Sunkist League honors: boys basketball

Sunkist League all-league boys basketball 2014-15

MVP: Armani Dodson, Jr., Kaiser
First Team
Trey Norman, Sr., Kaiser
Ebrahim Saleem, Jr., Kaiser
Kenneth Smith, So., Kaiser
Corey Terrell, Jr., Summit
Arjun Solanki, Sr., Summit
Quarahan Franklin, Sr., Summit
Andres Marques, Jr., Grand Terrace
Nathan Zuvia, Sr., Grand Terrace
Luis Montano, So., Fontana
Armahni Ruffin, Sr., Fontana
Brandon Simiano, Sr., Bloomington
Bryan Carter, Sr., Colton
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Sunkist League honors: boys soccer

Fontana’s Jonathan Suarez battles for the ball against Summit

MVP: Jonathan Suarez, Sr., Fontana

First Team
Eric Izazaga, Sr., Fontana
Aldair Madrid, Sr., Fontana
Daniel Valencia, Sr., Fontana
Edward Vera, Sr., Fontana
Juan Aguilar, Jr., Fontana
Juan Luna, Sr., Colton
Alexander Fregoso, So., Colton
Anthony Hernandez, Sr., Colton
Alexis Primera, Sr., Colton
Miguel Ferrel, Sr., Summit
Francisco Carranza, Sr., Summit
Julio Martinez, Jr., Summit
Raul Dominguez, Sr., Summit
Eduardo Sanchez, Sr., Bloomington
Christian Blanco, Sr., Bloomington
Gerardo Bolanos, Sr., Bloomington
Adam Avalos, Sr., Kaiser
Javier Monroy, Sr., Kaiser
Sal Valdovinos, Sr., Grand Terrace

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Sunkist League honors: Volleyball

All-Sunkist League girls volleyball 2014



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The dilemna of picking an All-Area team

The first question that usually comes up when it comes to All-Area teams is who makes the selections and what factors are considered. It’s a rather complicated answer but here goes. Let’s talk specifically football.

The teams are picked by the sports writer with input from area coaches. I picked the one for the Daily Bulletin while Pete Marshall handled the one for the Sun. There are some common selections but the coverage areas vary slightly.

Football is particularly difficult because of the numbers of players/positions and the number of schools.

Obviously we cover a lot of games so that weighs most heavily. No we don’t see every team but that’s where you have to rely on coaches. I called every single coach in my coverage area. (No not every one of them called me back. But their input was sought.)

Naturally consideration is skewed a bit in favor of teams that win a league title or make the playoffs but that doesn’t mean players on sub-par teams aren’t considered. I went to a game involving a team I knew wasn’t going to make the playoffs on one of my nights off just to look at a particular player who I knew I’d have to make a call on in the end.

I did take the All-League lists and examine them closely but those aren’t the answer either because there can be biases there as well.

Yes statistics are factored in, but so is the level of competition. Injuries are a factor too depending on the number of players at a particular position.

There were a handful of positions where a tough call had to be made. There were some instances where I was down to a couple of players and then tried to get some final input of coaches from teams who played against both.

Often times the toughest call is how players from much smaller schools factor in when those teams are quality but the level of competition they face as a whole is significantly lower.

I agonized but once the selections were made I felt good about the final outcome. The better teams had more representation. But in all, 17 schools had a player on first team and 29 had a payer mentioned somewhere. That’s pretty good balance.

I also tried to limit the number of players picked. We had a first and second team and an honorable mention which is the equivalent of a third team. I had the authority to put as many players as I wanted on honorable mention but wanted to keep it to 20-25 players. The more players you pick, the less of an honor it really is.

I wanted those on honorable mention to feel that was an “honor” not a consolation for not making first or second team.

So congratulations to those making the cut. To those that didn’t, know I really deliberated and considered all variables.

