• Rolex

    Amazed that we were able to get a 3rd round pick for him =O

  • 28 KINGS

    His time was up. He just didn’t fit into the Kings plans and was starting to get passed up on the depth chart by guy who can compete better. Another great Taylor/Murray pick bites the dust.

  • Rolex, are you kidding? Cause that’s pretty funny.

    This is something that — provided he’s allowed to play HIS game, and not the game that people think he should play, due to his size — this is something that we will regret, without a doubt.

    Tell me, please, when did Brian’s compete level come into question? I’ve watched him as closely as possible, live and on video, and I’ve never seen him take a shift off (though that would be under the heading of ‘common’, among younger players, would it not?). His compete level is fine. His size is hardly a detriment; he uses his reach well, takes up a lot of defensive-side space, and does not avoid the dirty areas or the boards.

    Add to that the fact, the absolute fact, that he has some of the softest hands in the game. I mean, really. What on Earth are we doing?? Brian is not a fighter. Okay, so we’ve established that, and he made that abundantly obvious with his minor scraps at the end of this past season. But SO WHAT?? That doesn’t equate to completely soft play, does it? He would hardly qualify as a ‘soft’ player; he takes the body as often as most other ‘average’ players in this area.

    I just don’t understand. I wish they would’ve simply given him one more chance, allowed him to be the offensive force that he’s capable of being, and stop screwing with his head (evidenced by the ridiculous attempt to turn him into a defenseman). This guy could be terrific, if given the proper opportunity. The operative word being ‘proper’.

    Perhaps I’m in the minority, but to me, this is very, very disappointing. I guess it was compounded by the fact that we went so far off the board this draft, that three of our picks weren’t even ranked by CSB. It’s just all very depressing, at this point. Hopefully we make up for it with some smart moves next week…starting with the signing of Gaborik.

  • BW

    What were the Kings thinking trying to change an NCAA Frozen Four team “go to” scorer into first a defenceman and then a fourth line grinder. If Boyle plays the in front of the net, slot scorer role in NY and has guys who will feed him, I think 30+ goals is not out of the question. Please don’t tell me his defence or physicality was not good enough. His +/- has been consistently better than Kopy and Brown.

  • KevinWestgarth

    I would have made much more sense to trade Handzus instead of BB. BB is going to be a solid player, and I’m disappointed that DL gave up on him too early…

  • DetroitSons1952

    Boyle was given more chances then we would get swimming with alligators, very slow learner, maybe he didn’t understand the difference between NBA and NHL, biggggggggggg difference between the key and the creases and he just wouldn’t go to the crease.


    I’m surprised Dean could only get a 3rd for him….

    As for will the Kings regret it…I think so…Boyle will be a monster on a team that gives him a chance. Unfortunately, Kings decided not to give him a chance but give players like Calder a chance (Calder can’t hit, score, skate), yet Boyle had natural skill and size. For some reason people around here did not like Boyle…I think it was a combination of Dean/Murray/CBGB anger towards this Jollly Giant. But I will always cheer Boyle as I think he’s a great person and a GREAT player….THE ONLY thing DEAN did well in this trade was to trade him to an EAST coast team and we do not have to face him often, otherwise I’d be even more bitter. The other reason why this move may make some sense is guys like Lokti and Schenn coming through the system there was no room for Boyle….However I believe if Boyle was given a chance on the permenant 4th liner putting up 2nd line numbers, he’d fetch a lot at the trade this year…definately more then a 3rd rounder and also he’s a good filler until Schenn and Lokti come through the system. Oh wellz…..Good luck Boy oh Boyle!

  • anthonyy

    BB is good player. With the right coach and role, he would effective. His time was not up.
    He’ll do fine in the more open ice game of the Eastern conference.

    Bad Move DL, As usual.
    The Trade does NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTHING to help this team.

  • sd

    I think he’ll be a solid player someday, but I understand why the Kings traded him. They can only have so many players under contract and he was taking too long to develop. It’s too bad. Another draft bust for the Kings. Will he be another Robert Lang? Probably not, but it’s still a wasted 1st round pick. I’ll try and stay positive and hope we find a gem in the 3rd round next season. šŸ™‚

  • Ersberg

    Lombardi can only have 50 contracts, so keeping a guy that continually struggles in his role. I can’t help but think one of the young guys had to go to make some room.

    It’s been mentioned many times before that we have far too many 3rd and 4th liners. Who would you have Lombardi deal? Purcell? Lewis? Moller? Soon to be Kings like Clune? I think those are all a “no”, so Boyle makes the most sense.

    We still need a bona fide #1/2 center, though.

  • MacSwede

    what a surprise Anthonyy, all of a sudden you like Boyle..

  • JDM

    Come on WWAMD,

    People were all over Boyle and in love with him for a long time. He turned the fans against him all by himself.


    While I don’t agree that Boyle will necessarily have a huge turnaround, though I think it is possible, I will agree that the trade doesn’t help the team… atleast not immediately.

    My guess is there was not a whole lot of action out there for Boyle. Unless Dean wanted to trade away another good piece with him, we wouldn’t have gotten anything great back for Boyle. I think that extra 3rd rounder however is the kind of thing that can be key in either a deadline move this year, having that to throw in to seal a deal, or using it to move up in next year’s draft, or even just grabbing a good prospect with the pick itself.

    Sure, the trade does not improve the team, but Boyle wasn’t exactly contributing much either. So while we didn’t add anything to the team we have, we didn’t exactly take much, if anything, away from it either.

    Boyle was still just a HOPE.

    Like I said, spilled milk.

    Right next to the O’Sullivan stain. But I think its time to clean that one up.

