubert; he will be scary when fully grown. Hickey is probably in the same boat and for the same reason — physical maturity — but might be a year closer, might not. I now think it’s possible (if not yet likely) that DL will attempt to deal POS for a defenseman of equal value. I don’t even have an idea of who that might be, but I can’t imagine Lombardi is going to want to sit around waiting for POS’s value to diminish, and that’s what will start to happen the longer this kid with one 20 goal season under his belt sits out his second full season in the NHL.

  • txkingsfan

    take a moment and reflect on what is happening here folks … we are talking about real progress with this club. Sure it is in the initial stages but for the first time in our history, we are talking about a core unit with many pieces getting stronger and wiser in the farm system. As a 25 year fan of the Kings, I’ve never seen this. Sure we’ve had prospects – but never a group of prospects – forwards, defencemen and goalies. We may not be ready to take the cup but we are building something here that will position us to be competitive year after year in due time. I for one am very excited and proud to be a King’s fan.

  • nykingfan

    Quisp, I saw the latimes article this morning and took the same thing from it. DL is not giving into Sully and he shouldn’t. If Sully and his agent are playing a game of chicken, they’ll lose. The depth that DL has been accumulating over the last couple of years is starting to show a little. Some of these young guys are making a case for some playing time in the NHL and if because of Sully’s hold out they get the chance and succeed…I can see DL trading Sully for something big. That would be too bad because I really like Sully, but no one player, other than Kopitar, is above the team.

    I have a feeling that both Hickey and Doughty make the team out of camp…just a hunch, but I would love to see that. I also don’t see the need to rush Teubert…especially if he’s not ready. We have plenty of time to develop him.

  • MarkE

    love Tuebert’s upside, I agree. Hickey looked quick on the ice but seemed a bit over matched on the physical side at the preseason game I attended. He going to have to muscle up a bit. I think he’s more physically talented than Harold. I could see Harold in a package..he’s never going to be more than 4th or 5th D-man and he’s young. I don’t think DL is looking to make any trades until after the season starts and he can see what we really have out there.

  • Naturallawyer

    If Sully wants $5 or 6 mil (or whatever it is he wants) from the Kings, he we will want the same from any other team (even a cap-strapped one). Thus, Sully’s trade value right now is low. I think DL waits for Sully to stop screwing himself and sign the deal he’s offered. Sully is only hurting himself at this point.

  • jet

    interesting what fans from other cities think.

  • Anonymous

    I have read that Sully at the earliest can become an UFA at the age of 27. He is 23 & possibly looking for a 2 to 3 year deal. If Deano does sign him to this length of a contract & when that expires he will still be a RFA & we will go thru this again. This makes no sense to me & why Sully/agent wants to go down this path.

  • -J

    Re: Voinov

    Voinov’s got 2 years of pro experience already so he should be able to adjust better to the NHL then most junior players his age. The bigger ice surface over in the RSL might have helped as well- he’s had to be positionally solid to stay on as a regular in a more open, fast skating league at such a young age. So he’s likely to pick up the positional play over here better, and from what i’ve heard, that’s what’s going on. He’s still got a ton to work on, but at this point, I can’t see how he won’t at least make manchester and get in 10-20 games as a king.

    Re: the junior rule.

    Any player drafted out of the CHL has to abide by the CHL-NHL rule. The rule does not apply to any player drafted by an NHL team prior to him being drafted by or playing in the CHL. This is why the rule does not apply to Loktionov and Voinov

  • WhoThePuck
  • kopigirl72

    ATL got M.S. from Anaheim.

  • Quisp

    re Schneider –

    Moving on… MacLaren anyone?

    Johnson / Greene
    [mystery defenseman] / Doughty
    Gauthier / Preissing
    [d #7: Voynov? Hickey? Harrold? Martinez?]

  • wavesinair

    Quisp said: “I now think it’s possible (if not yet likely) that DL will attempt to deal POS for a defenseman of equal value.”

    Which is it? Possible or likely? Say something concrete for heaven’s sake.

    “I can’t imagine Lombardi is going to want to sit around waiting for POS’s value to diminish.”

    You can’t imagine it? Really? Imagine… yours is the same reason that I think it’s just as likely DL will sign him and NOT trade him. Sure, he did it once with Cammy. Now he’s going to do it again with Sully? Who’s next? Not a good message to send to other RFA’s next year.

    This team will implode if Sully gets delt IMHO.

    Go Sully! Get what you can!

  • Nick

    “Which is it? Possible or likely? Say something concrete for heaven’s sake.”

