THANK YOU San Jose. One less rumor to worry about, especially Blake. Sorry Rich, I’m sure you would have had fun with this while waiting for tomorrow. However, I’m glad I don’t have to think about the possibility anymore.

  • Chuck

    Thank God!!!

  • iansez

    Lets hope he carries them to another huge choke job again this year! Meow! Boo! Hiss! 😉

  • Duckhunter

    Damn, damn, damn, I was really hoping we would sign him again.

  • WTF

    Even though the was a great player, I will be pretty pissed if we retire his number. I can’t wait to see the real #4 Hickey skate circles around him.

  • variable

    good for blake…good for san jose…

    he’s still a quality d-man that probably can still play about 18-20mins…

    i am not a blake-hater, so glad to see him keep on playing…

  • vicarious

    The drama is not over yet. The Kings can still trade for Blake. Maybe some 3 team deal with a Schenn going to Toronto. Burke is up for it.

    If anyone thinks these boards are sometimes harsh, check out HF Toronto boards about Burke’s 1st draft. Several posters who seem to live breath and eat hockey are threatening to quit as they believe to continue as a leaf fan is insane. The consensus seems to be they should shoot themselves in the head now to avoid avoid future misery with Burke. I actually felt sorry for the leaf fans. (and this is saying something itself since I’m a kings man and the kings have been perenial losers.)

  • Mr. Nuff

    It really irritates me that Blake plays for so much less in San Jose. Ughh!

  • deadcatbounce

    Variable, you stole my thunder! I wonder if the Maple Leafs fans who are going to kill themselves can take the Leafs organization with them? Ha!

  • kevin

    Entertainment? You mean like last year when you reported that Blake was close to being signed, when in reality he hadn’t even been offered a contract? But you’re SO above all that right?

    Oh and I’ve heard you talk about “anonymous cowards” recently. You’re such a dumbass. EVERYONE ON HERE IS ANONYMOUS. If I register and make up some stupid name like “deader28″…am I no longer anonymous? Do you know anthony or Quisp? No you don’t, because they are ANONYMOUS POSTERS HERE you dipshit. The only difference between them and me is that I didn’t take the time to create a dumb username.


  • anthonyy

    His stock has gone down too.

  • deadcatbounce

    I meant vicarious! Sorry for the confusion…

  • Rot in SJ sore loser

  • Rich Hammond

    I’ll gladly post your profane comments, Kevin, to give you the opportunity to show everyone where I reported that Blake was close to signing a contract with the Kings last summer. The archives are available, by date, and they’re fully searchable. I’ll look forward to your link. And, keep reading, thanks!

  • Chris Bond

    You know what? With the twins needing lots of cap space why have we not heard that rumor yet? I am starting it…I just heard the Twins are comeing…

  • Naturallawyer


    Hope you’re enjoying summer vacation. Let me know how fifth grade works out for you next year.

  • iansez

    Wow Kevin, having a bad day? Did you make a wrong turn on your way to the Grumpy Bastards board??

  • Preston

    You go Rich!!

    Also I wanted to agree with WTF, I thick we will all see soon enough Hickey will be a true King and a very good defensemen.

    Rich when will see those Lombardi comments? I can’t wait for Free Agency!


  • anthonyy

    At least my critical analysis is directed to management and coaching. And true, I have taken cheap shots at DL & TM. But they derseve it. They’re incompetent and they’re fair game.

    Must admit though, I’ve naever taken a shot at the host or other members.
    But taking a shot at the host, like this, – Not Cool.

  • Chris Bond

    Oh well…Now that we got that out of the way. Why have I not heard one rumor yet about the Sedin twins going to LA with all the cap space needed? I have yet to hear a peep about them I wonder why?

    Rich, I think you do a great job I have only seen one thing I didnt like on the blog the entire time I have read it and that was about Mr. Stoll break up.
    I think that it was a poor choice as that is HIS LIFE and HIS business.
    I know your job is to report things to us but those are people and I would hate to have my personal life
    plasterd all over a blog with a bunch of us faceless
    cowards commenting on it.
    As for this Kevin jerk dont waste your time to talk to them. There are so many good people in here that know hockey. I sometimes sit here and go wow how in the world do guys know so much about this stuff.
    Just my opinion I hope I dont get blocked for expressing it.

  • uknojata

    Kevin, not sure what point your really trying to prove. Is it that we’re all anonymous? Ya, well thats genius, this is the internet. But by you including any type of sign in name I get to answer you directly.