  • LBlocal

    anthonyy said:

    “BB is good player. With the right coach and role, he would effective. His time was not up.
    He’ll do fine in the more open ice game of the Eastern conference.”

    For once, respectfully, I agree with you.

    Realize though, the biggest benefit to this transaction w/NYR is to free up a (MOST VALUABLE) ‘DL square’. And, who knows…

    Depending on Boyle’s success, the Rangers may feel like reciprocating.. (with a young LW’er perhaps) someday soon.

  • KevinWestgarth

    Since when does the eastern conference have more open ice than the west??

  • Pumpernicholl

    It’s not surprising that the rabid Lombardi detractors will even complain that the Kings needed to keep a mediocre competitor if it allows them to perpetuate their all-bash, all the time agenda.

    I would just say that a player of Boyle’s type needs much more than height and soft hands to create a strong NHL career. The younger and better all-around Trevor Lewis has supplanted Boyle on the depth chart, so getting the 3rd rounder for Boyle truly makes the best of this particular situation.

  • KevinWestgarth

    The truth is that Boyle had personal issues with Kevin Westgarth. He become jealous and enraged on how well Westy can scrap, which contributed to his eventual fallout with not only Westy, but the organization as a whole. I wish Boyle luck, but he really needs to understand that Westy is a good fighter and player…

  • Rob

    KevinWestgarth said:
    Since when does the eastern conference have more open ice than the west??

    You know, like all the open ice in New Jersey

  • CUP4LA

    I would have given him another year. He has too much potential upside to give up hom so easily.

    But I trust in Dean.

  • darko25o

    I’m curious…what does everyone believe is the depth ranking of our centers-prospects


  • 28 KINGS

    I really hope he does well in NY, but the fact remains he was all but given a spot last year and lost it to guys that wanted it more.He should have come to camp last year with the attitude that “this is my job and any of you f’ers want it, you’ll have to drag my dead body off the ice to get it”.He didn’t. I hope this trade light a fire under his ass and motivates him to work harder, but honestly I just don’t see it in him.

    Here’s a quote from Dean from an interview last week:
    “Ive had this discussion with his agent because obviously his contract is up” Lombardi told me last week. “I said what do you want me to do? The job was there last year and he didnt grab it.

  • AEG rulez

    Reasonable enough; DL/TM gave him ample opportunity and things did not work out. R3 pick seems like fair value for both sides.

    In fairness to He Who Will Soon Be Banned, the east is a weaker conference at this point. Given the thin forward depth for NYR, Boyle should get a real second chance. Going from Murray to Tortellini will seem like old (Crawford) times, though.

  • Jesse

    This just made me chuckle a bit:

    “anthonyy said:
    BB is good player. With the right coach and role, he would effective. His time was not up.
    He’ll do fine in the more open ice game of the Eastern conference.

    Bad Move DL, As usual.
    The Trade does NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTHING to help this team.

    June 27, 2009 5:12 PM”

    But what did Anthony say about Boyle just a mere couple months prior?:


    “anthonyy said:
    Too incnsistent to give him another chance.
    Wouldn’t offer him more than a two way contract.
    Seeing him glide on the ice instead of skate is annoying.
    April 13, 2009 12:24 PM”

    Make up your mind there, guy.

  • anthonyy


  • Ciccarelli

    This reminds me a lot of what people were saying when another bust 1st rounder got traded, Tukonen:


    He sure went on and proved the Kings wrong.

  • tantrum4

    anthonyy –

    There you go. You totally just showed why you really are on these boards. Not to have an actual opinion, just to post negative things about EVERYTHING the coach, GM or any of the Kings players do.

    Unbelievable. Why do you waste ours and your time posting these things? Are you really that lonely?


    28 Kings said it all. How anyone thinks we should get more than a third round pick for a ‘can’t keep a spot in the lineup in L.A.’ is beyond me.

    Jesse at Anthonyy – CLASSIC!

    Good pick getting Schenn. I’d like for DL to really not do anything this summer and let the kids play next year, really take over and ‘step up’ before getting any big names. Love the UFA list in 2010 with Kovi and Nash. Time to win with what we have.

  • darko25o

    “Time to win with what we have”
    …we can’t win with what we have, thats the problem

  • Ersberg

    We can’t win with what we have in the AHL, let alone the NHL.

    Our team is like that ‘guy’ on a date where it’s time for the “big night”, but forgot his Viagra.

    There’s just no finish with this club. They need more finishers, that’s all there is to it.

  • darko25o

    yes, I agree……give the players viagra

  • Moondoggie

    Ersberg…..You devil…That was good, very good!

  • Ersberg

    Whatever works, right?

  • EJ

    But this team NEEDS to learn how to win with what they have. As long as they remain injury-free, get good years from Quick/Ersberg/Bernier, and get improvement from all the young players, I think this team can compete every night and put themselves in a position to make the playoffs in 2010.

    THEN add a sniper in summer, 2010, if it’s needed.

  • DellaNooch

    Let me start by saying I’m a DL fan, but at the same time BB will make us regret this decision. Fact is, we didn’t let BB play his game, tried to mold him into something he’s not because of his size. When someone let’s BB play his game, he’ll flourish.

    As for a third rounder, considering our contract situations, we probably were not going to sign him, other GMs knew that and his value dropped, third rounder is still valuable.

    Good Luck to BB, I’m sure he’ll find his place somewhere in the NHL.

  • Dan H.

    I expect he’ll be scoring 20-30 goals a year for the Rangers in the future. He was never allowed to play his game and they tried to force him into a peg hole he didn’t fit in.