    He said it’s possible though not likely yet. If you’re going to be abrasive, at least be able to comprehend what you’re criticizing please.

  • Lon Weeks

    No problem if they trade PSO if does sign will he become a problem in the the locker room. Will he come in with a Cammy attude. Which we dont need.The big deal here is this what will happen next year with kopitar and Johnson?

  • Lon Weeks

    No problem if they trade PSO if does sign will he become a problem in the the locker room. Will he come in with a Cammy attude. Which we dont need.The big deal here is this what will happen next year with kopitar and Johnson?

  • John

    Implode how wavesinair?! Do you work on Wall Street, i.e. panic much???

  • Quisp

    Wavesinair –

    re: Which is it? Possible or likely? Say something concrete for heaven’s sake.

    I said, and I quote, “I now think it’s possible (if not yet likely)…”

    That means, you’ll be surprised to learn, that (1) I think it’s possible, but (2) I don’t think it’s likely. You’ll notice that I used the word “yet.” In this context, “yet” qualifies “likely.” It would be like saying, “the season hasn’t started yet,” or “I’m not worried yet,” or “you’re not annoying me yet.”

    To sum up:

    1) I think it’s possible DL will start shopping POS.
    2) but not likely, at this point.
    3) but the longer things drag on, the more likely it becomes.

    re You can’t imagine it? Really? Imagine… yours is the same reason that I think it’s just as likely DL will sign him and NOT trade him.

    …you left out the end of my sentence, which was, “and that’s what will start to happen the longer this kid with one 20 goal season under his belt sits out his second full season in the NHL.” My point was, the longer he sits, the less he’s worth. Why? Let’s say he sits out October. Now, if he signs or is dealt, he’s not going to be in game-shape until after Christmas. Any trading partner is going to give up less because they aren’t going to get full value for their return for several weeks (and any team trading in November would be addressing needs they have in November; they won’t want to wait until January). Remember, POS in this scenario hasn’t been playing. He’s shelved.

    Now imagine it’s January. You think he’s going to be ready by the playoffs? Maybe he will be, maybe he won’t. The kid has played one good season. And he was ready last year. This year, he’s not ready. He’s not in camp. Again, any trading partner is going to want a discount. In order to get full value for him, DL would have to trade him sooner rather than later.

    What if POS holds out the whole year? Who would you even compare that to? What other player held out for a year after one good season? There may be someone. I can’t think of anybody. POS’s stock after a year off will certainly be less than it is today. This is why, both for DL and POS, the best thing to do is sign now, before it cuts into his season. And this is why — given the new, more confrontational language that has crept into the official reports in the last couple of days — it seems like DL will be looking into dealing POS, where just a couple of days ago, that seemed extremely unlikely.

    As far as your comment that the team will implode if POS gets dealt, that seems a bit over-the-top to me. I want POS to sign. I like him. I think he’s making a big mistake not signing.

    The biggest mistake DL could make would be to sign POS to a deal that is unworkable when it comes time to sign Kopitar, etc.. What would you give him? One year, 5 million? Because I think that would get it done. What do you think Kopitar and Frolov are going to want then? They’ve actually got track records.

  • kopi

    tell u the truth kopi is the only one i would make a long term deal with…

  • jet

    quisp – I was thinkin gmore like 2.5M. he has 27 career goals and most of them came on AKs line. I may be giving AK too much credit, but it appears to me that Clune could score 27 goals on that line.

    just a thought – is anyone hoping Anze gets 47 goals this year? AK47 would be such a good name for him.

  • ryan oliver

    Wow. The team “imploding” if Sully is dealt? Yikes. I highly doubt it. If the team implodes without him, then he should be getting 10 mil a year for 10 years. We dont want this great LA Kings team to implode. they might miss the playoffs, or even finish second last in the league. This is a buisness, and DL is doing what he’s supposed to. Keep the core together for yes to come. Not one or 2 years until Sully is unrestricted and then he’ll just bolt.

  • Quisp

    I would however like to apologize for an excess of snark. Never productive. I just want Patrick O’Sullivan to sign a reasonable contract and get himself into camp. So this can be the line-up:

    Ivanans and Ellis

    [Hickey, Voynov, Harrold, Martinez as a rotating #7]



  • Cameron

    WOW, Wavesinair was firing shots at that kid for what he thought was indecisiveness…but then he ends with, “This team will implode if Sully gets delt IMHO.”

    So, will it implode or is it just your opinion, honestly? When you come up with your answer, then try growing up!

