Ask and you shall receive. Time for a little baseball talk

Arcadia the area’s No. 1 team? I don’t think so, at least not with Bryce Rutherford gone from the mound, but Garret Tuck is still a solid pitcher and the Apaches will need plenty from him. Maranatha, Monrovia? Now that’s a good debate. Regardless of how the top 10 looks in few months, I’m hopeful for another exciting Rio Hondo League spectacle. My money’s on Temple City this year, but Justin De La Nuez and Nick Bueno over at Monrovia will surely will have something to say about that. Gabrielino opened some eyes last year in the Mission Valley League, led by then-freshman standout Angel Acosta. Word is he’s matured this year and has become a more vocal leader, which is rare in a sophomore ace pitcher. He should be fun to watch. The big question is, did he finally cut his hair? If you get a chance you should check out this kid they call Dylan Covey. He goes to Maranatha High. The proof is in the pudding: 1.23 ERA; .123 Opp BA; 127 K’s; 7 complete games; 3 shutouts; 11 wins, 2 losses; struck out 13 and allowed only one run in the CIF-SS Division V championship game. He also batted .370 and he’s a hell of an outfielder when he’s not on the mound. I wouldn’t run on him and head for third. Then again, I wouldn’t even make it to first base. Oh, and Covey’s expected to be a top 10 pick in this year’s MLB Amateur Draft. How’s that for a little baseball? The challenge, however, still lies on the top 10? Who’s No. 1?

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  • MHS Reporter

    I don’t think there’s any question that Maranatha should at least start the year at number 1 in the area. They will once again play in one of the toughest tournaments in Socal to start the year against some upper division teams. Coach Dehaan should be commended for not shying away from playing the toughest programs. I’m sure that many of the top programs in the area were asked join the MHS schedule but you know how that goes. Smaller schools that have success, usually have a hard time getting a chance at a larger school. It should be a very good year again for MHS as they return 7 starting players. With six of those being strong contributing Senior’s, they are probably unmatched in this area.
    Of course, as you pointed out Miguel, they do have the “Top Gun” in the area in Dylan Covey who also happens to be one of the best pitchers in the country. That certainly won’t hurt their chances of repeating as D5 champs. Some wondered at the beginning of last year if this was just a “one man show”. Those that actually played the Minutemen last year though quickly discovered that they have very few weaknesses. That should be a very similar discovery from their opponents this year though “sneaking up” on opponents should not happen anymore. When you make 2 straight appearances in the CIF Finals, you suddenly become the favorite to win many of your games.
    Hopefully the end result will be the same. Another CIF Championship and another step in solidifying their place as one of baseball powers in the SGV Area.

  • Goldenarm

    People likely don’t know what a genuine, good dude Dusty Sanderson is. Seeing his mug in the photo reminds me. I only wish his shoulder was 100%, because he would have been a standout shut you down cornerback…and a great threat as punt or kickoff returner. Just watch the sucker run lines, he turns and accelerates on a dime.
    He is the ultimate hustle and team oriented player..,.and yeah…he has impressed the crap outta me over the years at TC.
    I wish him and the Rams the best this year. Also expecting a big year from Pultz, Jara, Smith and a bunch more. Look for Justin Sutton to surprise and knock the snot out of some long balls…distance shots.
    He needs the distance to make it around the base path in time…just joking….Should be a good Ram crew, plenty of chew left over from the fball coaches…

  • Angel

    Please MHS fan, after Dylan graduates, the program immediately moves to average. No more BS about their other strengths…a once in a generation player makes a huge difference. He is awesome

  • Really?

    Did Dylan pitch the whole game at CIF finals? Would that make it a one man show or at least close to it?

    We’ll see how they do when he leaves. Good luck Dylan!