    Your other point, Rich is a “dumbass?” Well I’ve been following the Kings for over 20 years, and I’ve never had such in-depth, round the year coverage. Is Rich always right? No, maybe not, but his hard work and passion for the sport is much appreciated by most of the readers here. So go hate somewhere else holmes.

  • Quisp

    But Quisp is my real name.

    Anyway, the word you’re looking for is pseudonymous.

    Re: “The only difference between them and me is that I didn’t take the time to create a dumb username.

    Oh, I’m sure there are other differences.

  • kozak

    Thanks Rich for everything. This will be the only site I’m on tomorrow looking for Kings news. Hopefully, it will be a good day

  • Rob

    Its gonna be close but Anthonyy may just get surpassed by Kevin for getting the most responses due to an asinine comment

  • Dave in Torrance

    Good afternoon everyone. Haven’t written anything in awhile because I am way outclassed by all of the background info, stats, etc… that some of you pro’s have. But I do feel compelled to jump in here and back Rich up. The way I read the Blake line/intro, was what I thought an attempt at some humor before all the craziness of free agency begins. I take issue with big nasty Kevin who wants to run his mouth and talk some trash. Its certainly your privelege (until it gets revoked) and your opinion to say what you want to about Rich. But just no that you are an absolute minority in this room and if you feel such animosity towards Rich then personally I suggest that you look inwards and see whats going on inside your head that is making you lash out at a guy who in my opinion is doing a tremendous job. Now go stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself you love yourself 10 times and then go have a cookie and a nap before you ride the short bus home. Jerk

  • Baumgartner22

    kevin sounds bitter…like somebody who might have been banned from this site but under a different name.

    rich – keep up the great work!

  • PUCKBOY 25

    Wow Kevin ! I don’t get the left field response…..This is not needed or wanted here !

    Rich, keep up the great work you do for us KINGS fans !

  • Cry Baby

    For the record; here’s what Rich had on the Blake situation one year ago today.

    Here’s what Lombardi had to say about the possibility of Rob Blake returning next season…

    “I’ve had a number of meetings with Blakey. The first one was probably a month ago. With a player of Blakey’s stature and pedigree and the incredible influence he has on young players, it’s important he understands the direction we’re heading. One thing that happens with older players, they want to go to a contender, and that’s certainly reasonable. However, if you want to take on the job of being a part of this job and nurturing young players and leaving your legacy through those young players… this is the spot for you. We met three times, because I need him to come in with an enthusiasm and an understanding. I think it’s great if he wants to come back but it’s important that we’re on the same page. You’re talking about a Hall of Fame player; his influence is going to be important. How the players see his enthusiasm at the rink is critical. If he understands that and wants to be a part of it, we will welcome him back with open arms.”

    As a follow-up question, Lombardi was asked whether he thought a deal with Blake would get done soon…

    “I talked with his agent last night. I don’t want to speak for him but I went over that situation and I think there’s a chance we’re going to be a match.”

    Check the archives for yourself.

  • RealDrew

    kevin, I didn’t think it was possible, but you make Anthony’s posts look enlightened. You should hang your head in shame.

    Oh…and you should seriously look into some anger management or something.

  • jack handy


    consider this a gift from me to you-

    It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man.


  • anonandonanon

    I’m anonandonanon and I’ll go on being anonandonanon anonymously forever. And you can’t stop me Kevin. Ha Ha! Neener, neener, neener.

    I’ve been on the Sedin’s Bandwagon for weeks. Might be the smartest play on the board at this time. Cap room is no good unless you use it, it’s just a bunch of numbers otherwise. A winning team would generate that 10.5 mil in no time.

  • AK47

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Kevin, that has to be top 5 gayest posts I’ve ever read in my life, congrats little baby.. Are you 6 years old yet? or are you only at 5 years and 3/4? Go cry baby..

  • jet

    Anthonyy, will you do anything for a response? That Kevin gag was priceless. Keep up the innovative thinking, anonymously, of course.

  • AEG rulez

    I would like to see #4 retired this season….for Jim Fox. Fox well deserves the recognition for nearly 30 years of service, and Blake should not be considered for the honour under the same terms DL referenced for Goring (left team, won Cup elsewhere).

  • old time hockey

    Blakey will always be a King to me. Sorry.

  • Kevco

    I may need to change my name, too close to the *%$# above. If we would have signed Black, again, I would not have gone to one home game this year. The last thing our young guys need to see is Blake’s lack of effort. Yes, he WAS a great Kings, a long time ago. I had more hair a long time ago as well, doe not make me a hair model now 🙂

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