  • DellaNooch

    I think Moller and Simmonds are earning the right to play in the NHL, which will put less emphasis on signing POS.

    POS made great strides last year, but let’s not church it up here, he still needs to develop further and holding out now is a very bad mistake on his part. We’re not talking about a 100 point scorer here, we’re talking about a guy that tied for 90th in scoring in the league.

    One reason I’ve been a big time support of DL for what we’re seeing right now with the young guys playing to take POS’s spot away. In my 20 years of following the Kings this has not be the case, instead, we would cave in and give the player what they wanted. Our pipeline is taking care of holdouts and injuries….I’m not calling it the greatest pipeline right now, but has A LOT OF POTENTIAL.

    As for MS, I was hoping the Kings could get him and a pick and then flip him at the trade deadline for another pick to a contender. But Burke had a better deal, he’ll clear out Klee and Larsen and dump the other guy in the minors where he won’t count against the cap. Then they’ll sign Selanne….but they still won’t win the CUP.

  • Shakes

    i miss Rich.

  • nykingfan

    Quisp, you’re point was correct and easy to understand.
    Sometimes its just not worth commenting on a post that was meant to be a put-down for absolutely no reason. You’re response back was certainly not out of line.
    I also find it strange that there’s been no word of any other teams making an offer to him. Has he completely priced himself out of the market, or is it possible DL’s threat scared a few teams off? Probably the former, but you never know.
    I wouldn’t surprised that when opening night gets here that the negotiations are either completed on a long term deal or very close to completion. I can’t believe that Sully and his agent think that a long holdout would be beneficial.

  • Quisp

    nykingsfan –

    re “no word of any other teams making an offer” to POS:

    I suspect it’s a combination of several factors.

    (1) If you think DL is going to match, there’s no point in making an offer, since all it will do is make a lot of GMs mad at you; and GMs will match if they have the cap space to match, which DL obvously does (compare to Burke’s situation a couple of years ago; the cap prevented him from matching, if I remember correctly). (1b) DL’s “threat” may have had some effect, but it really seems like stating the obvious to me.

    (2) Even if a GM thought DL wouldn’t match, poaching RFAs via offer sheet is not something any GM wants to do every day; therefore, it stands to reason you’re only going to do it for a very special proven player; Patrick O’Sullivan is not proven.

    (3) POS plays in the Pacific Time Zone and has never been in the playoffs. Most people don’t even know who he is. Taking the heat for signing O’Sullivan to an offer sheet would be like Toronto and Jeff Finger; in other time zones, people would say, “huh, what? are you kidding?”

    (4) when POS’s agent said, a few months ago, that POS was one of the biggest RFAs out there vulnerable to offer sheets, or whatever he said, I think he over-reached. My point here, admittedly, is partially unformed; nevertheless, I think GMs who want to go the offer sheet route are (or think of themselves as) bold and mavericky, cleverly gaming the system, etc.; if an agent is publicly stating that his client is available for your offer sheets, it doesn’t make you seem bold to pony up; it seems pathetic.

    (5) Nobody wants or needs to overpay POS now. Everyone’s got their cap issues to deal with. DL has his specific set of problems (a bunch of kids who will have to be paid in years to come); but other GMs have versions of the same problems, having to do with veterans who expect to be paid more than kids with one 20 goal season. DL has to negotiate with his fellow GMs every day. It gives him credibility not to overpay POS. Because if he were to give POS, say, $9MM over two years, every GM in the league would have to deal with that precedent with every one of their comparable players.

  • Quisp

    Meanwhile, cut-and-paste from The Hockey News:

    “The Detroit Red Wings will be a team to watch in late September and not just because they are the defending Stanley Cup champions. Wings GM Ken Holland is carrying too many defensemen and one of them could be moved to free-up some cap space prior to the start of the season. Speculation in the Detroit media has defensemen Andreas Lilja, Brett Lebda, Derek Meech and Kyle Quincey as potential trade candidates. Of the four, Lilja, 33, has the most experience and is carrying the biggest contract at $1.25 million per season for the next two years. Meech, 24, is the least experienced and carries the lightest salary at $475,000 per season. Quincey, 23, is the youngest, but was recently re-signed while Lebda, 26, has been a regular fixture on the Wings defense corps the past two seasons and also carries a light salary at $650,000 per season.”

    Does DL go for one of these guys? What does he offer?

    It is 14 days, 7 hours, 32 minutes and 16 seconds until Saturday, October 11, 2008 at 7:00:00 PM (Los Angeles time)

  • wavesinair

    Looong day yesterday, didnt get to enjoy all the posts until this morning. Sometimes its fun when Rich is away. Its the only time we get to fully debate.