  • tcchamps

    There really is no such thing has a one man show in Baseball. Sure you get your 10 innings a week, and can completely dominate on the hill for those 10 innings. But, and the end of the week, your team needs to score, and field. Great pitchers will get the share of Ks, and their share of groundballs. If you do not convert the plays, you can easliy waste the greatest of pitching performances. A good number 2 and number 3 guy makes the difference in winning more than half your games, or just being a 500 team. Should be a fun year and I can’t wait for the Elks tournament. We can all get a gauge of whats in store.

  • baseball fan

    I think Arcadia are the underdogs…there really going to suprise some people. There a young team and have already beaten pretty good teams in the off-season. But lets just wait and see how the season goes.

  • Yo Eagleball…

    Eagleball, where are you????

  • eagleball

    Just here knocking off the rust my friend. Eagles are going to have to work a little harder (a lot!) this year in order to over-come the loss of Chambers (to graduation) and the transfer of #2 LHP Acuna (soph) to Alhambra. Somebody is going to have to step-up to eat some innings! Arcadia Elks features them getting SoPas, Poly and SF right out of the gate… I’m going to temper my enthusiasm until the middle of March. Can’t wait for things to get crackin’ though.

  • Yo Eagleball…

    The rest of the MVL must be jumnping for joy at that (Acuna leaving)…

  • eagleball

    …like I said, somebody needs to step-up to pick up the 2 spot. Gabby’s loss is the Moors gain and I wish for him nothing but success over there.

  • Big Baseball Fanatic

    Monrovia Returns with 9 Seniors 8 of whom are starters and better Team Speed overall.

    Hitting is looking great with 5 players having HomeRun Power along with Justin De La Nuez who got even bigger.

    Pitching will be returning starters Aaron Murphree and Chris Calver who have been working out under the tutelage of “Eddie McKiernan” former WildCat Star and current Quakes Pitcher.

    All in All it looks to be a good Year and Coach Blackmoore will probably have a few new wrinkles in his Game-Plan as well.

    Can’t wait to get started!

  • Anonymous

    4)St. Francis

    Thats my top 4. I dont know how the other teams are going to be this season.

  • eagleball

    I concur with your assessment. The Cats will be tough. Rams have some stix that will be keeping RHL teams interested throughout…
    Miguel- thanks for giving legs to the thread. I can already taste the chalk!

  • pacific fan

    my top 5

    1. maranatha- cif champs returning most of there players. very strong with usd commit dylan covey on the mound. should have an impressive year.

    2. arcadia- although they lost a lot of seniors, still a tough team. garrett tuck leading the pitching staff should be pretty good along with k.j. edson. jonathon larson and tuck leading the offense.

    3. st. francis- should be a strong team. UCSB commit a.j. bergland will lead the pitching staff.

    4. monrovia- strong team again. will need to find a solid ace, but hitting should be led by justin de la nunez and bueno, along with kai nakamura on defense.

    5. temple city- good team. lacking an ace as well but should be strong offensively with dusty sanderson leading the way.

  • eagleball

    Gabrielino is going to have a tough time. Oh and miguel there is also another player that ia a more important element to the eagles team. You remember Brendan Campbell he is a bigger leader the Acosta. Without him on the field the eagles are in trouble.

  • Anonymous

    Campbell projects to be a better overall player then acosta.

  • Anonymous

    campbell is a projected to be a better overall player the acosta. He is also more mature and a better leader all acosta does is pitch.

  • Someone who knows

    Arcadia will not be that you be that good. Tuck and Larson are great players but they don’t have much else. Even people in Arcadia’s program do not believe they will be that good. I am predicting a third or fourth place finish in the Pacific league.

  • Someone who knows

    Someone took my moniker again!

  • apache born

    Trust me Arcadia is going to be a sleeper in the pacific league. Tuck is going to be the ace and edson is right there behind him.These two guys are going to be very tough to hit. Larson is unstopable at the plate,this kid didnt get out in the second have of last season.Tuck is also a great hitter. There are a couple more up and coming players that swing it pretty well to.I know its winterball but the temple city rams couldnt touch these pitchers.

