Setting the table for draft week

Dean Lombardi, and members of his front-office team, will be heading to Montreal today to start a week of meetings and draft preparations. At this point, given everything that’s out there, I’m fairly confident in saying that the most likely scenario is Atlanta taking Evander Kane at No. 4 and the Kings taking Brayden Schenn at No. 5.

Who will the Islanders take first? Amazingly, that’s still unknown, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them take any of the top three prospects (Tavares, Hedman, Duchene). Latest word out of Tampa Bay is that the Lightning will take Hedman if he’s there at No. 2, and likely would take Tavares if Hedman goes first. That would set up Duchene to Colorado.

The wild card in all this could be the wily and unpredictable Brian Burke, who is thought to want to make a splash at the draft. One of the top three picks might be out of Burke’s grasp, but he is known to be very fond of Schenn, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Burke make a run at the Thrashers or the Kings.

It’s hard to remember a less-predictable draft in recent years.

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  • TB

    get yer popcorn ready!

  • anthonyy

    Nothing wrong with Brayden Schenn.
    Although I prefer Kane, Schenn brings plenty to the table as well.
    He’s a good choice.
    Just no Thomas Hickey stunts please.

  • Deadmarsh

    Burke obviously wants Braydon so he can have both the Schenn kids. He’s Burke’s type of player anyway. But what the hell would he have to offer us for that pick? It doesn’t make sense for us to give that up, for what, a couple of Torontos picks or one of their prospects? We don’t need them. And as far as Hedman saying he likes L.A. or whatever, what would WE have to give up to move up to #2? Oh man I can’t wait!

  • darko25o

    Take Schenn, tell Burke to select MPS, then trade Schenn, and our 3rd rounder(if onditions allow),for MPS and the rights to Ponikarovsky.
    You’ll then have three left wingers capable of 25 goal seasons, all over 210 pounds, and taller than 6’2″ in heigth.

  • Deadmarsh

    Could we convince Burke to take Preissing as well?

  • Irish Pat

    Schenn all the way.

    Handzus’ contract will be up in 2 seasons and Schenn will be ready to step in and take over. He’s gritty and plays tough two-way hockey. Imagine him centering a line with Wayne Simmonds just wearing down opponents shift-after-shift, game-after-game. I can’t wait.

  • Geno

    Schenn would be a very good pick at number 5. But I still think they should trade up to get the 2nd or 3rd overall pick and take Tavares, Hedman, Duchene, who every is available. Do not trade the pick to Toronto. They have nothing to give that the kings could use.

  • number 6

    Hi Rich. I don’t know if you happened to catch it, but this morning I added a comment to the GM Breakfast 3 (near the end) section commenting on exactly this… that the Kings may well hold the trump card that Brian Burke so craves. So that could make it very interesting indeed, though I can’t begin to imagine what he’d have to give us that would merit dropping down two places, unless it was their 2010 first rounder or something to that effect.

  • TB

    darko25o…I dont see that scenario working because Ponikarovsky isn’t going to be traded, and he isn’t worth just a 3rd rounder. Also, why wouldn’t DL just take MPS @ no. 5 and avoid the mess of making a deal if that was the guy he really wanted? Who’s to say MPS is available when Toronto picks?

    In my opinion, Burke can eat it…Keep the pick, or deal it to a team with an asset worth trading for. I agree that Toronto has a bright future building, but the Kings are about 2 years ahead of them in terms of development. Its time to acquire experienced and proven talent. I’m hoping for a deal personally. But not one involving JJ. I’m intrigued by that quiet Scott Hartnell rumor that was going around, and I think we can swing that kind of deal and not give up too much (perhaps Purcell and the no. 5 pick). He’d be like having a LW version of Brown. So if we can grab Gaborik at the right price on July 1st, I think we’d be set.

    If it were my call:

    Gaborik – Kopi – Williams
    Hartnell – Stoll – Brown
    Moller – Zeus – Simmonds
    Westgarth – Boyle – Lewis

  • darko25o

    Geno and 6,
    the LEAF’s Ponikarovsky is a RFA, and he is an extremely good talent. After Hartnell, I think this guy would be my choice for a DL type LWer. I think he’d push Fro to another level as well.

  • darko25o

    they don’t have Poni signed, and Hartnell is not worth #5 and Purcell. Teddy is going to be a legitimate force in the NHL, and I would assume the same for the #5 pick. The Flyers need cap space, so why would we do them that big a favor?!

  • tantrum4

    Hopefully, Burke makes a trade with Atlanta and takes Schenn with the #4 pick, leaving Evander Kane for us at #5!!! Please hockey gods, please!!!!!

  • darko25o

    That is exactly the scenario I would hope for. DL should just hang up on Burke, make him think there is no shot at moving to 5, so they have to go to 4

  • anthonyy

    add me to that hopeful scenario.

  • Prince

    I dont know if you will get a chance to talk to DL prior to the draft. I would be curious to see how he views this draft. In 07 he basically said that after the top three it was wide open. That most scouts were all over the place with who they liked, kind of like a shotgun pattern. Then last year he said that all the top thee defensemen were all going to be great players and each had own strengths.
    How does DL see this draft? Does he see a top three or top two with about equal potential? How about after that? Is the next tier tow or three more?
    Looking forward to Friday.