    Quisp said: I would however like to apologize for an excess of snark.

    If thats directed to me, its certainly not necessary! Please snark away. Im man enough to admit misreading your post and its I who am apologizing. As you know, I do think your posts are extremely wordy and are difficult to understand and I will continue to point that out.

    Let’s say he sits out October. Now, if he signs or is dealt, he’s not going to be in game-shape until after Christmas.

    Im assuming you are dovetailing off the LA Times article in which DL was quoted as saying, Every day that O’Sullivan is held out of training camp, his conditioning and development suffer. So with your reasoning, the rest of the team that IS in camp in September wont be in game-shape until early December. And this goes for the rest of every player in the NHL! But its just not true. Its all just a red-herring and you followed along with DL. Every player adapts and gets into game-shape at different speeds. Some will be flying and in a groove in a week and others may not even get there the entire season. That is the TRUE spectrum. I think Sully can jump back in and be productive quicker than most. Quicker than DL is trying to lead you to believe. Thats why he wants him for many years. Stay strong Sully, AEG will crack or risk losing Kopi next year. Ka-boom!

    What would you give him?

    5 years, 15 million. There are a number of underpaid players on this team. Do you not think they notice? Just wait. The contracts on this team are very strange.

    Cameron said: So, will it implode or is it just your opinion, honestly?

    Now its your turn to admit you didnt comprehend. I clearly and simply said that its my opinion the team will implode if Sully gets dealt. That is my opinion. Would you like me to state it as fact when it isnt? Stop projecting.

    nykingfan said: Sometimes its just not worth commenting on a post that was meant to be a put-down for absolutely no reason.

    By responding, Quisp pointed out an obvious mistake. Its called clarification and is always worth it unless you just dont care about people communicating effectively.

    I also find it strange that there’s been no word of any other teams making an offer to him. Has he completely priced himself out of the market, or is it possible DL’s threat scared a few teams off?

    Or it could be that other GMs are enjoying watching DL twist in the wind. I know I am. Of course, as Quisp pointed out, there are a number of other possible reasons and each GM has his own, although time zones is a reach even for you Quisp.

    ryan oliver said: This is a business, and DL is doing what he’s supposed to. Keep the core together for yes to come.

    No. DL is NOT doing what hes supposed to do. That is the problem! The core is currently falling apart. Or imploding. Or exploding. Or whatever you want to call the core of the team leaving the Kings and going to other teams. Didnt you read what Kopitar said? I certainly hope it doesnt happen. I wanted Cammy to stay. I want Sully to stay. Like Ive been saying, I think DL is being forced to take totally unnecessary and unwise risks with a great group of young players. Seriously, we are all routing for the Kings to become a respected organization and perennial winner in the NHL. Like the Lakers are in the NBA. But the Kings organization is run so much more like the Clippers than they are the Lakers it is scary and that is what Im so upset about and you should be too.

  • Quisp

    Wavesinair —

    re “time zones”:

    The fact that West Coast teams play games that start at 10:35PM for most of the hockey-watching world has been noted by many people for many years. It has been cited, repeatedly, as the reason Rogie is not in the Hall of Fame and the reason Kopitar is not recognized to the degree he should be, to name the two most common examples. It has also been noted by many that POS, while great, is not a household name outside of the realm of Kings fans.

    I didn’t mean to suggest that POS hasn’t gotten an offer sheet because he’s in the wrong time zone, just that it doesn’t help that he’s off most people’s radar.

    Now to the most important thing you said:

    Five years, fifteen million.

    I guarantee you that this is less money and more years than POS’s agent is asking for. I would also say that if DL is not willing to offer that (or maybe four years, which POS would prefer), he is low-balling POS and I will join you in your opinion of DL.


    We know DL wants three years or more and POS wants less than three, i.e. one or two, years. And…

    We are pretty sure that they’re far apart on money, too (all of DL’s comments re “the number” that made him say “oh boy” etc., which we parsed ad nauseum in the other thread).

    So I think it’s reasonable to assume POS wants north of $4MM for one or two years, and DL wants to give him around $3MM for at least three and ideally more years.

    So, POS has almost certainly already turned down your offer. Now, as GM, what do you want to do?

  • Quisp

    Also, re “There are a number of underpaid players on this team. Do you not think they notice? Just wait. The contracts on this team are very strange.”