  • Good2BKings

    Wow! Some of you are really dense, while others of you really know the rules that GMs have to play by.

    This is contract thing, pure and simple. How many centers do want DL to carry? That is why those understand the situation say that BB didn’t fit. It wasn’t necessarily about his play on the ice. He got passed up on the depth chart because of his play. He got traded because Schenn needs an Entry Level Contract.

    Goodbye, Mr. Boyle (Center who couldn’t get it done).

    Hello, Mr. Schenn (Second line center of the future).


    tantrum4 true as it may be Anthonny may post things to stir things up. However, I always supported Boyle and have been a big fan of his. I think his play was awesome last year and this year. I truly don’t see what the Coaches and GM are talking about in regards to Boyle uping him game. Its like that Simpsons episode where Mr. Burns keeps telling that one baseball player to shave his sideburns. I felt as if Boyle has always been that baseball player (sorry for those who don’t watch the simpsons or even get the reference if they do watch it). Anyways I strongly believe Boyle will be a NY Ranger fan favourite and on top of that you Dean supporters better start making up excuses quick cause next season Boyle will be this seasons Cammy.

  • Buster

    Why did we have someone who looks like Dan yet plays and skates like Susan on the roster to begin with?

    My thoughts are one down two (Preissing and Zieler) to go.

  • Cry Baby

    I liked Boyle too. All of the Kings asked him to do is play his size. When he did that he was very effective. The problem is that he could not bring it on a nightly basis. To me that was obvious. We also don’t have the opportunity to see the practices perhaps he didn’t even bring there either.

    There is a good chance he will get some solid playing time in NY, he may do well, who knows. I certainly will not lose any sleep over losing Boyle. I wish him the best with Rangers. I am looking forward to this season for the Kings.

  • 4thlinechecker

    You need to remember this guy had a hard time trying to scratching the Kings roster, and we were the 3RD OR 4TH WORST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE. I Think maybe we could have gotten a 2nd, or used him in a package deal, but lets be real here, I am sure Dean tried, and their just wasn’t a market for him.

    That being said, I can see Boyle being decent eventually, but we waited long enough. I did like his size.

    Westy Sucks! Him and Ivanans need to take a hike. Westy was up for how many games? I think he got in 1 maybe 2 scraps,got worked (Kinda), and he skates just a tad better then Raitis….. they both look like Tripods on the ice. Westy gets worked in Manch as well. I would skate Zeiler before either of those guys, at least Zeiler can land a hit one out of Every 10 attempts…..Bring in a light heavy weight that can actually skate, a Cody Mcleod? Zack Stiortini/ Chris Neil type.

    Jesse @ Anthonyy = CLASSIC! MODED, How revealing is that!

  • darko25o

    “As long as they remain injury-free, get good years from Quick/Ersberg/Bernier”

    …thats a paradox…if we have to use all three, that means who don’t have a go to goaltender, or there have been injuries.

  • darko25o

    If Schenn is projected as our 2nd line center, then that means Moller will be our 3rd. That is alot of talent from 1-3, and I’d love to see that line up

  • Johnny Utah

    Disappointing. Only time will tell on this one.

    The kid has soft hands but can he put it all together consistently?

  • KevinWestgarth

    I beg to differ. I do agree that Westy didn’t fight much, but he told me that Murray didn’t give him the green light…

  • Ersberg

    “But this team NEEDS to learn how to win with what they have.”

    So, if I take Tori Hunter and Vlad G off the Angels, should I also demand they ‘win’ without them?

    What does your comment mean, exactly? They won’t beat any decent team, I can tell you that.

    Talent and determination WIN games in any sport. the re-build is ~OVER~. The holes that have been filled can’t be any more filled than they are.

    Honestly, what do you propose? A “help wanted” sign could help, I’d agree with that.

    I keep hearing the same old, “stay the course”. Well, what else do we need in terms of prospects? Stay what course? We’ve stayed on it, whatever that means. It’s time to roll. We don’t need to trade the farm to aquire some experienced guys.

    It’s nothing personal against you, but the this team needs some players beyond the LA borders.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Guys, a little reality…

    Boyle will be playing in the East, against Pittsburgh and Malkin, Washington and Ovechkin, Buffalo (who went for more and more size in the draft), Philadelphia with Richards and Pronger… The New York fans and media will see the same things we saw in Boyle, the size, the hands, the potential…

    And then they will see the gliding, the unfinished checks, the lack of chemistry with other forwards, just like we did. Unless Tortorella has a magic invisible cattle prod that he can use at appropriate moments, the Rangers fans will turn on Brian faster than a fresh snowfall turns into that New York shade of brown.

    What makes Brian Boyle so frustrating is the inconsistency of his play. It’s not that he NEVER produced, it’s that he did produce in rare, unpredictable moments. And there is nothing more addictive to the human psyche than an intermittent reward schedule. Like that slot machine you keep feeding dollars until your pockets are empty, because last year it payed off royally on one glorious occasion, I think Brian Boyle seduced us here in L.A. into dreaming the dream that he was really a star.

    Brian Boyle is NOT a point-per-game forward. He is not Jerome Iginla, or Malkin or Hossa or anyone else resembling a scorer. We all know he is NOT a fighter (_insert laughs here_). He is not really a checking forward, although he has done it on rare occasion. We may dream that he could be Holmstrom-like because of his size and hands, but that is even farther from his truth. A puck-possession forward? Too soft in the corners, too easily taken off the puck. He is not a defenceman.