  • iansez

    Sir Dean has to feel like the hot chick at the dance coming into the draft this year, talk about having all options at his fingertips! I’m confident he’ll do the right thing for the long term good of the franchise and if he’s really good he’ll get us some of the short term success we’re all craving for too…fun times…)

  • Moondoggie

    Anthonyy, darko, tantrum….Add me to that list too although I do like Schenn. He’ll work out just fine but somehow I have a feeling DL isn’t showing his cards. He’s got something up his sleeve. He’s dangling that No. 5 out there knowing that Burke wants it.

    This is going to be a very interesting week for the Kings….

  • PaulCat1969

    I think that we can FINALLY all agree that Friday will at least have some great drama and the anticipation for it is something we can all enjoy.

    GO KINGS!!!

  • Pumpernicholl

    TB – Are you saying get rid of Frolov? Because your lines don’t show him and your post doesn’t mention him.

    Frolov needs to be in the mix and not dumped, IMO.

  • Daniel

    Going back to the topic of Hedman, here is what I posted last week:
    “June 18, 2009 5:55 PM
    Daniel said:

    Hi. Since we are all fantasizing here about the Kings future, I think I will put my two cents in.

    Keeping it simple, I think we should do two things:

    First, trade for the No. 1 pick in the draft. One thing that is for certain is that NYI has a horrible pipeline of talent. The Kings can provide depth. The Kings trade the #5 pick and 3-4 of our ‘prospects’ (JJ, Boyle, Purcell, Lewis …take your pick) to NYI for the #1 pick. We then pick Victor Hedman. I know some of you think Mr. Lombardi has a thing against Swedes but you should also remember that he understands the value of a ‘once-in-a-generation’ D-man…

    Secondly, you sign Gbork for a high $$$ one-year deal. If he stays healthy and enjoys playing here, you resign him during the season to a longer, more cap-friendly deal.

    And that’s it!”

    Now, after seeing the quotes from the GM Breakfast, I highly doubt part-2 of my scenario will happen.

    Management knows they won’t get their ideal scoring forward in free agency this summer and any of Schenn/Kane/MSP will need a few years of seasoning before they can really contribute. So, may as well continue to build the base and wait for that Pao Gasol/Man-Ram type of salary dump trade.

  • Ersberg

    Kane or Schenn would be nice. I think DL will take one of the two as well.

    Out of all the FA’s and/or trade scenarios we’ve discussed on here in recent months, have any of you guys thought maybe Lombardi might go after J-bo? We can definitely outbid any team for him, and I could see him doing something sneaky like that.

  • Geno

    Ponikarovsky is big and slow and just another 3rd or 4th line player. We have plenty of those kind of players. He is not worth moving down two spots. He is not a bruising winger, which we could use.He’s a soft player. We should either hold on to the 5th pick or move up. I’m from Toronto and have seen Pony play alot and he’s not worth having.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    @Ersberg: What would the Kings give up for JBo? Reports today say that the Panthers would deal exclusive negotiating rights with Bouwmeester for a draft pick, and if he signs the pick becomes a 1st round pick. Would you be willing to trade the #5 overall pick for Jay Bouwmeester? I might. I’m not sure.

    If I’m Dean Lombardi I’m keeping the #5 pick, taking Schenn or Kane (whoever is left), then trying to trade back into the bottom of the 1st round by dealing a young goalie, and offering that pick to Florida for the rights to Bouwmeester. But if they take that chance, he BETTER sign! If I think there’s a 1% chance he doesn’t, I don’t make the deal.

  • knight of the realm

    I wouldn’t be surprised if DL trades down and picks a guy like Kadri or Cowan.

  • Dominic Lavoie

    The Kings I think will be content to just pick, unless they think they can move up to #3 and take Duchene. I think they like Schenn and would like him to fall to them but Burke will aggressively pursue him and if DL won’t make the deal then he’ll absolutely bully Waddell in Atlanta. The Thrashers are trying to build with young players and Kane would help them market the team to the Atlanta’s large african american population. But if they are planning on dealing Lehtonen than maybe they’d drop back a few spots if they also got Pogge and Stajan? Maybe they pull a Garth and deal the 7th, intending to pick up picks and then draft a big winger like Carter Ashton?

  • TB

    Pumpernicholl…I love Fro. But theres a reality to be dealt with here. From a business perspective, like Lubo, we can really benefit from making the right deal. You actually caught a bit of a type-o for me. I meant to say in the trade offer to Philly that it should include Fro. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if DL moves Fro in a deal to acquire another first round pick…thus making the no. 5 pick much more expendable…hmmmm.

    Darko25o…regarding Hartnell’s worth…He’s a playoff performer like Williams. Purcell may very well be the player you think he will be, but this is the benefit of having a glut of young talent. Are we really going to be taking steps backward by trading Purcell (for the right player in return)? My whole attraction to this deal is how it balances our line up. We have enough right wingers, and we need a LW that can play both sides of the puck. An no one can argue how much Hartnell competes.