    I’m not sure who you’re talking about. Handzus, $4MM; Stoll, $3.6MM; Frolov, $3.5MM; Brown, $3.1MM; Calder, $2.75MM; Preissing, $2.75MM; Gauthier, $2.1MM. I can see people arguing that several of these guys (e.g. Handzus, Stoll, Preissing, Gauthier) are over-paid but not under-paid. Meanwhile, Frolov and Brown are getting decent money, and it could be a great deal for DL if those two explode into greatness (which I expect, especially in Brown’s case). But right now, those deals strike me as fair market value.

    The only players of note not on the above list are Kopitar and Johnson, both of whom are bound by their, whatchcallit, entry-level contracts. They will of course get more when it’s time for their next contract.

    I don’t see any evidence of cheapness in terms of the salaries. You could make the cheapness argument regarding players recently traded or not signed (Cammy, Lubo, Blake), but not regarding the players on the roster. You could also make the cheapness argument re POS, were it not for the fact that your own offer is certainly on a par with what the Kings are actually offering.

  • SuperSonic420

    On a much sadder note, longtime player/coach of the Charlestown Chiefs, Reggie Dunlap passed today. R.I.P. the great Paul Newman.

  • Shakes

    it is cold and rainy in NY. I shall spend the entire Sunday trying to get the Staples Center songs for the Kings into NHL 09 for the xbox

  • kyle b.


    Where can I get Staples Center songs to download?


  • jediknight329

    no one has commented on the kings/avs game in vegas so i will take a stab at it.

    …kings lost in the shootout 4-3. kings trailed 2-0 after just a few minutes into the first period. labs looked AWWWEEFFUULL! kings rebounded and tied it up. took the lead in the second. avs tied it up late in the third. no o/t scoring.

    …adam foote is dirty. he was punching one of the kings when he was face down on the ice. he only received a roughing call. some sob speared brown. at least he got a match penalty. there were 6-7 fights, a couple of which were pretty good. simmonds got tossed for fighting while wearing tape on his hands. he was gone midway through the first period.

    …doughty looked awesome. kopi was playing at 50% most of the game until the end, but it was not enough.

    …murray put armstrong as the last shooter on the shootout — he missed. this was as a reward for his, i can’t believe i’m going to say this, strong play all game long. he made an incredible pass to set up a goal during the game and looked “better” playing as a winger.

    …hickey was “ok”. he looked scared and rushed things at times, he bent but never broke. moeller looked good. boyle is huge, but was a little slow. jmfj looked good. overall, even though they lost, it was a hell of a game. they played tough all game long. this team looks much improved defensively than last years’ squad and the passing is 100% better than last year. the one thing we need to do is stop giving up goals on the 2nd or 3rd shot of the game. this is ridiculous already.

    …2 final thoughts – if labs keeps playing like this, he WILL be waived before the season starts. and second, a great non-hockey highlight was at the end of the second intermission, the neil diamond song “sweet caroline” was played. i’m not lying to you, almost everyone in the arena was singing along. i could not believe it. it was kind of fun and i also gurantee, that most of the guys who sang along will never admit they did. i’m very comfortable with my manhood and i FULLY admit that i sang along with the other 15 folks in my group in section 213.

    …go kings!
    …rock on neil!

  • Kyle B.

    Nice wrap-up Jedi…Haha…it’s funny that you brought up Neil…I was wondering if anyone else noticed how great that was!! Also, the atmosphere in that building was the most intense I’ve seen at a Kings game in a very long time (years!!), especially when Foote was playing dirty.

    I can tell that the Kings’ two biggest problems this year will be, again, too many goals against and, WORSE, TURNING…THE…DAMN…PUCK…OVER…

    Kopi had about 3-4 fatty give-aways with one leading to a short-handed goal against the Kings. A couple of the younger guys gave it up WAY too much…and finally, THOMAS HICKEY WILL NOT, AND SHOULD NOT, MAKE THIS TEAM!!! This guy not only gave up the puck countless times but he made the..worst..passes. His blind passing through the slot area will have to go. He, along with all the other young kids, need to find the boards on their clearing attempts and their break-outs. Having said this about Hickey, we saw a couple nice slapshots on the PP in the first period, and they were GREAT shots; however, in the 2nd or 3rd, he had a couple weak wristshots that went nowhere.

    To sum up the game, read Jedi’s account. It’s pretty accurate. Enjoy your vacation Rich!!

  • Quisp

    Not that I’m starved for Kings news or anything, but shouldn’t there have been a new round of cuts by now?

  • mrk

    I miss Rich.