    So, what exactly IS he? An aggressive support forward on the top two lines? He was tried there and failed miserably. An energy line forward? Not unless the other team is on Valium. And… that is the problem. Brian Boyle is a player without a role, and that is HIS fault, not DL’s. Unless Boyle can figure something out, he is not long for this League. I wouldn’t be surprised if Boyle spent a fair amount of time in the AHL again next year, because that may be all he can consistently muster.

    We were lucky to get a third rounder for him.

  • anthonyy

    He got me.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy


    Humility becomes you.
    Stay thirsty, my friend!

  • Hockey Jesus

    This team still has a lot of holes to fill. If you look at it now it looks like this (no particular preference in players)

    L1. Brown-Kopitar-1A LW
    L2. Frolov-1B Center-Williams
    L3. Simmer-Handzus/Stoll-Purcell
    L4. Ivanans-1D Center-Westhgarth

    D1. Doughty-Johnson
    D2. Quincey-Greene
    D3. OD-Drewiske/Hickey/Martinez/Voynov

    Where do players like Moller, Lewis, Richardson etc. fit into this equation I assume Stoll would be the 1B Center for now, but he is more suited for a third line role. What do you do about Zues? Really made a comeback last season, worked well with Simmonds. So does he become expendable at $4 Million a season for two more seasons? What team would take him? Stoll and Handzus had similar numbers last season. Stoll 74GP 18G 23A 41PTS…Handzus 82GP 18G 24A 42PTS. On the offensive side we still need another scorer. JW will be fine and play well but, he won’t cut the mustard and solve our offensive woes. I think that DL will go after another veteran defencemen like Ohlund or Beauchemin. On the forward side I have not freakin’ clue! Unless he goes after the Sedin twins which would seem highly unlikely. So what happens? Should be interesting this season.

  • Daniel

    I agree this had a lot to do with the contract limits but it mostly had to do with his performance. Boyle is still a project. There are too many guys in the pipeline that are ready to challenge for his spot now. It’s like the David Steckel experiment all over again. If Mr. Lombardi has learned anything (and I guarantee you he already had) it is never let a college player stay at the U for 4 years. They have to relearn the game when they get out at the age of 22/23. Not good.

    Actually, Mr. Lombardi already knows this, as he pushed for Zatkoff and Martinez to leave Miami for the pros and does the same to other college bound players. We will be fine without him.

  • Pumpernicholl

    I find the “Boyle was never allowed to play his game in L.A.” excuse to be entirely unconvincing.

    The Kings knew Boyle’s “game” extraordinarily well. Boyle got chance after chance, with lots of time and resources invested in him by this organization.

    He needed to become a stronger player, not simply be allowed to “play his game” when “his game” ultimately just wasn’t cutting it on a day-in day-out basis on the big club.

    With new players coming in and needing room within the 50 contract limit, and Trevor Lewis clearly having passed him by, time had finally run out for Boyle with the Kings. Maybe Tortorella will whip him and his career into gear, I hope so for Boyle’s sake.

  • Jesse

    Love you, Anthony.

  • SuperSonic420

    Everybody knew Boyle could score goals, that was not the issue with this player. I think the real concern was when the goals didnt come, did he still drive to the net determined to get a rebound. Did he finish off his checks consistantly in the defensive zone. When other teams were taking liberties with his teamates, did he retaliate and make it known that was unacceptable and you will pay a price for it. Could he grind it out on the forecheck and could he play with some grit on defense. That was a resounding No! Nope, or not interested, but thanks! So long Boyle, there is no doubt you will become a star with the New York Rangers within three years and you and Avery will be BFF’s and you will make us regret it. Until Brayden Schenn, Trevor Lewis, Andrei Loktionov, and Bud Holloway get into the lineup. Then I wont really care anymore.

  • src3

    Okay! Boyle is gone…………..next!

    The real question is what does DLs chart look like? Schenn, Moller, Lewis, Loki, Azevado all possible second line centers with the exception of Lewis/Azevado as more long shots.

    With the drafting of Schenn and the fact that he is probably 3 years from being that nr. 2 center. In 2011-2012-interestingly enough is Stolls last contract year. Is Lewis then ready for nr. 3 duty?. If Loki pans out where is he going to play? LW/RW? Moller-RW?

    For the sake of arguement I will list the players that are most likely garunteed a spot in the 2011-12 season:


    *contract year. If Lewis is ready to take over 3rd line duties, then Stoll gets most likely traded.

    Another interesting point is that Doughty, Moller, Simmonds, Hickey, Teubert, Loki and Voynov are all RFA before the 2011-12 season starts.

    With the drafting of Schenn tells me that Moller is not going to be the 2nd line center-RW then? We have Brownie, and Simmonds aint goin no where! Loki then….? This is one big puzzle and its wonderful. For all you nay sayers out there………When was the last time the LA Kings and this kind of depth????

    Not mentioning the Clifford, Wudrick type that Deano is gonna be lining up on the LW in 2-3 years. Clowe cloans here we come.

    The obvious missing link is the true Sniper. That we will get next year when teams are giving them away for what???? 3rd rounders!!! Just to clear cap space.

    Quisp help!

  • NMKingsFan

    Very sorry to see Boyle go, I thought he might be a Joel Otto type player for us, alas it was not to be.
    I think Lombardi made the right move, we have 50 players in the organization with more drafted this year.
    Boyle had his chance, for a few years now.
    I think Lombardi was sending a message to the rest of the team especially Purcell and Moulson. YOU NEED TO GRAB THE CHANCE WHEN GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY. This is the NHL there are plenty of other prospects that are just dying for a chance to become NHL players.
    Nice move by Lombardi and great draft of competitive players.