  • tcchamps

    I was impressed with Arcadia’s pitching. They threw 7 guys and all looked good, especially so early in the Season. It’s always hard to tell what will happen in the 3rd or 4th with the lineup coming through for the second time, but I definately think O’Leary has the kids throwing well.

  • Anonymous

    what about saint francis

  • Anonymous

    what about saint francis

    Top 4
    Saint Francis

  • arcadia apache

    tuck and larson are not too good to play in your league. they are great players but not too good for any league. and temple city rams, thats not a great way to talk about your school.
    its too early to tell who should be ranked where, but you guys have the general idea. maranatha, arcadia, st. francis, and monrovia deserve to be top 4. the order is up to miguel.

  • Anonymous

    If I were miguel I would not put maranatha at # 1 they have one good pitcher and that isn’t going to get it done because dehaan is saving his arm for the draft. The guy is a top 10 pick in the first roud.

  • Anonymous

    If I were miguel I would not put maranatha at # 1 they have one good pitcher and that isn’t going to get it done because dehaan is saving his arm for the draft. The guy is a top 10 pick in the first roud.

  • Someone who knows


    Beckwith and Jebbia (a junior this year and will give some good innings this season)are also capable pitchers and make Maranatha a tough team in any division, especially in the WSGV.

  • MHS Observer

    I’ve been observing this blog for two years now and I decided to jump in. The idea that a team that has one standout player, can make it to the finals of CIF in consecutive years is ridiculous, irregardless of the division. Once you get past the first few rounds of the playoffs, the division simply doesn’t matter. The pitching is good and so are the offenses and defenses that you face. What does matter is that your team is not only sound in all respects, but that they can withstand the pressure that they’er presented with in every game, they don’t fold and they can win close games. The winning close games is the difference, and that is a coaching issue. Since coach Dehaan has been at Maranatha, they have been to the second round of the playoffs the first year (winning as many games that first year as they had one the previous three years combined), the final the second year, and won the final last year. He has made them over achievers. They have won 60 games in three years playing teams way out of their division, and as a result Dehaan has been the Star News area coach of the year. Truthfully, after hearing all the hype of how good all the other area teams were, I went to games of many of the area teams, and was dissappointed in the quality of what I saw. Amazingly, the powers that be still won’t let Maranatha in the local tournament. Enough said.

  • MHS Reporter

    MHS Observer-
    I agree with you to a certain extent.
    A team with one standout player truly cannot make it to the finals of CIF in consecutive years, irregardless of the division. That is very true.
    Winning close games is indeed important and shows maturity and confidence. Coaching is key, you are right, but having the talent which MHS clearly has is necessary.
    Coach Dehaan has done a good job and has some good assistant coaches. The biggest challenge for him though is what happens after this year? The class of 2010 at MHS was the beginning of an influx of talented kids including Covey, Beckwith and 5 or so others that came to the school 4 years ago.
    I’m not sure what you mean by, “He has made them over achievers”. MHS simply did not have the pull in the area to bring in the top athletes before they had a nice school campus. They have become a more desirable school overall for athletes in the last few years.

    If I had my guess, “the powers that be” will more than likely let Maranatha into a local tournament next year. Truthfully, with the talent they have this year, they are better off playing in the Royal tournament. Next year will not be as strong so an Elks or Arcadia Invitational might be a good fit.
    The challenge for Maranatha and the coaching staff is to keep this program at a high level. How many players that go onto the next level is going to show the strength of the coaching staff and what they do with what they have. Anyone who is serious about going as far as possible in baseball will see that result as a strength or a weakness. Covey is a given and will surely skip a level. As for the rest of them, we can only wait and see but the talent is there and will be fun to watch this year.

  • Not #1??

    MHS has only one good pitcher? I guess we’ll be able to ask San Marino and La Salle if they agree after they both play them in a Double Header this year.
    A double header will certainly show strength or weakness of pitching.