  • Paul

    Khabibulin is on waivers! Someone call Dean Lombardi! We missed out on Bryzgalov last year. We can’t afford to miss out on the Bulin Wall this year!

  • Brian

    Does anybody really thing Patrick O’sullivan should be making more than Teemu Selane? I know there is a big difference & many factors regarding the cap & veteran vs. new kid. I’m just sayin….

    And the latest round of cuts are on the Kings website now.

  • jonny munster
  • 34YearKingsFan

    13 players assigned to Manchester today (no particular surprises):

    Justin Azevedo – C
    Andrew Campbell D
    Paul Crosty D
    Vladimir Dravecky – RW
    Gabe Gauthier – C
    Bud Holloway – LW
    Josh Kidd – D
    Brady Murray LW
    Marty Murray – C
    Scott Parse – RW
    Daniel Taylor G
    Eric Werner D
    Jeff Zatkoff – G

  • Quisp

    $$$waiver fun round 2: Bulin Wall on waivers. One year rental? Waive/trade Labarbera? Khabibulin and Ersberg? Bernier to Manchester? Or, f*** it, stick with the kids?

  • wavesinair

    Quisp said: We know DL wants three years or more and POS wants less than three.

    We know what some people are saying in public. We dont really know whats being said. I have not read anything that categorically states Sully will only take a 1 year contract.

    POS has almost certainly already turned down your offer. Now, as GM, what do you want to do?

    Generally speaking, I do what DL is doing if I want to keep my job. It really sucks, I know. However, if I really was a GM and had full ownership support, (which DL certainly does not) Id like to believe Id have figured out a solution to this problem long ago. If Sully really doesnt want to stay here, he should have been traded already and I mean even last year. Seriously, as a GM you should know your players. I dont think Sully is a different person from March to August. My gut tells me that Sully would like to stay with these guys and play. That being said, I believe a long term contract has been possible all along and that DLs hands are tied, which explains the current unacceptable situation. It could also be that DL is really as bad as other say and that he is simply making mistake after mistake after mistake. If that is the case, we are in serious trouble.

    You could also make the cheapness argument re POS, were it not for the fact that your own offer is certainly on a par with what the Kings are actually offering.

    You dont know that DL offered 15 for 5 yet you’re saying it as fact. Frolov, Brown and Kopitar are all going to make less than what they are worth this year and I think they are all aware of that regardless of their current contract situation. Sully is trying not to get ripped. Cammy said no way. Blake said no way. Lubo got a good contract and they dealt him. Others are overpaid. Even Labs is underpaid IMO.

    They will of course get more when it’s time for their next contract.

    More meaning a good contract? What makes you say that? Well see.

  • Harry

    Stick with the kids, and lets draft Tavares…
    We will have a #1 center Kopi, #2 center Tavares

    Remember, Tavares scored 72 goals to beat the great ones record! (Gretzky)

    2010-2011 Champs = Your Los Angeles KINGS!!!

  • wavesinair

    There are 40 players remaining on the roster. 22 forwards, 13 defensemen and five goaltenders. Who are they?

  • nykingfan

    I’m sure that Sully would be willing to accept a long term deal if the $$ is right. The question is, what amount is right?
    Is Sully asking for a crazy large amount that DL feels is not worth it? We all love the guy, but his numbers don’t indicate he should be getting upper echelon least not yet! I think that it’s in the best interest of the Kings to give him security, but keep the $$ lower.

    We’re all guessing on what is going on behind the scenes. I personally don’t think that AEG is making this impossible for DL. I think he is being tight with the $$ so that he can fit the Kopitars, JJ’s and the other young guys coming up, within the frame work of the cap. If he overpays for Sully, he then has to overpay for the others…that means guys will be traded…probably core players that we’ll need. Every nickel is important when you are dealing with a cap. I understand that we are well under the cap now, but by next year, we’ll be getting closer to the ceiling than the floor. If the young players such as Doughty are as good as we think, they will be getting large $$ down the road.
    I was a big Cammy fan last year, but I sure as heck do not believe that he earned his contract. Having said that, I’m happy that we didn’t sign him long term based on what he did last year.

    I think DL’s walking a fine line with this. Is he doing the right thing? Only time will tell.

  • Quisp

    I think there’s actually 23 forwards and 12 defensemen, not 22 and 13.

    Forwards are (centers) Kopitar, Stoll, Boyle, Handzus, Armstrong, Lewis, Loktionov, Westgarth, Czarnik and Roe, (wingers) Brown, Frolov, Calder, Ellis, Richardson, Moulson, Moller, Purcell, Simmonds, Ivanans, Guiliano, Meckler and Zeiler.