  • KevinWestgarth

    Now that Boyle is no longer a King, the line-up should look something like this considering DL does not make any acquisitions, whether through free-agency or trades:


    An acquisition or two to substitute for Frolov and Moulson could really turn this team around next season and we might finally have the opportunity to watch a home team in the playoffs…


    I would like to see DL pick up a solid, veteran defensman like Beauchemin:


    7th D-man: Drewiski

  • Rob

    Ersberg said:

    “But this team NEEDS to learn how to win with what they have.”
    So, if I take Tori Hunter and Vlad G off the Angels, should I also demand they ‘win’ without them?

    Thats almost as crazy as expecting the dodgers to win without Manny

    I predict Avery kicks his arse first day of camp

  • Rob

    KevinWestgarth, Very unlikely Teubert makes the team this year. He doesnt appear ready yet, unless he makes major strides in the off season and just kills it at camp. I predict he gets a full season in Manchester with an occasional call up at best.

  • darko25o

    those lines are pretty out of touch with reality

  • Moondoggie

    Yes, I believe Hickey gets in before Teubert but then stranger things have happened. Both could start out at Manchester but the commentaries are all saying Hickey has a true shot at this year’s team, same for Voinov. Of course none of this will matter until camp when the boys put it all on the ice, then we’ll see. Take last year for example, who would have thought Simmonds & Moller would make the team? The Kings have so much young talent waiting to come up, you know there are going to be surprises. It should be fun to watch develop and unfold. Plus, there’s the UFA’s…..Stick around everyone, this is about to get very interesting.

    Go Kings!

  • KevinWestgarth

    Does anybody know if there are any first line centers available through free-agency? Its obvious that the kings are in dire need of a first line center and a top six left winger…

    If the Kings could somehow sign or acquire a rugged center (?) and left winger with skill (Clowe), while keeping Frolov, the first two lines would not look that bad after all…

  • SuperSonic420

    Speaking of FA’s. We know we need a LWer even if its just an upgrade over Calder. There is not much out there this year to pick from. You could go big and sign Hossa or the Sedin twins. I wouldnt mind the twins, I would throw a more money at them to take a 4 year deal instead of 12, otherwise pass. Gaborik is too expensive and too injury prone and has imo, questionable hockey character (Alexei Zherdev diesease).

    If Dean goes cheap there are a couple of options:

    Stephane Veilleux – Min – Not much of an upgrade over Calder. A lil bigger and stronger but scores about the same.

    Brad Winchester – STL – This guy is huge and can score a lil bit. More suited to a line 3B or 4A type winger which we have plenty.

    Tomas Kopecky – Det – Is he another gem in a stacked Detroit lineup or he just another big guy who gets a lucky bounce or two?

    Mikael Samuelsson – Det – RW – See above except he’s proven himself. He’s older and going to command a bigger contract

    Chris Neil – Ott – RW – See Above

    Alex Tanguay – Mon – Solid 2nd, 3rd liner who makes good plays, but not much of a finisher which is more of what the Kings need for the money he’s gonna want. Most likely stays in Montreal

    Marty Reasoner – Atl – Big, strong, defensivly responsible and a good leader. Seems like a Dean kind of player to me. Doesnt really score often tho. Solid bottom line player.

    Ales Kotalik – Edm – RW – The darkhorse and maybe a possibility but he probably wont come too cheap and want a lot of years

    I didnt include some of the other older guys. So even if Dean doesn’t do much come July, and decides to go with the kids, I can’t say I would be all that disapointed. With all that cap space, next year could be a great time to pick up a solid player fairly cheaply. Next season is just one more step twords the ultimate goal. Go Kings!

  • Sonic: Gaborik definitely does NOT have ‘Zherdev Disease’. He competes on a nightly basis, it’s just that he’s all about offense, and has obviously been injury-prone. However, he’s looking good right now, after having surgery; perhaps that’s what he’s needed, to really fiz the problem. He would immediately be the best player on this team, and is the type of sniper we need. Hopefully we can lure him with the shorter contract that you KNOW Dean will offer.

    Chris Neil would be terrific in this lineup as well, though he has little in common with the others you mentioned. He’s much more of a role-player, with a slightly better scoring touch than a real heavyweight. I’d love to have that guy on a wing, for sure.

    One last thing: not sure if you guys really believe that Boyle was a “soft” player, but this is undeniable: Loktionov is equally soft (perhaps less so, when it comes to checking…Boyle did provide a pretty big hit now & again), does not go to the net (like Boyle did), plays on the perimeter (consistently), and yet we are already giving him a spot. I just don’t get it.

    No, I won’t argue any longer about Boyle, sorry to beat a dead horse. It just sucks, is all. He obviously had so much potential, but I feel (and a lot of other people — including hockey people, and probably including those in our own front office — agree) that we did not handle him correctly at all. It just sucks.

  • src3

    Where does Purcell fit???? Is Purcell a better option on the second line than Moller at this point in time?

    We need an upgrade over Calder-agreed (who wouldnt). Lets assume Fro plays with Kopi and JW, then who plays with Stoll and Brownie?? Is Purcell penciled in? Will Moller get the first half of the year in Manchester or will he grind with the knuckle draggers?

    Any ideas???

  • uknojata

    DL made a mistake. as a nyr boyel scores 18 next year. As someone who agrees with 70%+ of DL decisions, his ego can get in the way and cloud his judgement way too often.

  • Cry Baby

    Uknojata-Please explain how this has anything to do with DL’s ego? He was given every opportunity to have a full time job with the Kings and he never took it. If he scores 18 with NY oh well.

  • Quisp

    re Boyle:

    (p.s. this thread is so long that it’s too hard to scroll back and forth to check who said what, so I beg forgiveness)

    Somebody said he never took a shift off. I don’t agree. I don’t think it was laziness so much as being lost.