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Sierra League football honors

Athletes of the Year – Adam Goss, Sr., South Hills; Donavin Washington, Sr., Charter Oak; Eric Prevost, Sr., Charter Oak.
Offensive MVP – Zion Echols, Soph., Charter Oak
Defensive MVP – Trent Goens, Soph., Chino Hills

First team offense
QB Brian Meyette, Sr., Ayala
RB Kory Brown, Sr, Charter Oak
RB Brysen Charbonier, Jr., Chino Hills
RB Cecil Fleming, Sr., Claremont
RB Dylan Thigpen, Soph., Damien
OL Jordan Austin, Sr., Claremont
OL Ray Fathauer, Sr., Damien
OL Mike Green, Sr., Chino Hills
OL Alex Haston, Sr., Charter Oak
OL Dominic Johnson, Sr., South Hills
OL Tate Larson, Sr., Damien
WR Josh Dozal, Sr., Ayala
WR Chazz Eldridge, Sr., Chino Hills
WR Baron Franklin, Sr., Claremont
WR D’Angelo Ross, Sr., South Hills
WR Donovan Walker, Sr., Chino Hills
K Tristan Vizcaino, Sr., Damian
ST Tanner Carew, Sr., Damien

First team defense
DB Philip Afia, Jr., Ayala
DB Leroy Cloud, Sr., Damien
DB Carlos Delgado, Sr., South Hills
DB Chazz Eldridge, Sr., Chino Hills
DB Candy Nava, Sr., Charter Oak
LB Mason Behr, Sr., South Hills
LB Jose Bonilla, Sr., Charter Oak
LB Matt Chavez, Sr., South Hills
LB Josh Ferrer, Sr., Claremont
LB Nick Markarian, Jr., Ayala
LB Luke McKay, Jr., Chino Hills
LB Jason Ortiz, Jr., Charter Oak
LB Joe Provenzano, Sr., Damien
LB Anthony Rosales, Soph., Chino Hills
DL David Apodaca, Sr., Charter Oak
DL Khylan Brooks, Sr., Charter Oak
DL Matt Daley, Sr., Damien
DL Ryan Rodriguez, Sr., South Hills
DL Patrick Sanchez, Jr., Damien

Second team offense
QB Daniel Martinez, Sr., Chino Hills
RB Lawon Carney, Sr., South Hills
RB James Carter, Jr., Ayala
RB Craig Myers, Sr., Claremont
RB Brian Phelan, Jr., Ayala
OL Clay Garcelli, Jr., Chino Hills
OL Nico Jaffe, Sr., Claremont
OL Andrew Leadingham, Sr., South Hills
OL Parker Blakeslee, Sr., Claremont
OL Oscar Perez, Sr., Charter Oak
OL Andrew Posner, Sr., Ayala
WR Brandon Burnhem, Sr., Claremont
WR Carlos Delgado, Sr., South Hills
WR Andrew Herber, Sr., Chino Hills
WR Mackenzie Sternquist, Jr., Damien
WR Elijah Taylor, Sr., Chino Hills
K Tristan Gonzalez, Sr., South Hills

Second team defense
DB Alfonso Basurto, Sr., Ayala
DB Todd Green, Sr., Charter Oak
DB Tyrus Lineberger, Jr., Chino Hills
DB D’Angelo Ross, Sr., South Hills
DB Cameron Tyus, Sr., Claremont
LB Jacob Adams, Sr., Damien
LB Cody Darrow, Soph., Ayala
LB Stephen Schaap, Sr., Ayala
LB James Stephens, Sr., Claremont
LB Addison Whitham, Sr., Claremont
LB Conner Wilson, Soph., Chino Hills
DL Elijah Campbell, Jr., Ayala
DL Nick Carrillo, Sr., South Hills
DL Isaiah Flowers, Soph., Ayala
DL Nico Jaffe, Sr., Claremont
DL JP Lanathoua, Jr., Chino Hills

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Valle Vista League football honors

San Dimas beats Paraclete for Mid-Valley Division title

(No positions or grades for players were given)

MVP – Darreon Lockett, Pomona
Lineman of Year – Jared Trujillo San Dimas
MVP Offense – Joseph Mayorga, San Dimas
MVP Defense – Darryl Aggers, Pomona

First team offense
Shawn Wilson, Pomona
Desmond Bobo, Pomona
Jayson Miller, Baldwin Park
Fasuto Martinez, San Dimas
Pearnell Smally IV, Covina
Darren Torres, Covina
Mike Moran, Bladwin Park
Bryan Salinas, Northview
Mike Zapata, San Dimas
Fidel Castro, San Dimas
Ruben Retana, Covina
Victor Valdez, Pomona
Noah Reep, San Dimas
Dylan Mora, Baldwin Park

First team defense
Desmond Bobo, Pomona
Shawn Wilson, Pomona
Erick Ware, San Dimas
Kheeyon Woods, Pomona
Jared Brito, Northview
Erasmo Isiorida, Northview
Bobby Rios, San Dimas
Anthony Urrea, Covina
Bryan Salinas, Northview
Josiah Erickson, San Dimas
Darren Torres, Covina
Brian Torres, Pomona