  • MHS Observer

    What I mean by “overachievers” is that they win most of their close games, they believe in themselves, and they don’t quit. They have heart. Of course they have talent, no team that wins can be void of it, but when a team, even a good team, keeps winning games that they seem to have lost, that is the coaches influence. As far as the future goes, they have a lot of good talent left after this year, I do agree though that they are peaking if they can just fill Pophams 85 solid innings, they should have a good year.

  • tcchamps

    Don’t tell me this blog ain’t got no heart. Up a week and more comments than Basketball combined all year. Not bad for a teaser. Wait until SF, M-Town, LaSalle, Poly, San Marino and the Moor fans get going.

    How about that.

  • kim

    i <33333 arcaaaadddiiiaaaaa
    numero unooo

  • Kim

    arcadia is awesomeee numero uno love kiyyymm

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  • Anonymous


    If you think Monrovia should be ranked #1…your wrong. Arcadia played them this weekend and beat them 12-6. From what I saw Monrovia isnt that great of a team. Arcadia looks like a solid team but has room for ALOT of improvement. Oh, and Temple City not that great too. Can’t wait to see what happenes this season.

  • Anonymous

    saint francis is returning almost their whole pitching staff led by berglund and bramschreiber, they will be solid and they have plenty of guys returning in the field, they will be competitve in the mission league and a force to be wreckin with in the elks tournament

  • CatsFan

    Bueno and DelaNuez didn’t play against Arcadia. Also, Blackmore uses these games to check out the Freshmen kids. The season hasn’t officially start yet, so don’t get too excited about these scrrimmages.

  • M-town dad

    Monrovia played about 25 kids against Arcadia and many were freshmen. Let’s not get carried away with these practice games. Several varsity players didn’t play this weekend.

  • observer

    Mark my word PHS will finish higher than Arcadia in the Pacific league this year.

  • High School BB Lover

    Observer: I’m marking your words, and I can’t wait to show them to you in May. The best thing Pasadena has is their coaching staff, but their eligibilty is up. As for the rest of us. Dusty Sanderson is the best Pony league player I ever saw. I hope he gets healthy enough to show everyone what he can really do. Some college is going to get very lucky with him. Dylan Covey is a bona fide major league blue chip prospect, but the rest of the Maranatha players I saw at the Junior All-Star game last year can not come close to matching up with Justin De La Nuez, or Kai Nakamura from Monrovia, or Garret Tuck and Jonathan Larson from Arcadia. These are not just developing players, they are already high school baseball stars that would start in ANY PROGRAM. Oh and by the way, M-Town Dad do you really think Monrovia is the only program that plays Freshmen, JV and bubble players in winter. The only thing Saturdays game showed was that Arcadia is deeper in pitching and talent at this time, but I will never predict a winner in an awesome rivalry game like Arcadia- Monrovia, too many intangebles. The true test starts when the flag drops in March. Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

  • curious

    How is Arcadia going to be so good this year? Name another player with varsity experience besides Tuck, Larson and Park.

  • Anonymous

    HS Baseball Lover-
    If you feel so confident with Monrovia or Arcadia, (not sure if you are connected with either of them), why not tell your Coach to schedule a game. From what I’ve heard, they were both contacted by Coach Dehaan at Maranatha to play but they both said no. That would probably give you the answer you need on the likely winner. At least San Marino and La Salle are stepping up to the plate this year. We’ll see how they do and then we’ll know more.

  • Anonymous

    So what if Arcadia said “no”. They still play tough teams that are way better then MHS. For example Glendora(who would probably smash on any team in the area)and also Bishop Amat.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous- (Arcadia fan)

    You might want think before you speak next time.

    You said, “So what if Arcadia said “no”. They still play tough teams that are way better then MHS. For example Glendora(who would probably smash on any team in the area)and also Bishop Amat”.