    The 12 defensemen: Johnson, Greene, Doughty, Gauthier, Preissing, Martinez, Harrold, Hickey, Bagnall, Voynov, Piskula, Drewiske.

    The 5 goalies: LaBarbera, Quick, Bernier, Ersberg, Jones.

  • wavesinair

    nykingfan said: “that means guys will be traded…probably core players that we’ll need.”

    please remember. core guys have already been traded. cammy and lubo. sully is a core player too. before too long, someone on here will be saying, “kopitar is asking for too much, who does he think he is, crosby? trade him for a player who wants to be here and keep our ‘core’ together.”

    “I understand that we are well under the cap now, but by next year, we’ll be getting closer to the ceiling than the floor.”

    this is exactly what DL wants you to think and why I think AEG IS making it impossible for DL. if what you say is true, then we must accept that this year is already a failure before it’s even begun.

    quisp said: “I think there’s actually 23 forwards and 12 defensemen, not 22 and 13.”

    lol. i wonder if is wrong yet again. i don’t know why i belive what they write. hopefully we can get an accurate count. other people are including clune and cliche in the forward count.

  • Harry

    Bernier sent to Manchester

  • wavesinair

    by the way, in light of what is happening right now with our economy, make no mistake, the Anschutz Company (of which AEG is only a part) is buzzing like a beehive to make sure it stays intact. spending money on a hockey player is the last thing on it’s mind right now. very interesting how the macro picture can play such a big part on the micro world of the NHL. we’ll see, but given the current situation, I’ll predict Sully will either sit-out the season or sign a very poor contract out of panic.

  • jediknight329


    i wanted to help clarify our current player roster as of 1pm west coast time. 34yearkingsfan listed the morning cuts correctly a few posts above. that brought the roster down to 22 forwards, 13 defensmen and 5 goalies. afternoon cuts have just been announced — bagnall (d-man), Bernier (goalie) and lewis (center) sent to manchester. D’Orazio (d-man) sent to juniors. as it stands now, there are 21 forwards, 11 d-men and 4 goalies still in camp.

  • -J

    Bernier also got sent to Man today, along with Bagnall and Lewis.

    there’s now 36 players left (21 F, 11 D, 4 g)- D’Orazaio was the 12th D from earlier (not drewiske) and he got sent to juniors today.

  • Quisp

    If there’s 21 forwards, which one on my list above shouldn’t be there (besides Lewis, who was cut after I made the list), and if there’s 11 defensemen, which one am I forgetting?

  • wavesinair

    So then, is this the current count?

    21 Forwards


    11 Defensemen


    4 Goalies


  • Kevco

    So with no POS and no D signing last week (Schneider or other) are we still short on money?

  • Quisp

    I don’t know the official status of Guiliano, Czarnik, Roe, Clune and Cliche. I had the first three on the list and the last two off due to injury.

  • Atomic Steve

    Quisp said:
    I don’t know the official status of Guiliano, Czarnik, Roe

    Quisp, none of the 3 of them were even at training camp.

  • Jayrew

    this is gonna be a long year guys. wow…

  • wavesinair

    Quisp, as far as i know, Jeff Giuliano wasn’t even in camp. I believe he is playing in belarus.

  • jack handy

    the Bernier cut somewhat surprises me considering how bad Babs looked in Vegas… and i mean embarrassingly
    B A D.

  • Quisp

    A ha! You are right about Guiliano. So the question is, are Czarnik and Roe gone (they will be soon if they’re not now)? If that’s the case, It’s 19 forwards, since Cliche and Clune are done, whether officially or not.

  • wavesinair

    i agree jacky, although i said this would happen, i am surprised it happened this early. please find out why so soon rich!

  • nykingfan


    I hear what you are trying to say, but to be honest, I don’t know what our core is right now. I can’t say that Lubo and Cammy were our core…Lubo was in his 30’s. That’s not a guy who you an expect to be around for the next decade or so….I like him a lot, but nobody has yet to explain what happened to him last year. He was worse than brutal on both ends of the ice.
    Cammy also played his way out of LA last year. In his arbitration hearing, he was asking for insane $$. His play certainly didn’t dicatate him getting that money. As much as I hate to admit it, he played a “me first game” last year, instead of a “team first” game. In my opinion, that doesn’t make him a core player. I think the core players on this team are: Kopitar/Brown/JJ. Frolov is a borderline core player as well as Sully. The rest of the core players are guys who have been drafted and are working their way up.