    Re: Poni…Of course it would be great to sign him. But DL won’t give up the picks to grab an RFA. Furthermore, the proposed trade with the leafs still leaves us with the trouble of signing the kid. What if he’s a hold out? Just saying…what if…

    I’m a big Hartnell fan because he competes. I love Fro but its business and he’s an asset with a lot of value to offer. Ponikarovski will be a star, but his attitude so far with the leafs has been a subject of discussion a couple of times, and when all this talk about character is being tossed around with heatley, I believe the same discussion can be had about Poni.

    This is the biggest offseason since the Kings acquired Gretz…its not time to mortgage the future. In my opinion, the true test for DL is not overdoing it and making the right moves without disturbing the overall plan. I know my take on it upsets some of you because of who I’m willing to give up…so don’t be too harsh if you disagree. I just see this as a time to really make all rebuilding efforts work for us instead of the other way around.

  • Ersberg


    You may have just given Dean the blueprint on how to aquire exclusive rights to J-bones, and still draft at #5.

    I would have never thought of that scenario. Nice going.

  • MrMach5

    Daniel said:

    “Keeping it simple, I think we should do two things:

    First, trade for the No. 1 pick in the draft. One thing that is for certain is that NYI has a horrible pipeline of talent. The Kings can provide depth. The Kings trade the #5 pick and 3-4 of our ‘prospects’ (JJ, Boyle, Purcell, Lewis …take your pick) to NYI for the #1 pick. We then pick Victor Hedman. I know some of you think Mr. Lombardi has a thing against Swedes but you should also remember that he understands the value of a ‘once-in-a-generation’ D-man…

    Secondly, you sign Gbork for a high $$$ one-year deal. If he stays healthy and enjoys playing here, you resign him during the season to a longer, more cap-friendly deal.”

    Daniel I’m with you for about 95% of this.

    We need to keep JJ and Fro Period!

    If we trade either of them we WILL BE watching them in the near future helping another team win a Cup. Id like to see our young talent win a Cup for the Kings.

    So any other prospect would be find in idea number one.

  • iansez

    Is there any other club that may realistically sign Gaborik? Could he possibly be “next years Hossa” for Detroit for example? With all the cap and economy issues plus his fragile physical state, the market for him can’t be that strong…

  • 3krazekatze

    Anybody have a feel for Ryan O’Reilly?

  • -J

    Here’s a question for you all- since it appears Detroit is not going to bring him back, what are you’re thoughts on trying to sign Chelios to a 1-yr contract?

  • deadcatbounce

    -J said: “Here’s a question for you all- since it appears Detroit is not going to bring him back, what are you’re thoughts on trying to sign Chelios to a 1-yr contract?”

    You mean as an assistant coach?

  • Ersberg

    “Here’s a question for you all- since it appears Detroit is not going to bring him back, what are you’re thoughts on trying to sign Chelios to a 1-yr contract?”

    There’s a link on TSN stating Chelios is not going to be back for sure.

    We shouldn’t offer him a contract either.

  • Irish Pat

    No Chelios.

    He was a great player… 10 years ago.

    I have no interest in watching my grandfather play hockey and I have no interest in watching Chelios lace up for the Kings either. Signing Chelios would be a Rob Blake type blunder. If you want the kids to benfit from his many, many years of experience then sign him as a consultant so they can learn from a future Hall o’ Famer and they can learn how to make some delicious chili. The Kings should not sign any player right now that is going to cause the rest of the league to throw a retirement video montage every time the Kings visit their resepective building for the last time this coming season.

    No on Cheli in ’10.

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    Last year it was all about which d-man to pick, this year two things stand out to me:

    1) We’ve got to come out of this draft with a left-wing. Players and management have brought this up. And looking at the pipeline, we have much more promise at center than wing. So Schenn doesn’t make sense to me. I would prefer one to be drafted, instead of acquired, as (a) we’re still a young team and I want that nucleus to grow up together, and (b) I don’t think any of the available veteran left-wings are worth the contract that would take us to the cap-limit. Quisp’s got me convinced that while we may have cap space, we’ve really only got room for one big free-agent contract, and none of the guys mentioned seem to be THE ONE.

    2) If DL does trade the 5th as part of a package to acquire a veteran, that means that NO ONE, either here or with the Kings, gets to talk about having patience. It would be a sign that DL has decided to try to win NOW.

    I hope that, trade up, trade down, or keep the pick, we draft a left wing.

  • stevebone

    One thing that I’ve heard all my life is “that you can’t coach speed”. MPS, would be my choice over Schenn for that reason, but not by much. If they are looking to trade him then it’s a different story. I also like the idea of trading a couple of our forward prospects for either the first or second pick. But I don’t think that will happened. I can’t wait til Friday. GO KINGS GO!

  • tantrum4

    Just a note for all you people who have been saying we should be drafting MPS with our #5 pick. Bob Mackenzie on TSN has his final annual draft rankings in from a survey of 10 NHL scouts. All I can say is it’s a good thing a lot of you aren’t scouts that work for the Kings, MPS is ranked 10th……

  • darko25o

    because theres defenseman in front of him….and he was 5th, in front of Schenn 2months ago. So, you go ahead with your kool-aid, cus TSN is “always” right….