    As far as having great hands, etc., well, he’s got decent hands anyway. The thing is, in college he could score at will, carrying the entire opposing team on his back. That doesn’t fly in the NHL. And the concern about playing a two-way game was not about fighting or killing people, it was about playing a two-way game (which he didn’t do) and being hard to play against (which he almost never was).

    The last thing about Boyle is this: he’s not in a vacuum. There are several centers in the system. He is one of the few who can’t also play wing. With Kopitar, Stoll and Handzus ahead of him, that leaves exactly one spot, for the next two years. Here’s who’s competing for that spot:

    Moller, Richardson, Lewis, Azevedo, Loktionov, Elkins and Schenn. And note that every one of those guys can also play wing.

    If you look at the open slots (boxes, whatever) for this year, you see that there are but a few openings:

    healthy scratches: Ivanans or Westgarth/x

    That’s three spots and one press-box roster spot.

    Who does DL think is going to fill those spots? Lewis is one. So there are two left, plus one in the press box. Then you’ve got:

    Moulson, Wudrick, King, Parse, Cliche and Clune, to add to Richardson, Azevedo, Loktionov, Elkins and Schenn. That’s 11 guys, fighting for two spots (plus one in the press box, who I think will be filled by an Armstrong type veteran, someone nobody minds scratching. Could be Zeiler. Doesn’t matter. It’s not someone who’s developing still. It’s someone you put in when someone else slacks off.)

    Who’s going to grab the last two spots? More than likely Schenn stays in juniors and Loktionov goes to Manchester. I would like to see Moulson re-sign but I think it’s possible he’s going to sign somewhere else. Let’s say he bolts. I think one of Wudrick, King or Elkins makes it, and one of Clune, Cliche or Azevedo makes it.

    If a big UFA is signed in the next week, that’s one fewer spot, of course. But let’s pretend no-one gets signed.

    Ivanans and Zeiler

    But like I said, you could substitute others for Wudrick and Cliche. A couple of the guys fighting for spots (Zeiler and Richardson) are not waiver-exempt, so I think we’ll likely see one or both of them getting moved before the season starts if DL thinks there’s no hope of them making the team. He’s not going to put them through waivers, especially Richardson.

    All this is the long way around illustrating why Boyle is gone. There’s no room.

    Somebody asked what the depth chart at center looks like. My version of it would be:

    (Westgarth, though he doesn’t really count)

    I think in three years, it’s:

    Loktionov/Moller/Lewis (one of them, with the other two being converted to wing)
    some agitator

    One last thing: if we sign a Gaborik or Hossa UFA, then you’ve got some version of:


  • vicarious

    In a way, letting Boyle (and Cameron) go is a good sign: it means the Kings have got depth on their reserve list or they wld not let Boyle go. At the least, he helped carry Manchester into the AHL playoffs a season back. But Dl is looking for bigger prizes then an AHL playoff run. If Boyle does not cut it with the Rangers, there is probably an AHL spot for him at Manchester.

  • KevinWestgarth


    No way Wudrick will make the lineup next year. Your first line (Frolov/Kopitar/Gaborossa) is too soft to compete in the playoffs, thats why either JW or Brown has to be on the first, unless of course the Kings acquire a power forward…

  • Quisp

    KevinWestgarth –

    What I said was, one of Elkins, Wudrick or King will make it. I picked Wudrick because I like him. Also, he’s 6’4″/215-220lbs, at 19, so I wouldn’t rule him out. But we’ll see. He’s got another season of junior eligibility.

    Re the first line:

    Gaborik, Hossa, Brown and Williams are all right wings. Brown is not really a first line RW. Williams is not really a first line RW. Gaborik and Hossa are. I don’t have a problem with Frolov/Kopitar/Gaborik-Hossa. We should be so lucky.

    I made another comment re Boyle, but it hasn’t appeared for some reason. Basically what I said was, Boyle will likely not make the rangers this year. There is a log-jam at center.

  • The problem I have with that, Quisp, is that in my opinion, Boyle should be 4th or 5th on that center depth chart, wing option or no.

    Perhaps if he weren’t jerked around, he could’ve moved up a spot on that chart in a year, maybe two. And you know, perhaps he’ll never get that shot, never get to simply learn/be taught a system based on his particular skills, rather than expecting him to be far more physical than he’s comfortable with. I thought his two-way game was solid, and the numbers would seem to bear that out, relatively speaking. My problem is that we gave up on a guy that showed at least flashes of brilliance — and a guy with unique size and reach — while holding onto guys that nobody on Earth believes are stronger players than Boyle, nor have the kind of upside he’s got. Potential, I suppose is a better word. I hate hearing these ‘six years is plenty of time’ comments; there are plenty of cases through the history of the NHL that prove, simply, that some players take longer to develop. A guy with Boyle’s release and nose for the net (and size) just shouldn’t be abandoned so quickly, that’s all I’m saying. Tukonen was a different story (lots of folks love to bring his name up). He never once showed anything, any sign that he was improving. Nobody seemed to jerk him around, demand that he contantly throw his weight around (though he was a pretty big guy), and even change his position. I would have liked to see him get one more shot, that’s all. On his terms, with proper coaching and no head games. At least HE could’ve been the “guy in the press box”. Oh well. He’ll be a call-up for NY this season, and probably stick. No matter what anyone thinks of him, that is the way things ALWAYS go for the Kings, you must admit. Seeing him on the 2011 All-Star Team wouldn’t surprise me one bit, especially now that his career is truly on the line.