    I’m not giving up on this year before it starts, but realistically, where do you think we’ll be at the end of the year? We’re probably not a playoff team. What I’m looking for is significant improvement from last year..Better play in our defensive zone….continued improvement of the young players. If we make the improvement that I’m expecting, then next year the $$ will have to be paid out to Kopitar and Johnson..and several others. This will bring us closer to the cap. If this team is in contention next year, then I fully expect DL to go out and get a guy that can possibly put us over the top, whether that’s free agent or in season trade…If AEG balks at that, then you’re correct…but we won’t know this until that time comes.
    Sorry about that being a little long winded.

  • Tami

    Wavesinair: I believe Jones was released.

    As far as Bernier, there’s no reason to keep him up if he’s injured. He needs time to play, and he can do that in Manchester’s training camp.

    The goalies are down to Labs, Ersberg and Quick, correct?

  • nykingfan

    Wasn’t Bernier hurt earlier in camp? I know he hasn’t played in any pre-season games. That’s probably why he lost all chance to make the club out of camp.

  • The Sheriff’s upper lip

    That Westgarth kid sure has a strong right hand.

    Kevin Westgarth vs. Scott Parker

  • wavesinair

    nykingfan, I hear what you’re saying too. we just disagree on the how and who makes up our core. I dont define the core by how young they are. In fact, any great team has older veterans as part of its core. Was Yzerman not a part of the core? Or Niedermayer? Lubo had an off year. He is a very good player who loved playing here. He was part of the core for sure IMO. Rich reported Bernier had stiffness in his leg. Theres been nothing more on him as far as I know. If he was sent down because of an injury, Im wondering why Clune and Clich are still on the roster when their injuries seem much more serious.

    Quisp, did you see or read that Rob Czarnik or Garrett Roe were in camp? Again, I dont think they were. I know they werent on the training camp roster Rich posted.

  • Quisp


    No, you’re right and I’m wrong. I double-checked the Kings roster pdf and they are not in camp. Obviously, I assumed they were in camp, based on prospect camp or something. So that means the Kings are counting 21 forwards, including two injured players who will not make the opening night roster. That means 5 of the remaining 19 will not make it (six, if POS resigns). Guesses?

    My guess is, Zeiler, Richardson, Meckler, Westgarth, and Loktionov are the five to go to Manchester.

  • MS

    Khabi waived..go get ’em Dean. Just for the year, or until the deadline.

  • Ciccarelli

    Roe and Czarnick are NCAA prospects and NCAA prospects usually don’t participate in the training camps.

    I still don’t think Richardson will be among those cut, but agree with your other names mentioned Wavesinhair. Ellis will be cut before Richardson.

  • deadcatbounce

    One reason why other teams may not be in such a big rush to offer O’Sullivan an offer sheet is because of the draft pick compensation they’d have to cough up for a kid who has had one good year in the NHL–good, not great. I believe any offer sheet over $4,000,000 would include compensation.

  • JDM

    Frozen fury was amazing. My first and I’ll never miss one from here on out!

    Anyways, for those interested, here are about 130 pictures I took with my crappy camera phone of the warm-ups and the game. Quality sucks, but you can read the numbers and sometimes the names, and there are some (hopefully) cool shots in there. They are unedited, so there are some kind of pointless ones, so if you don’t feel like sorting through them all, I’ll link up my favorite two. I also tossed in one from the after game dealy at studio 54.

    album –

    Kopitar’s goal (with Raycroft peeking behind him before anyone knew it was in, serendipity of exposure. You can’t see Kopitar’s number, but he’s the one with the stick vibrating from having just scored!)

    Westgarth punching Stewart in the face

    After the game I spoke with Nick and Darryl for a brief minute during one of their radio commercial time-outs. Nick waved his arms around and said about Armstrong and Stoll in the shootout “That’d never happen in a real game!”

    Also, at the club afterwards, I saw Jim Fox standing around by himself and talked with him for a few minutes… probably came off like a drunken baffoon, because I was well, um… drunk. Wish I remembered more of the conversation, but it was mostly just about how good some of the guys were doing. I told him I was most impressed with Meckler, but he said he didn’t think he has any real shot of making the team out of camp, which surprised me a little, almost like they planned on starting him in Manchester the whole time. But hey, he survived today’s cuts.

    Anyways, kudo’s to all who made the treck out there. The vibe was loud and intense, better than I’ve seen at Staples since the days of the playoffs!

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