Chino football coach resigns after just three years, two league championships

Matt McCain resigned Friday after three years as Chino’s head football coach, ending a tenure that included two league championships and one undefeated regular season.

The Chino alumnus will remain a physical education teacher and work experience coordinator at the school, but ends a football coaching career that began at Chino in 1995.

“I’ve continued my education and at this point in my career I want to pursue other professional opportunities,” McCain said. “Chino football has been a big part of my life and always will be, but this was a logical time for me to step down.”

The Cowboys had plenty of success under McCain, winning Mt. Baldy League championships in 2010 and 2012. After inheriting a team that went 0-10 in 2009, McCain led the Cowboys to a 10-0 mark in his first season, earning Coach of the Year honors from the Daily Bulletin. Chino also had its best playoff run in 2010 when it reached the quarterfinals, where it gave up 28 points in the fourth quarter to lose a wild one to La Quinta, 42-41.

The Cowboys went 9-3 in 2011, when they reached the quarterfinals again, and posted an 8-3 mark last season.

“I’ve been walking the Chino sidelines since I was a ball boy in fifth grade,” McCain said. “It’s been 30 years that I’ve been involved with this program. And I feel good about the condition I’m leaving it in.”

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  • cowboy fan

    Good bye M&M you won’t be missed. You let down the kids by not completing scholarship documents and not helping the kids get colleges the info they needed. I guess to busy being a hound dog. Maybe they can give this porogram to someone that truly cares. If you liked the program then you never wouldhave applied to Chino Hills.

  • beelzebubba

    “I guess to busy being a hound dog. Maybe they can give this porogram”

    Obviously this guy didn’t finish his high school “porogram.”

    Besides, if you can do such a great job, why don’t you get off your La-Z-Boy and get involved.

  • Cowboy Fan

    Funny two months later and out of work the best line you have is that I misspelled a word. I guess now that you won’t be coaching anywhere you will have lots of time to spend writing on these blogs!!