Second team offense

Raymond Baraza, Baldwin Park
Christian Padilla, Covina
Daniel Valencia, Northview
Josh Avila, San Dimas
Christian Blackman, Northview
Manny Lua, Pomona
James Gonzalez, Nogales
Matt Arellano, Nogales
Francisco Perez, Baldwin Park
Alex Arroyas, Pomona
Jaron Reed, Northview
Luis Palma, Baldwin Park
Ben Rodriguez, Covina
Jared Brito, Northview
Colin Rumbin, San Dimas

Second team defense
Daniel Valencia, Northview
Christian Padilla, Covina
Nicholas Ybarra, Northview
Jacob Martin, Nogales
Victor Valdez, Pomona
Derek Kearns, San Dimas
Libner Castillo, Pomona
David Valadez, Covina
Max Flores, Northview
Mitchell Giles, San Dimas
Michael Roberts, Covina
Ricky Padilla, Northview

Honorable mention – Chris Salcido, San Dimas; Justin Padilla, Baldwin Park; Erik Williams, Covina; Ricky Beltran, San Dimas; Dequan Earl, Pomona; Anthony Guardado, Nogales; Robert Conway, Wilson; Jaron Reed, Northview; Aaron Ballard, Wilson; Jason Wallace, San Dimas; Rocky Mosqueda, Nogales; Andrew Guevara, Covina; Erik Hurrola, Wilson; Anthony Montez, Pomona; Ronnie Silva; Alberto Valenzuela, Baldwin Park; Mateo Ovalle, Nogales; Austin Maldonado, Wilson; Ryan Caveness, Covina; Oscar Sandoval, Wilson.

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Valle Vista League boys water polo honors

MVP – Brandon Howell, San Dimas

First team
Nick Calderone, San Dimas
Ryan Chaney, San Dimas
Leon Chen, Wilson
Steven Garcia, Nogales
Woody Gruber, San Dimas
Pablo Herrera, Nogales
Adam Leon, Wilson
Alex Nitinthorn, San Dimas
Alex Osuna, Nogales
Augustine Pimental, Baldwin Park

Second team
Abel Aguilar, La Puente
Pedro Cardenas, Wilson
Angel Flores, Sierra Vista
Andy Funes, Baldwin Park
Nathan Garcia, San Dimas
Carlos Hernandez, Wiulson
Oscar Medrano, Nogales
Zach Patrick, San Dimas
Drago Reyes, Sierra Vista
Paolo Villarreal, Nogales

Honorable mention – Alex Camacho, Nogales; Ian Castillo, La Puente; Susie Curiel, Sierra Vista; Carlos De Luche, Baldwin Park; Ricardo Garcia, Baldwin Park; Joshua Juarez, Baldwin Park; Dustin Lam, Sierra Vista; Fidel Mao, Wilson; Jordan McEvoy, San Dimas; Daniel Ochoa, La Puente; Kory McMillen, Sierra Vista; Sean Ngyuen, Wilson; Anibel Ruiz, Baldwin Park;

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Valle Vista League volleyball honors

MVP – Hannah Doonan, San Dimas

First team
Jacqueline Cabral, Nogales
Joleen Cambe, Nogales
Hannah Eap, Pomona
Kelli Iwamoto, Wilson
Hannah Nance, San Dimas
Miku Ramirez, Wilson
Dae Tuaua, Covina
Elizabeth Velasquez, Northview
Katelyn Winiecki, San Dimas

Second team
Jackie Clark, San Dimas
Jacqueline Garcia, Northview
Zulma Gutierrez, Baldwin Park
Gennna Henderson, San Dimas
Kaitlyn Iwamoto, Wilson
Amber Kemper, Northview
Tiffany Lui, Wilson
Kalani Martinez, San Dimas
Kayla Nepomuceno, Nogales
Tracy Santos, Covina

Honorable mention – Jamie Apusen, Nogales; Chantel Avila, Pomona; Dani Bezanson, Wilson; Cami Buckman, Covina; Guadalupe Figueroa, Pomona; Indira Gante, Pomona; Sara Harding, Covina; Serena Hausman, Covina; Jessica Hine, San Dimas; Nancy Lopez, Nogales; Tanya Lopez, Baldwin Park; Megan Macasaet, Northview; Ashley Rendon, Nogales; Anabelle Ruiz, Pomona; Raquel Tirado, Northview.

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