  • Daniel


    TSN also had Lauri Tukonen as the 5th best prospect heading into the 2004 draft:

    But we all know Mr. Lombardi and his scouting staff don’t pay attention to these silly rankings.

  • darko25o


  • Nathan

    The Draft: Atlanta needs immediate help if they are going to have a chance in hell of resigning Kovalchuk. Look for Atlanta to trade the pick to Toronto. Burke would almost certainly take Schenn at 4, which would make Kane available at 5. If this happens, Lombardi would be wise to hold onto the pick. E Kane should make a real solid 1A center in a few years, and a prefect line-mate for Brownie.

  • tantrum4

    darko –

    I’m guessing you missed the part where it says it was a poll of 10 NHL scouts? This isn’t TSN’s opinion, it’s the NHL’s. And who cares if there are d-men ranked in front of him, everyone knows in the first round you draft the best available player and you don’t worry about what position they play. MPS will not be the best available player at #5, and NHL scouts have known this for quite a while now.

  • darko25o

    In big, bold, black lettering- BOB MCKENZIE’S POLL-
    “when TSN puts its rankings together it doesn’t even take into account the order of selection at the draft. It is a ranking based on consensus opinion from 10 NHL scouts surveyed by McKenzie, who has been using the same process and formula for draft rankings since he originated The Hockey News Draft Preview in 1984, over 25 years ago.”
    …I’m guessing you missed that! And yes, its formulated by TSN’s MCKENZIE based on survey and opinion, so by association, it is their poll

  • MrMach5

    Chelios…Hell no!

  • tron

    Don’t write off MSP just yet. The Kings may still get him at #7 or #9 .
    Has any one seen him play? He’s fast but can he finish? Can’t help to think about Kings other euro 1st rounders ( Berg,Tukonen and Karlson).

    Also, don’t need Chelios taking up a roster spot.

  • darko25o

    …give me MSP and Zach Kassian, and we can call it a draft!
    Theres alot of good video on youtube and a few on the scouting sites. He’s been compared to Peter Forsberg in his ability to retain the puck and produce quality scoring chances. He’s 6’1″ and 205 pounds, left hand shot, and drives with amazing speed. You’ll notice from some of the vids how he draws 2, and thats against grown men.

  • tantrum4

    darko –

    Sorry, you must not be from Canada and watch TSN are you? Everyone here knows it’s a survey of 10 NHL scouts. Here is the second paragraph from the article in case you missed it once again:

    “In its annual survey of 10 NHL scouts, the London Knights’ goal-scoring centre is TSN’s unanimous No. 1 ranked prospect, getting 10 of a possible 10 first-place votes to head up TSN’s Top 60 Final Rankings for the 2009 NHL entry draft.”

    Not sure why it’s so hard for you to understand who’s list this is. Just because McKenzie puts his name on it for TSN brodcasting purposes, it’s still based on NHL scouts opinions.

    But anyway, I’m not worried. If the Kings don’t trade the #5 pick, there is ABSOLUTELY no way they take MPS. Maybe if they make a trade with Ottawa and we end up the the #9 pick they draft him, but definately not with the #5.

  • Rich Hammond

    I have asked repeatedly, for months, if not years, for people to be civil in comments. I just had my first ban, and it’s very easy for me to keep going. I’m not trying to be some tough guy. It’s just that I’m completely tired of the childish behavior, and I have tried to be polite and understanding in the past. You all claim to be fans of the same team. If you can’t have civil discourse with each other, I don’t want you here. Thank you to the 99 percent who cause no problems.

  • Anthony: It’s difficult to contain my contempt for you. No “Hickey stunts, please”?? Thank God you have nothing to do with the Kings’ front office.

    TM and company: Same goes for you. Hartnell is nowhere NEAR worth the 5th overall pick. The guy may “compete”, but lots of guys compete. He’s a cheap-shot, no-honor, piece of crap player. After any Ducks castoff, he’s right up there with the LAST players I would want to dress for the Kings. Hearing his name repeatedly is making me ill.

    Finally, would all of you please stop saying that Gaborik could not be “The One”? In the right situation, he could easily and realistically lead the NHL in scoring. This guy is a unique talent who’s had injury issues, sure. However, he’s finally had corrective surgery, and appears to be healthy. If the Kings are as serious about their new conditioning programs as it seems, he is the guy for us. Not only that, but he is The One. The guy is amazing and would add a bonafide top-level, all-league caliber sniper to our lineup, and would increase our speed significantly as well. We haven’t had a serious offensive threat like that since Palffy left. Personally, I will do backflips if Dean can get this guy into camp.

  • darko25o

    I went to the draftcentre link, now I see what you mean, so you have my apologies. The breakdown between TSN, MCK, etc, and ISS, wasnt shown on the page I was viewing-the opening sceen. So I completely understand what you were saying now, and youre right…although, I’d still like to draft lil’Fopa : )

  • Quisp

    I was trying to be civil.

  • PaulCat1969

    Hey Rich,

    Real sorry you had to take that step. I know it’s not something you wanted to do but something you had to do. That is what makes this site great.

    On another note, are you planing to have a draft day chat? Those were so great last season on game night and I am hoping we could it on Friday. Let us know!

  • Someone was less civil than I am??
    Better step my game up!

