All-Mt. Baldy League football team

League MVPs: Alex Arellano, Chino, QB; Samajie Grant, Colony, RB

First Team
Willie Morris, Chino
Christian Galvez, Chino
Victor Garcia, Chino
Austin Coach, Chino
Jessie Rosas, Chino
Mike Lara, Chino
Malik Demby, Chino
Treston Kueneman, Chino
Adrian Rodriquez, Chino
Elijah Brumfield, Chino
Devin Imbach, Colony
Kyle Curry, Colony
Nathan Quiones, Colony
Bobby Hammond, Colony
Hakiteli Tuivai, Colony
Brandon Pires, Colony
Ivan Renderos, Colony
Robert Velasco, Colony
Matt Boice, Chaffey
Jesse Rebolledo, Chaffey
Sionne Matelua, Chaffey
Raymond Matelau, Chaffey
James Oxier, Chaffey
Evingi Tovi, Chaffey
Hunter Grap, Don Lugo
Terre Gordon, Don Lugo
Jaylen Hall, Don Lugo
Adam Torres, Don Lugo
Eduardo Cervates, Ontario
Christian Beltran, Ontario
Anthony Fuentes, Ontario
Bahlil Thompson, Garey
Manny Vejar, Garey
Baltazar Millan, Garey
Dorian Haro, Montclair
Robert Moore, Montclair
Jason Sucilla, Montclair
Danniel Cevallos, Montclair
Sergio Sahagun, Montclair

Second Team
Melchor Valencia, Chino
Jonathan Lazard, Chino
J.C. Carradine, Chino
Pat Barrera, Chino
Gabe Ruiz, Chino
Kyle Monte, Colony
Brendon Hadley, Colony
La Vonte Lee, Colony
Tommy Carrillo, Colony
Jonathan Trucks, Colony
Tommy Dorsey, Colony
Alvin Aneke, Colony
Daniel Testemali, Colony
Austin Brown, Chaffey
Miguel Contreras, Chaffey
Anthony Palomares, Chaffey
Tim Martinez, Chaffey
Soni Seluini, Chaffey
Abel Ortega, Chaffey
Nestro Aquino, Don Lugo
Marc Wieseman, Don Lugo
Jacob Valdez, Don Lugo
Tyler Schoenborn, Don Lugo
Jacob Estrada, Ontario
Gilberto Beltran, Ontario
Anthony Ochoa, Ontario
Kyle Zendejas, Ontario
Robert Martinez, Ontario
Trae Jones, Garey
Peter Padilla, Garey
Cody Duke, Montclair
Daniel Casteneda, Montclair
Leonel Villalobos, Montclair
Sergio Hernandez, Montclair

Honorable Mention
Devon Harper, Chaffey
Isaiah Ahmad, Chaffey
Angel Camacho, Chaffey
Brennan Loy, Chaffey
Adrian Ward, Chaffey
Devonte Holston, Chaffey
Michael Quintana, Colony
Josh Ramirez, Colony
Grant McNaughton, Don Lugo
Preston Carr, Don Lugo
Marcus Helton, Don Lugo
Christian Andrade, Ontario
Lorenzo Sandoval, Ontario
Fernando Arrellano, Ontario
Michael Acosta, Garey
Rodrigo Salcedo, Garey
Robert Scott, Montclair
Daniel McGrew, Montclair
Robert Scott, Montclair
Gabriel Betancourt, Chino
Davion Bullock, Chino
Jaden Destine, Chino

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  • private

    #9 from colony highschool should have made some type of all league

  • private

    sophomore , both starting o line and dline made it except for him


    Wow, the whole league was named all league. This is like little league. Wvwryone gets a trophy. Give me a break it should be 22 players 11 offense and 11 defense like it was 10 years ago. So who cares who made all league. It means nothing now.

  • football parent

    WHy are there no Colony kids on the all star roster? With the outpour as ALL League some should have been invited – or did coaches drop the ball?