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After being claimed off waivers by the Kings, Kyle Quincey told the Detroit Free Press, “”It’s another challenge and hopefully a good opportunity for myself. I’ll just try to make the best of it.” GM Ken Holland told the paper, “We expected it. We’d talked to five, six teams the last week that had some interest. I thought we were close on one front on a deal that fell through. In the end, we really decided to put him on waivers because we wanted to have flexibility with the cap.”

Quincey’s salary-cap hit for the season is $525,000.

Wings lose Quincey to Kings on waivers

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  • Gouda

    What a great situation for this kid!
    Waived by the Stanley Cup favorite and picked up by the Kings…so close, and yet SO far.

    “I’ll just try to make the best of it.”

    See? He can hardly contain himself!

    At least O’Sullivan will have his buddy to commiserate with.

  • Quisp

    Will Quincey be wearing #45?

  • Paul

    This has nothing to do with the Kings, but it was news I thought was important enough to pass on, that was just reported on the Islanders broadcast during their game with Buffalo today.

    19 year old Alexei Cherepanov, the top draft pick by the Rangers in 2007, died on the bench in a game for Omsk in the KHL today of a heart attack. Reports said he skated back to the bench after his shift, sat down on the end of the bench and collapsed. By the time doctors got to him, he was gone.

    Many remember that Cherepanov was touted as being a top 5 talent, but dropped in the draft to the Rangers at 17 because teams were worried about the lack of a transfer agreement with Russia, and they didn’t know if he would be able to come to the NHL.

    Thoughts and prayers to his family and to the Rangers organization.

  • brianguy

    no (Bernier).

    #44 or #14 I am guessing

  • Quisp

    Oh, yeah. Bernier.

  • cristobal

    Seems like the salary works for AEG.

  • cristobal

    Anyone else think the Kings should pursue Shanahan? I think he’d score at least 30 playing with Anze and Mr. Brown. And talk about veteran leadership. I think his pictures in the dictionary under that heading.

  • wavesinair

    Who cares about quincey? This guy is hardly a plug, let alone a solid player. To say this is deflating to a young team is an understatement. Lubo, Cammy, Blake. If only…

  • txkingsfan

    cristobal, shanny is probably my favorite player in the NHL. There is no question his ability and knowledge of the game is first rate. But he is not right for this team, as much as it pains me to say. The kids need to learn to play together through thick and thin – take their licks together, win and lose together, and create a chemistry that can only be established over time. Shanny has 1 maybe 2 years left and it will do nothing to achieve our long term goals. Plus – and this is a BIG plus – HE DOES NOT WANT TO PLAY ON THE WEST COAST! He has made this very clear over the past few years and I don’t suspect that he will change now.

  • jack

    The Kings have about 15 million in cap space .. why not burn it for a year contract adn try an get shanahan, forsberg etc .. its only for a year, and it will let the pressure off the shoulders of kopi and brown, in which i think their skills would thrive …. lets go for it!! go kings

  • cristobal

    Dick Tarnstrom anyone? I think he’s in europe, but he could be worth a look.

  • Mel

    Why did we claim Quincy? He is better than Harrold or something? I hate to see Peter Harrold be a healthy scratch game in and game out like Kevin Dallman. It’s gotta suck for a young guy to sit like that when they know they’re capable of playing well.

  • Micah

    He will wear #27


  • metalmaster

    Condolences to Rangers for a very tragic loss.
    As far as the Kings go this season is a tank job for lottery pick. It has been obvious from lack of moves during the off season. Lombardi was going to get Sully at his price or close to it or he would still be sitting. It is what it is. Kings do not have one d-man
    who would be a first or second pairing d-man on a playoff caliber team. This year is about seeing which
    youngsters can be NHL players and which probably will not and giving AHL kids a chance to develop.

  • brianguy

    “Oh, yeah. Bernier. ”

    even though I knew it was rhetorical, but I took the bait & answered anyway. thought somebody out there might actually be wondering the same

  • Quisp

    No, I really DID forget Bernier wears #45. I miss the old (old, old) days when the goalie was 1, 31, 32, 33 and defensemen were 2-6. #1 is such a good goalie number, too.

    I have always wanted to have a beer league team called “The Primes” and have only prime numbers. Alternatively, “The Fractions.”

  • jet

    Hockey Future’s profile why DL picked this kid up.

    Quincey is a good sized defenseman who has good mobility. He is a good skater with solid lateral movement and good top speed. He has quick feet and plays aggressive, defensive-minded hockey. He works hard and is a true team player. He is strong and clears the zone effectively.
    Note the works hard and is a true team player part, perfect fit.

  • Quisp

    Of his 26 total NHL games, 13 are playoff games, which makes him simultaneously one of our least experienced players and one of our most experienced in playoffs (behind, I’m going to guess, Handzus, Stoll, Greene, O’Donnell, Calder and Preissing).