    One more thing: Justin Williams, not a first-line player? Prior to his injury issues, I’d say he was definitely a first-liner. Now that he’s healthy, I’m sure he’ll regain the form that put him on the map.

  • uknojata

    Cry Baby.
    His ego, as in.. once DL made up his mind about his “compete” level, made his statements and past judgement, changing his mind would be like admitting he was wrong. much easier to question the kids character when he was someone else’s pick.

    lets face it, boyle was in dl’s doghouse by mid-season, never could claw his way out of it. in his last stint with the kings near the end of the season, he did everything asked of him. did he look like he wanted to cry after that fight? YES! but he still dropped the gloves. he had 3 goals in 4 games during that period. one of which was unassisted after he stripped Shea Weber of the puck and buried it against the preds, and another was the game winner against phoenix.

    BB couldn’t win no matter what he did. not sure how robbing him of a legit opportunity to earn his place on the team for a 3 rounder makes us better.

  • Brad M

    I think the biggest mistake the Kings made was drafting him 26th overall. He was drafted to high at the time.
    It had become pretty clear the Boyle will never be a top 2 line player. His progress had gone backwards, as he went from 31 goals in 70 games, to 10 goals in 42 games. Lets face it, Boyle has peaked at the age of 24.
    I think a 3rd round pick for this guy was pretty fair, but I’m not going to let Dean Lombardi of the hook that easy. Remember he did give up a 2nd round pick for Brad Richardson. Now if I had to choose between Boyle and Richardson on who is going to have the more successful NHL career, I believe that 99% of us would say Boyle. He may get a couple seasons in for the Rangers. While Richardson should be playing in the KHL or Europe. What a horrible trade that was.

  • SuperSonic420

    Your right about one thing uknojata, BB couldnt win. His spot when it was given to him straight outta camp. Why was he in DL’s doghouse in the first place? Face it, the guy was given the job and didnt do enough to keep it. Its not like because he was a big guy he was asked to do things he wouldnt be ordinarily. If the guy was 5’11 he would still be asked to compete, to finish checks and play responsible defense. He loafed and pouted too much to consider a regular on this team, so get over it already. He had a job, and he himself is the only person to blame for losing it. It makes us better because we werent going to resign him anyway, so a third is better than nothing.

  • nykingfan

    Anthony…dude WTF (shaking my head) LOL

    Maybe I’m missing something when people say that The Kings should have just let Boyle play his game.
    Most of us work for a living..and I’m sure most of us work in a structured environment….How well does your boss take to you doing things your own way?
    You conform to within a system..whether its at our lousy jobs or playing in the NHL…Unless your name is Ovechkin.

    As DL said in the interview when he was talking to Boyle’s agent….What more could I do, The job was there and he didn’t grab it.
    Those are telling words. The guy was given the opportunity and failed to grab the ring. Now other guys get their chance.

    If he plays as soft as he played with the Kings, the fans in NY will crucify him. Why do you think the fans here like Avery? They like tough guys who mix it up and aren’t afraid to go in the corners. Boyle’s going to have a hard time fitting in with the Rangers.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    I personally don’t have an opinion as I think it’s too early to predict how Boyle will turn out. If he’s great, the Kings didn’t get enough. If he continues to be a bust, it’s probably a good deal.

    Apparently beat writers for the Rangers aren’t too pleased. It seems that they thought the Rangers would extend an offer sheet to Phil Kessel and this deal prevents that because the 3rd round pick would be required if Kessel accepted.


  • Cry Baby


    I think in this case all of the Kings management would have loved to have been proved wrong…but Boyle playing well four games was not enough. I think the fact that DL could only muster up a 3rd rounder is also very telling of what other clubs think of Boyle’s value.

    Boyle had every chance to prove himself. We will see if he can bring it with the Rangers. I hope he can as I have loosely followed his career since the Kings drafted him.

  • Quisp

    You could just as easily say that Boyle doesn’t have a game, and that’s the problem. I grew up with a kid who was a superstar in mites through college. He was the Gretzky of my home town (I racked up tons of assists simply by being the defenseman who waited behind the net for him to swing back and take the puck from me). He got to the NHL and he was just one of a thousand home-town Gretzkys. He had to totally reconfigure his game. He became a defensive forward, PK specialist, and played a dozen or so seasons. He was a superstar in college, either a Hobey Baker finalist or winner, I forget. And it didn’t matter at all. Nobody cares what you did in college. Same with Boyle. It doesn’t matter. Adapt or die. So far, he hasn’t adapted at all.

    And, as my other comment re the Rangers depth at center seems to have gotten lost:

    (Drury,sometimes plays wing)

    Good luck. I think he’s AHL-bound.

  • nykingfan

    I agree Quisp
    I think he’ll be spending the majority of the season in Hartford with the Wolfpack.
    Also remember that the Rangers are not in a cap friendly position. I would think unless he’s willing to sign a 2 way contract, the Rangers might not make him an offer.

  • -J

    I had the same thought about NY’s depth Quisp since someone in one of the earlier posts said they were thin at center??? Boyle’s going to be buried unless he massivley steps up his game and earns a spot in camp. In addition to your list, you’ve also got Blair Betts holding down the 4th line role and 10+ other center prospects in minors, juniors, or overseas.

  • Ersberg

    Speaking of this deal, it makes me wonder if we’re going to return the “favor” by taking some salary off of Sather’s hands in the near future.

    Why would Sather take on another contract, and at the same time Lombardi getting rid of a questionable player AND getting a pick in the process? The deal seems very one-sided to me.