  • pobo the hobo


    Thank you for monitoring these comments. There is a reason that I avoid LGK at all costs…

    Keep up the good work man.

  • Rich Hammond

    It wasn’t you, Quisp.

    And yes, Paul, assuming I can get wireless access at the Kings’ office Friday, a chat would be great.

  • Moondoggie

    Most of you have already checked out Brayden Schenn but just in case you haven’t……

    This guy can help out, huge!

    Good luck to all, lets have some fun this week and GO KINGS on Friday!!!

  • KevinWestgarth

    Who was banned?

  • KevinWestgarth


    You need to correct the html on this site for links so when a link is clicked on, it will open in a new window rather than take users away from your site.

  • Mudfish

    Any chance DL trades the pick for a current NHL forward and maybe the 9 or 10 slot in this draft? Then pick Ryan Ellis with the pick.

    He was quite impressive in the WJC, esp at age 17. I think he’s going to be a stud in the NHL in a couple years.

    Or do you think we don’t need anymore young d-men?

    Just hate to see a possible coveted “puck moving, pp d-man” go to someone else. Doughty and Ellis would look good on the pp.

    Just curiously throwing it out there since Ellis hasn’t been mentioned much.

  • MacSwede


    The problem is in your browser, If i click on a link it opens up in a new window or tab. Try upgrading to IE7.

    The comments updates really slow on this site sometimes.

    I agree with you completely. I also think that Gaborik would fit very well with the Kings, Actually I have wanted him to come here for years. I think he was magic when he returned to Minnesota after his injury. I also think we should give him a shot, at the right contract that will say. Not only more than 2 years for the right amount.

    As a swede, I think that MPS is a spectacular player. The swedish elite league is a lot better than the farm or junior leagues in US. MPS has dominated here against BIG established hockey players.

    Moondoggie, I liked your youtube clip, but if you look at all the top ranked players, they all have some nice highlights in youtube.

    I think Kane is more exciting than Schenn at this point, so I also hope that Toronto will trade with Atlanta and pick Schenn, so we can take Kane. If Kane is taken I think we shall take MPS (I know, last time I actually said Schenn instead of MPS, but I changed my mind :))

    So in my opinion, depending on how we trade up or down, I think should have the following wishlist:

    1. Tavarez
    2. Hedman
    3. Duchene (I Like all of theese players, so can we trade up to a third pick, anyone will make me satisfied).
    4. Kane
    5. MPS
    6. Schenn
    7. Cowan
    8. Ekman-Larsson (Another Swedish good defenceman).
    9. Kadri
    10. Kassian

  • MacSwede

    Gaborik – Kopitar – Williams
    Frolov – Stoll – Brown
    Kane – Handzus – Simmonds
    Ivanans – Lewis – Purcell/Moller/Zeiler/Whatever

    Doughty – Johnson
    Quincey – Greene
    O.D/Drewiske – Harrold/Voynov


    When Kane is ready, he takes Stolls place, if not Loktionv allready took it 🙂

    And yes, I know, Gabi on the left…but lets give it a try..

  • number 6

    Rich, a comment regarding your monitoring of the site. I hope you don’t mind me saying that I not only appreciate it, but there are moments when I wish you could be even more exigent. This is the only internet site that I look at every day and that I regularly contribute to. But I find it frustrating having to fish my way thru comments because a few too many of them get a bit “intense”. I have done posts in the past for sure expressing occasional frustrations with the franchise or maybe even other people’s comments, but it’s just not that difficult to make them civil.

  • src3

    My senario is based on the top 3 going as planned-
    1.Tavares 2. Hedman 3.Duchene. (If Hedman goes first, then all hell breaks loose and Tor offers the house, wife, kids and neighbors dog for TB pick.

    If ATL keeps the 4th and takes Kane, then TOR will be all over DL for the 5th. I believe the ATL pick will cost Tor their 7th and Kaberle. So, if that falls through and If Kane was DLs guy, then we can trade down to the 7th and maybe get Kaberle for our 5th and (I believe) the 34th. Tor gets Schenn and another high 2nd rounder. Then, we flip Kaberle to PHI for Hartnell or Gangne and take Cowan, MPS or Kassian with the 7th. I know Hartnell and Gagne have NTC, but would imagine this has already been cleared and discussed. PHI cannot make a move of any kind without dumping someone and Briere and his wonderful contract is not going anywhere.

    PHI has to trade Lupel and prospect or maybe thier 1st rounder just to get JB rights, then they have to dump another 4.5+ to make room for him.

    I dont see how DL can move up to nr. 3 as some rumors suggest. Would cost way too much. And at this point I do not see us picking up a high end winger through trade or FA. Ott sure has their hopes up for a trade with DL, but just dont see it happening.

    This will be interesting!

  • MacSwede

    Hi src3, Nice to see a post from you again.

    I like your scenario, but I doubt we can pick MPS at 7th, but maybe Cowan. Why dont keep Kaberle? He would be a good teacher for our young defence. But maybe he is more attractive to cup contender teams, and maybe it is better trading him for a LW like you said. I just dont like Hartnell that much..

    It is a very exciting week, no doubt! But it more or less seems like we hold on to our pick, which I think is the best. I really hope Toront will trade with ATL and pick Schenn, so we could take Kane, that would be awesome.