  • Moondoggie

    First things first….A real tragedy about Cherepanov. The Kings took a good look at this kid if you remember. Evidently Jagr was sitting next to him chatting when he collapsed. Our condolences to the Rangers, their fans and the family of Alexei Cherepanov. He was a good kid with a lot of potential. Such a tragic loss at such a young age.

    Next, Quincey. This is a good move for LA. It doesn’t send any messages to the kids in Manchester except to keep working hard. They know that, know this is a business and that if they continue working hard they’ll be up with the Kings. I tend to agree that Martinez will be up, probably sooner than later. LA needed a stay at home defenseman and Harrold was not the guy. Since there were no experienced defensive defensemen at Manchester, they picked up Quincey for an excellent price. Interesting thing, read Ken Holland’s take on this, 5-6 teams were interested. Then read the comments from the Wings fans. They’re not happy about losing Quincey.

    One other thing, even tho most on this blog know and understand DL’s long term plan for growth, there a still a few who just don’t get it or appreciate the group of talented young players he’s assembled. Regardless of whether or not these kids pan out, most in the league will tell you that DL has assembled one of the finest collections of young talent in the NHL. What DL did in the 2008 entry draft was nothing short of miraculous, even tho it was one of the deepest drafts in history. DL’s wheeling and dealing to get into position to pick a guy like Colton Teubert was amazing, the same for the picks he used to get the Russians. He’s positioned LA to have another strong draft in 2009 with the picks he’s assembled. San Jose was in the very same situation that LA is in now, the Kings used to feast on the Sharks. Not anymore. He’s rebuilt the entire LA organization in a relatively short period of time. Fans are excited about seeing the young, up and coming Kings. And to top that off, now he’s signing the kids to long term contracts. His management of the cap (minus McCauley and Clouts) hasn’t been half bad. Not bad for a guy who’s only been on the job a couple of years, particularly for the task he was hired to perform.

    Yes, I miss the days of Deader, Andy Murray, etc. As good as those teams were, the Kings have never been close to winning the cup except one time, the 92-93 season when they had the greatest player to ever lace up skates on their team. This team is stacked with young talent in juniors and the AHL. DL’s plan is about 1-2 years away from fruition and his group of kids are the envy of practically every GM in the league. He’s proven to be an excellent judge of raw talent. If we, the fans can be patient for just another year or two it will have been worth the wait and LA will be set for years to come. Be patient.

  • JDM

    About all this “the Manchester kids should or will be pissed” bullcrap, look at it this way:

    We want them to succeed in Manchester. These defenseman will continue to be playing together for years to come on the Kings if all goes according to plan. In the case of an injury, we have no one to send back to Manchester to replace whoever we call up. Manchester has only just gotten going, and just as the Kings need to learn to play as a team, with new guys like Martinez, Voinov and Campell, the kids in Manchester need to learn to play as a team as well. To rip them of one of their best defenseman (why would we call up anyone but the best of the crop?) would screw with their development of chemistry.

    It’s best for the kids in Manchester that they aren’t forced by circumstance to be diminished without being replenished. If this was mid-season I’d say it would be a different story. But this early in the season, picking up an extra guy is exactly the right thing to do. I’m enthusiastic about seeing Quincey.

    I wonder if he’ll play tomorrow or if Harrold will.

  • -J

    Well said Moondoggie, tho i think those same people who miss the scope, process, and progress of the rebuild will miss the point of your post.

  • jet

    JDM – all good points. One note, i believe campbell was just sent back to his jr team. Which may be better for his dev at this point.

  • cristobal

    Moondoggie and J

    – Quincy is just not the answer right now. I’m not saying it isn’t a good move to pick him up, but the team needs something steady and positive. Kopitar’s frustration is one display of emotion we like, but don’t want too much of. If its doable, an offensive defenseman that is a known commodity is needed. Preissing has shown through the first two games he’s committed to trying to earn his paycheck. The inability to string passes together and move out of our zone has been glaring. In order to help settle the rest of the team, we need a decent player that can take the struggle in stride and support the young talent we have. Management must be very careful that negativity doesn’t set in. There’s no sign of it yet, but struggling too much can weaken the organism.

    I’m sure Lombardi starts twitching when he thinks of signing free-agents these days, but Preissing and Handzus are helping his cause and playing with passion. If there are no free agents or unhappy offensive defensemen available through trade, europe is the place to look.


  • jet

    Christobal – But, DL has been picking up character players, who know how to win and lose. I thought Kopi’s frustration was with his own play and not with the score.
    I just can not see squandering valuable playing time on someone who will not be here for awhile.
    Quinc also seems like a player who does not mind clearing the front of the crease, an important attribute in a defensive system.
    Let’s try for as much youth growth as possible; we can pick up a Hedican after 25 games if this does not workout.

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