    Arcadia played Glendora (A CIF division 2 team) last year and lost (3-0)at home. Does Arcadia even play them this year or Bishop Amat????

    Now lets look at how Maranatha starts their year, because you obviously missed that part.

    Hmmm…Let’s see…Maranatha’s first game is against Newbury Park of the CIF Division 1, Marmonte league that last year had only two teams finish ahead of them (Simi Valley who finished Ranked #4 and Royal who finished #9 in Division 1. Their second game is against Pacifica, not a great D1 team but they are still in fact D1. Then they play Sylmar, yet another division 1 school who won the city section’s valley mission league last year. I’d say that’s a pretty good start wouldn’t you? That’s just the start of the Royal Tournament. They could play Chatsworth or Royal after that.

    Any D1 teams on Arcadia’s Schedule this year?

  • Anonymous

    Arcadia ain’t #1 Monrovia ain’t #1, pasadena ain’t finishing higher then arcadia, St. Francis is better then both of those teams. Larson isn’t a superstar, tuck is very good but he doesn’t have a high enough batting average otherwise he’s a d1 prospect. Both Campbell and Acosta will make tuck and larson look like average players in a year or so. These kids are only sophomores and they have been contacte3d by a couple of d1 schools already. Campbell is like an Eric Smith and Acosta will be like a rutherford except he will throw harder.

  • Apahache born

    This is the stupidest comment i have ever seen on any blog. Start off by say you are comparing gabrielino players to ARCADIA players. The apaches could throw out there jv team and beat gabrielino. I think arcadia won 19 to 0 last year. Second Larson led that apache team in batting last year hitting .428, and Tuck has the tools and the stats for pitching to be a d1 prospect. Even comparing acosta and campbell to larson and tuck is hilarious. Look at the teams gabrielino plays they are terrible.Hey I got an idea lets match up gabrielino and glendale this year that should make for a hell of a game.

  • Anonymous

    We need more talk on baseball Miguel!

  • Baseball Fan

    this is how the pacific league will finish this year:

    3.crescenta valley
    5. burroughs
    6. hoover
    7. glendale
    8. muir

  • Anonymous

    Baseball fan let me fix that your you.


  • huarachelover3215

    Look out for Poly.

    They only lost three seniors from last year. 2 of whom were starters who batted 7 and 8. You may remember they tied pasadena last year in the tournament. Hopefully, with their returning pitchers and some new young players they can make a run for the top 10 this year.

  • huarachelover3215

    Look out for Poly this year.

    After losing 2 starting seniors who batted 7 and 8, they should have a very strong team this year. Saeta, Baxter and Kutzer have all gotten stronger as pitchers over the summer so look for Poly to have an even better season this year.

  • SGV observer

    What is up with all this talk about arcadia, monrovia, gabrelino. What about Saint Francis, they are gonna be really solid this year, and should light some teams up in the elks tournament about a month away

  • bsbl guy

    st francis is going to be real good this year, they bring back berglund – pitcher (signed w/ ucsb) and bramschreiber – pitcher (signed w/ northwestern) along with juniors longo and malham to bolster the pitching staff — they bring back hubinger behind they plate and solid core of position players yu (2b), saatzer (lf) who hit .500 and was 1st team all mission league, nolan (ss) who has started since his freshmen year – good luck golden knights

  • Anonymous

    i agree saint francis and maranatha should go one and two when it comes to the top 2 teams in the area. They should compete to win in the elks tournament. They will have a very good staff and should be well coached. Good Luck

  • Anonymous

    Hey Miguel can we get another blog about baseball

  • High School BB Lover

    You state, “From what I’ve heard, they were both contacted by Coach Dehaan at Maranatha to play but they both said no.” Be careful about quoting what you hear. Didn’t we also hear that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, artificials sweeteners were safe, and Anna Nicole married for love? We hear a lot of things. That said I love you spirit and enthusiasm, go get em.

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