    Otherwise, a variation of what you said src3 would be nice..

  • src3

    I am hoping for a Tor/Atl trade as well-leaving Kane to us. Anyway it will be a late friday night for us!!!

  • Ersberg

    Great idea about the internet chat on draft Friday.

    I really hope DL doesn’t trade down. If anything, I’d like to see him move into 4th, but it’ll most likely be too expensive.

    Thanks again for everything, Rich.

  • KevinWestgarth

    Somebody mentioned there’s rumors that the Kings may move lower in the draft. What’s the rumor?

  • Paul from Oxnard

    According to the Ottawa Sun, the Kings were one of the teams on Heatley’s list of trade destinations:

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey


    Since I was the one who fonted THE ONE, I am, perhaps vainly, assuming that you’re talkin about me. Yes, that’s a Carly Simon reference. Anywhos, if the Kings Do sign someone to a big contract, I too think it should be Gaborik. Low risk, high reward. Also, we don’t give up the 5th. Why suck if you’re not at least going to pick high? It would be better if Gabby played on the left, but I’d rather fudge the lines than waste the pick, give up other players, and ruin our cap situation by trading for Heatly or any other left wing.

    So Deano, draft who you think is the best left-wing and put him in the line-up.

  • DB6

    All, i’ve following for about a year on a daily basis and wanted to start chiming in. Rich, thanks for all that you do, i hit this site about 5 times day!

    Anyway my 2 cents KANE

  • Rob

    Hi Rich, just wanted to try posting to make sure I wasn’t banned. GO KINGS

  • Ersberg


    I don’t get that secondary link stating what we may have offered to Ottawa for Heatley.

    I’d rather try and re-sign Frolov and keep Johnson. Frolov scored a few less goals last season, but I think he’s better at defense. Plus, we add Johnson+ to the deal? I’m just not interested in trading goals with Ottawa. If Murray wasn’t asking for Frolov, then I might be more inclined to do the deal. I’m guessing that asking price was somewhat accurate, then Lombardi ended the talks at that point.

    I’d rather us just spend money for an FA forward or none all at this point.

  • darko25o

    Zach Kassian is another player I would love to see on the Kings. I’d love to get MSP and Hartnell from the draft, but Philly, I don’t think, wont be saving enough by exporting Hartnell, and importing Kaberle. I think you’re right on with your thinking though. Theres going to be a huge three way deal on draft day, and since DL invented it…it’ll be very interesting to see who our dancing partners are

    He would bring that toughness that doesn’t really seem available via FA. And all you Komi fans should know he’s all bark. His series against Boston really showed his true colors, and Markov has made Mike look so much better than he is.

  • KevinWestgarth

    Anybody know whats going on with Denis Gauthier? Is DL going to resign him??

  • Paul from Oxnard


    I agree that I wouldn’t trade Frolov & Johnson for Heatley. I would consider the same deal from that ill fated “Pronger trade”, namely JJ and the #5 pick because with a draft pick you never really know what you’re going to get. But even that I’d only consider if there isn’t a player at #5 that I feel the Kings need.

    I’ve said before that I don’t want Heatley’s head case attitude in the Kings locker room and I stand by that. But, if the Sens feel like they have a gun to their head, they might deal him on the cheap. Bryan Murray is saying there’s no gun, but I don’t believe him. How can he bring a guy back into your locker room next year after he demanded a trade. I think Heatley is dealt before the draft or on the floor, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s the Kings he comes to.

  • darko25o

    What gets me about the Ottawa deal, or absence of, is the fact that we have all the parts the SENS need-Top prospects in goal, C, and D
    I really don’t think this deal is dead. Gaborik was a lock for LA until this Heater stuff came up.


    Trade up or keep the pick. I think we take Schenn.

  • src3

    okay Darko……

    trade the 5th to TOR for their 7th and a second rounder. Then off the 7th, JJ and Purcell to OTT for Heater and a pick. Then DL packages som picks to trade back up to get what he wants.

    This is going to get crazy or be boring as hell!

  • src3

    Personally I would not give more than JJ, Purcell and the 5th. I would also take the 9th in return and throw in our second rounder. This way we can still come out with a schroeder, kadri, MSP, Kassian.

    But in essence and all commen sense, I would rather wait and hope for KOVI in 2011. Would rather help PHI with cap problems by taking Gange off their hands for the cheap. Like a second rounder and Martinez or something.

  • Quisp

    Okay, here’s a question for you. Would you trade Johnson and the 5th for the 3rd pick?

    I personally don’t think Hedman will be there at #3. Also, I think if I wanted Hedman (and therefore, a defenseman) I might be inclined to keep Johnson and select Cowan. And then there’s also the question of just how big the drop-off is between Tavares/Hedman/Duchene and Kane/Schenn/Cowan/MSP etc..

    Second question, if you really wanted Kane and believed (as I do) that Atlanta will select him with the 4th pick, what would you be willing to part with in trade to trade up from 5 to 4?

    If Atlanta wants Kane, they would have to be enticed to swap, whereas if they really don’t care if it’s Kane or Cowan or Schenn, the 4th might be had for a second round pick or some other painless package.

