Remembering Ace and Mark


The anniversary of 9/11, while still difficult, presents a good opportunity to remember the lives of Ace Bailey and Mark Bavis, members of the Kings’ scouting staff who perished at the World Trade Center.

NHL remembers Bailey, Bavis, Sweeney on Sept. 11

Click below for a video tribute to Bailey and Bavis, courtesty of Bob Miller and Fox Sports West.

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  • Oldthunder

    Very somber post but well deserved. They are still missed. It would be great if they could see the direction the franchise is headed today. RIP gentlemen.

  • stnlycupla

    It is amazing how quickly I have become removed from 911. I appreciate the reminder and encouragement to spend a bit of time remembering the tragedy and how it impacted our country and touched the hockey world. Thanks Rich.

  • Chris Bond

    Seen a show on National Geo. The other night about 9-11 called 9-11 uncoverd, if you get time and see it on watch it it was really good. It made me pissed off like the day this all happend. (a good kind of pissed off that we all should still feel)
    All of us should keep in mind what is important, our family and friends. God Bless Ace and Mark
    and there familys and the other victims of 9-11 and all the service members that have been fighting over seas for this whole time.
    Rich did you know Ace and Mark personally? What kind of guys were they?
    Go Kings, make Ace and Mark smile this year!

  • dclark

    Dear Chris Bond,

    Those who knew Mark and especially ‘Ace’ know that if they had the chance to show those terrorist how to really fight like men they would have….No question what they would’ve done had they had a chance to get just one punch in….:-(
    They were great guys….as scouts, they would have been proud to be a very important part of building this current player roster.

  • variable


    thanks for the tribute…

  • David

    We shall never forget Ace and Mark. My thoughts and prayers go out to their families today on what has to be an extremely difficult day for them each year.

  • Kingboston

    thanks Rich.

    As a Boston guy and a Kings fan since ’84 I’ve seen growing up how great these 2 were for Boston in different ways and how promising they were for the Kings in scouting and beyond. The Bailey/Bruce Boudreau link from BB’s book you put up a few weeks ago was terrific and chilling at the same time.

    Mark Bavis Arena is in Rockland,MA not far from me, and Ace lived in Lynnfield,MA same place Rogie Vachon lived during his time with the Bruins.

    If anyone ever has a chance to read Gretzky’s thoughts on Ace Bailey (his first Oiler roomate) its fascinating as well, and speaks to Ace’s character.

  • jet

    Thanks Rich and to others who posted info of these gentlemen.

  • nykingfan

    RIP Ace and Mark…and all the other innocent victims. You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten.

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