  • Quisp


    Yes, re Betts. I forgot about him, which is funny because I was just thinking about how someone recently described him as “the best fourth line center in the NHL.” Maybe that was an insult, I don’t know. But he’s affordable and plays well, as far as I’ve seen him (which is not much).

    Here’s the thing:

    Gomez, Drury if he plays center, Dubinsky, Avery — that’s three or four locks at center. Call it three. One open spot. Anisimov is their number one prospect (30th ranked over-all at Hockey’s Future – Boyle is obviously not ranked at all). He’s very likely going to grab that fourth spot. If not, Grachev was rookie of the year last season in the OHL and was first in rookie points, number two being Loktionov. Grachev was also recently described as the best Russian prospect in the CHL — again #2 being Loktionov. Grachev may not make the Rangers this season, but he certainly will in a couple of years at the latest, if he sticks with the organization, and why wouldn’t he? if I were a Ranger fanatic instead of a Kings fanatic, I would be seriously disappointed if either of those two guys were beat out by Brian Boyle. They’re going to be great. Boyle, maybe maybe not. Who knows.

    Last Boyle point:

    According to behindthenet.com, Boyle’s qualcomp numbers (quality of competition) were nearly the lowest on the team (surpassed only by Zeiler, Preissing, Armstrong, Purcell, Gauthier and Harrold and Ivanans). This means that Boyle played against the weakest opponents of nearly all the forwards. And yet: his on ice plus/minus is the worst on the team, and his OFF ICE plus/minus leads the team. His overall rating is the worst on the team.

    When you’re playing against the worst players on the opposing team and you’re last on the team in plus/minus, that’s not a good combination.

  • -J

    So i was thinking about UFA’s this morning seeing as July is only 2 days away, and specifically i was contemplating Alex Tanguay. I haven’t seen him much mentioned around here, but he is a LW, has scored at almost a point per game since the lockout, has a boat load of playoff experience and a cup. Since he’s more of a playmaker than sniper, i’d see him being wing for Kopi and JW, both players who are able to score 30+ goals and probably 40 with a playmaking LW. Coming off of a couple of off years, i imagine he’ll go for right around what he’s currently making, putting him in the 4.5-5.5 mil/yr range (though could be more or less depending on the market). The kings can totally afford this and this might be a good range for them given their concern of future cap issues.

    So the top 2 lines could be something like:


    Now i’ve said before i’m not hot on any of this years UFAs to fill the scoring LW role, but he does seem to fit at least on paper. Thoughts?

  • SuperSonic420

    – J

    Re: Tanguay

    I think he is a very smart player and a skilled playmaker, but for the kind of money he will demand, I think we have more need for a sniper/finisher on Kopi’s line. Let Anze set em up and the wingers finish it off. Unless you want Kopi to be the finisher, then he will have to make some major strides over the summer. I’d even consider Antripov, but I think the money and years will be more than what DL is willing to pay.

  • Marc Nathan

    He’ll do a lot more for the Wolfpack than Hugh Jessiman did.

  • cristobal

    at least we still have zeiler!

    Boyle was the cause of our franchise record for being shut out, wasn’t he?

  • -J

    SS420- why would Kopi have to make major strides? In his first three seasons he put up 20, 32, and 27 goals, respectively. With a set-up man like Tanguay, 40 goals should be within his grasp. And while I certainly wouldn’t call tanguay a sniper, he has put up five 20+ goals seasons, which is 3 more than Antropov has (and they started in the NHL the same year). For sure, though, Antropov will cost less than Tanguay.

    Really IMO the only guys in this FA class that fit the sniper/finisher bill are Hossa and Gaborik.

    I just don’t get the feeling that Tanguay is a DL type-player, but nor do i think Gaborik is.

  • nykingfan

    How old is Tanguay?
    I don’t think DL goes the FA route….If a move is going to be made, I think it will be via trade.

  • SuperSonic420

    – J
    Re: Kopi

    I believe he would have to make major strides to become a finisher because 30 or so goals from a first line center for a playoff team just won’t cut it. I love Kopi, but lets be realistic here, if he has Tanguay and whoever on his right, he needs to score at a much higher percentage without it effecting his overall game. Without a true sniper emerging (I believe we wont get one until at least the trade deadline this season at the earliest) than Kopi has to be that guy and I just dont think he’s there yet. He does have to become more consistant, and that starts in the summer (which he should be doing anyway, with or without a sniper on his wing). I like Kopi more in the playmaker role, he’s strong and elusive and it opens up more room for his teamates, and this is when he is most dangerous. But to be a playmaker and a finisher on the first line that is going to get a lot more attention from the opposition this season for a team we all hope will be a playoff team, I think is asking a bit much from him. Just my opinion.

  • -J

    SS420- I don’t think 30 or so is any prob- look at Detroit’s and Pitt’s top guys from last season-
    Malkin- 35g
    Crosby- 33g
    Datsyuk- 32g
    Zetterberg- 31g

    Of course, what really matters is what Kopi can do in the playoffs, which we won’t know until the kings make it

    If kopi is going to be a number 1 center than he has to be both a playmaker and a finisher. He can handle it and having skilled wingmen will only take pressure off of him, not add any.

    Not that i’m pushing for Tanguay (who is 29 nykingfan). I’d rather them get Nash or Kovalchuk next year, but who knows if they’re even going to be available. Another option would be to trade for Gagne. Screw the Philly connection/conspiracy theories, Philly does need to drop salary and i think he’d be a great fit on the kings.

  • darko25o

    every line needs a grinder, a puck possesion- passer, and a sniper. All the most succesful lines in hockey have this formula. So why doesn’t the board use this formula to anticipate our lines……?(with the exception of the checking line)