    Assuming they do want Kane and would have to get a tasty prospect back in order to swap picks…would you give up Purcell? Moller? Lewis? Boyle? One of the goalies?

    If they would take Ersberg for the 4th in a swap, I’d do it. Maybe I would do it for Boyle. Maaaybe. I don’t know. Schenn could be just as good as Kane.

    I’m starting to feel like the smartest thing to do is keep the pick and take whichever of Kane, Schenn or Cowan is available, in that order of preference. I would also be willing to bet that’s what DL is thinking too.

  • Ersberg

    Here’s my list of what moves I anticipate Lombarding making beginning at the draft:

    Draft at #5(Kane>Schenn>Cowan)

    Inquire about Gaborik and Hossa. Hossa first, then Gaborik.

    Inquire about J-bo from FLA. If he feels the pick is too steep of a price, then make an offer July 1st. He won’t go beyond anything he feels in market value.

    That’s it. I think all of the other stuff we’re hearing is just…stuff.

    Any other deal that’s made will most likely be something unusual(as seen in the past), yet conservative in nature. I.e. The Williams deal. Any deal in this category won’t be anything beyond the talent of a guy like Sturm, or another guy that can play on the left side.

  • KevinWestgarth

    I would be very satisfied with picking either Schenn or Kane, although I prefer Kane of course. I could care less about acquiring the number 3 pick because Schenn and Kane are both better than Duchene

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Really all these scenarios boil down to a simple question: How close does Dean Lombardi think the Kings are to really contending for the cup?

    Unlike previous Kings management teams, I don’t think simply finishing 8th and going out in the first round is going to be good enough for Dean and his guys.

    So if he thinks that the Kings are only 1 or 2 pieces away from truly contending, I think he makes some big moves. If not, I think he’s going to continue to stay the patient course and if a gift drops in his lap he’ll take it.

    My opinion is that the Kings are at least 2 seasons away from being true contenders for the cup. They need A)experience in goal, B)more scoring, and C)experience and maturity on the blue line. I think next offseason will be much busier for the Kings then this one, especially if Kovalchuk is on the market. I really think Lombardi’s #1 target for the next 2 years is Kovalchuk.

  • anonandonanon

    I have this Tavaris, Hedman, Duchene, Kane, Schen. You take the leftover from that group and “Party on Garth”.

    Now if your stuck on someone else then trade with Burke and get your Magnus or Cowen fix AND Poni, check the numbers on the guy for yourself.

    If we go with someone like Schroeder I’ll spit. And I wouldn’t put it past “El Smart-guy” to cramp.

    I will say I’m hoping that if we panik I hope it’s with the second pick. This is Dean’s wheelhouse the second and third round picks. Due Diligence.

    FA is where smart-guys fear to tread and I have little expectation there. Let alone Gaborik or Hossa.

  • darko25o

    I’d like to see us only give up in areas where we have an abundance of strength, in order to fill spots where we are seriously lacking.
    The Sens would take Bernier(they would then need to take Priessing because of Bernier’s projection), Zeus, Teubert, our 2nd rounder in 2010 (if Heatley meets performance goals), and Priessing all for Heatley
    TO get:
    Every succesful line in kings history has had a grinder, a puck possesor, and a sniper on the line…..So the aforementioned is my formula. Along with:

    I know it looks like a lot to give up for Heatley, but with Zeus and Priessing off the books, you can sign Fro, and JJ could be signed for less in a long term deal.

  • variable

    i love the fact that we are in such a great position of power…
    we have some great leverage w/this pick…and in a weird way, having the #5 pick, if we decide to keep it, will lower the financial demands immediately…

    i have no problems w/kane or schenn…

    and despite where he is on experts list…msp/mps is a great pick…but i realize he will probably go later in the top 10…

    fro is staying…(for now)
    and it sounds like jmfj will also be re-signed…hopefully, for a reasonable price…i keep saying a three-year deal at $2-2.5 mil sounds about right…maybe a four-year deal…

    i don’t see heatley coming here, judging by the emphatic negative reaction from the attendees and what hexy had to say…

    i don’t see hossa coming here…i think he will probably remain in detroit in lieu of them keeping a couple of key players…something’s gotta give…

    i don’t see vinny coming here…unless we are able to barter a bargain…which i doubt…tampa will be asking for a huge return and i just see d.l. making that big of a splash at this point…

    to me, gabby…albeit, perhaps not the best fit…would be the most logical addition because of the relatively easy steps it would take to complete it…

    there’s probably something being discussed/proposed to us on the table that hasn’t been reported…

    …and i hope that player is kovy…!

  • darko25o

    ….and sign Quincey first to set the standard for JJ’s contract. After last year, there is no reason on earth he should be making more than Kyle.

  • variable

    “and i just see d.l. making that big of a splash at this point…”

    it should read “just don’t see”…sorry…:)

  • 28 KINGS

    I pretty much think we can scratch off Heatley coming here.He just doesn’t sound like the type of player DL would trade for.
    As far as the draft, Kane/Schenn would be fine, but I really could see the pick moved. We have plenty of assets to move forward if one of the top 3 is really who Lombardi wants.

  • variable


    great point…i agree…

  • src3

    Right on about Q man Darko. Sign him first. No question, no doubt, great move. He is a will be in our top 4 and the PP for years to come.

  • MacSwede

    I agree with Quisp, theres no point in moving up to third because Duchene isnt worth it. The ones who keep dreaming that Hedman or Tavarez is still avaliable at third can wake up..

    So I think we KEEP the pick, as many of you say. And Brian Burke will almost certain give us Kane by trading for the 4th pick and get Schenn.

    I dont think its worth trading for Heat or Vinny. Gaborik is the most logic option, and Kovi is our goal in the next 2 years.

    I feel like I am repeating myself, but that is because WE ALL SAID IT NOW….most of us agree.. and therefore, I think this is what will happen!

    Last years draft wasnt so exciting as we thougth. We all guessed it before right? (Ok, maybe not Cammy/Teubert).

    I think this draft will be exciting, but not so much action from the Kings side as many of you are believing or hoping for..

    src3! Yes, it will be late for us..BUT WORTH IT!!! 🙂

  • Ersberg

    We’ve all kind of guess most of this, but I guess Matt Berry had an in-depth with DL.—PART-2—Luc-to-the-HHOF/125/21694

    Later to Calder, Army, and Preissing. It sounds like Boyle to Man as well.

  • darko25o

    So what about our other picks?
    -Will Ellis, or Schoeder, be around for our 34th, can we move up to get Kassian, will anyone on this site dispute the fact that Kassian is exacly what we need?
    In my opinion, the real diamonds have been Moller, Simmonds, Voinov, and Lokti. Doughty was a no brainer, but the aforementioned completely established our scouting as amoung the Leagues top 5.
    ….what I’m trying to say is that we need to take advantage of our ability to draft so well, and move some of our highly regarded prospects for proven NHL talent, or move them for players in this years draft that fill an immediate need.

    +++One more thing, lets not forget that drafting Schenn will move Moller out of the Center position, move Lewis back a year…again, Boyle will be gone, and Lokti will be on the big league bubble-Manchester. I’m sure Burke has considered this.

  • variable


    i like kassian a lot…i think he’s a total “sleeper” pick…and just the type of player/pick d.l. loves to make…

    the upcoming training camp is going to be perhaps the most anticipated and best one we’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing…

    there’s so much to be proven by so many..i think most of these players/prospects are worth giving an open shot in making team come august/september…that’s why i can’t see d.l. give up too much of our depth w/out seeing some of this unfolding firsthand…unless it’s for a bonafide a-list player…and i still think it’s probably a good idea for us to prepare for the ’10-11 ufa’s…

  • darko25o

    …Scott Glennie would be great too

  • Just can’t understand those of you who believe Boyle will/should be gone, at least to the A. How can so many people be so wrong, all at once? What a trip.

    Same with those of you who don’t think Gaborik is worth it, or don’t believe the Kings will make a push for him, or don’t believe he’s the “right fit” for this club. Pass that pipe, that’s all I have to say to any of that.

    Rich, am I allowed to call someone a geek, or is that too ‘uncivil’? Just curious. Feelin’ out the borders.

  • 28 KINGS

    should we draft Schenn, it’s no guarantee that he’ll make it. So giving him a spot he’s yet earned(see Purcell and Boyle)is the wrong approach.I get the feeling that there is no sense of entitlement with DL or the coach. He’ll fight it out just like everyone else and if anything, it might light a fire under Boyle to get him to finally step up. Competition is a good thing, and it’s nice to see we finally have it in our draftees(current and future).
    Also, why would Burke consider this?

  • Moondoggie

    Ersberg…..It figures but that was a great interview with DL!

  • Ersberg

    Hi Moon-

    Yeah, it was a good read.

    I also forgot to mention, it appears as though he’s in favor of keeping the pick:

    Were in a position to start doing things. I can arguably talk about trading the 5th pick. Weve got a lot of pieces now and I know who were gonna be offered for that 5th pick and were probably gonna have to walk away and youll ask me next year to tell you and youll say youre crazy. Hows that for a teaser?

    The last sentence is pretty much an indicator if DL doing exactly that, which is drafting at 5th. No real surprise there.


    Some FYI:
    JJ will look for a contract higher than what he was already making on his ELC with bonuses. I don’t have the old numbers but other 3rd overall picks are making: Bobby Ryan ~2mil, Zack Bogosian 2.7mil. So JJ most likely won’t look to sign a contract of less than what he was already making – would you? Look for around 3mil/yr.

    Schenn will not make the team next year if we draft him. He’ll go back to juniors. Agree with the posts above about compitition.

    Does signing Gaborik make getting Kovi void? Yes, unless we dump salary elsewhere. I’m fine with DL doing nothing this summer but sign our RFA’s and draft at #5. 2010 with Kovi, Nash (someone who isn’t talked about a lot but would look awesome in a Kings uniform) and Ott (not the scorer but a great player) are UFA’s and LW’s. Let the kids develope for another year and “make the locker room their own” before bringing in someone from the outside. Time for the kids to say, “this is MY team. I’m responsible.” Brown did it last year and I see DL hoping Kopitar does it this year.

  • Good post, thanks