BREAKING NEWS: Mid-Valley final at Arcadia High

Pasadena Star-News: Mid-Valley Division title game moved to Arcadia High

UPDATED (12:59 P.M.): Monrovia and Whittier Christian will play Saturday’s CIF-Southern Section Mid-Valley Division championship game at Arcadia High at 7:30 p.m. “We’ve basically been fighting it for the last 24 hours,” Monrovia principal Darvin Jackson said. “The difficulty was when you have all the representatives from all sides there, as well as CIF looking at the site. We could have kept arguing, but CIF was not going to agree. We were basically told we could not hold it at Monrovia. It wasn’t concession.” More in Wednesday’s paper.

Aram Tolegian’s take: Playing this game at Monrovia HS was the worst idea I’ve heard since the KFC double down.

UPDATED (10:41 a.m.): Monrovia principal Darvin Jackson said the school called Rob Wigod, the assistant commissioner in charge of football, and informed him they really want to play at Monrovia. He added Whittier Christian’s athletic director and principal, along with CIF officials, will be taking a tour today around noonish to determine if it’s feasible to play at Monrovia. As always, I’ll keep you posted.

Whittier Christian and Monrovia school officials met after the CIF-Southern Section football luncheon to talk location for Saturday’s CIF-SS Mid-Valley Division championship game. It appeared as if Monrovia’s site was a done and signed deal, but Whittier Christian is not budging, arguing that their view from the visitor’s side is not adequate. Monrovia principal Darvin Jackson said the seating capacity won’t be an issue since the school is erecting new bleachers. Now, the view. “We ended (talks) at a deadlock,” Jackson said. “What we decided was that we would come back (to the school) and figure this out. The issue is not the capacity. They were complaining about the quality of the existing visiting bleachers. We said we would have a decision hopefully by the end of the day and we would touch base by 5 or 6 (tonight). We definitely want to be fair.”

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  • Monrovian resident

    Thanks very much to our “wonderful” contractors who muffed it with the bleachers. We’re not happy about the bleachers either. Thought they were supposed to do something with them? If they are the reason for us losing the chance to host this game there needs to be retribution. One of the reasons for the Measure M bond was to get a stadium that was CIF worthy. My tax dollars are paying for this. I sure hope something can be done quickly.

  • HS Fandemonium

    End zone bleachers? Bad sight lines? Borrow parking from the local burger joint? How many people attending our high school games sit in the “end zone”? There is a reason why they are the cheapest seats people! Park and ride…are you kidding me? If you are holding yourself out as a class program, make the experience enjoyable for all. I sat next to Monrova fans on Saturday who had to sit on the SD side of the house since not enough room on visitor – a great experience for them? NOT! Home fans have the right to sit on the HOME side with an unobstructed view somewhere between the 30ties without waiting for 45 minutes to get in the door or to even get a freaking drink! The kids just need a field and a ball…play on!

  • steve-o

    Please, please, have the game at a bigger stadium! I remember the Monrovia field from last years playoff game and the visitors section was beyond bad! This is the biggest game in town for that week, do the right thing people.

  • sd

    Monrovian resident, dont blame the contractors, it was a crappy facility before the improvements, just be happy that the game is going to be close by where everyone can go!!

  • Yo-Mama Said

    Hey Steve-o The new stadium is nothing like last year. The Stadium is new and is a result of a 90 million dollar bond to add state of the art classrooms,track,gym and football stadium. There is no other venue better than MHS at this time. So before you open your pie hole go take a look at the stadium it looks just like a million dollars just like the homes right up the street.

    Therefore close that thing you call a mouth and get over the fact that the GAME IS GOING TO BE AT MHS. The stadium looks good enough to be on ABC’s EXTREME Make over. Later you Jackolantern. And im out, Im RICK JAMES. @#$%^

  • Anonymous

    Tildon-Coil should be working night and day to get this resolved. They have already cost MHS 50k-60k in revenue as a result of poor project management due to the track not being ready in time and MHS having to use Marantha, Muir and San Marino as host for games scheduled for MHS. I would use Tildon-Coil to build a doll house they ARE TERRIBLE

  • Anonymous

    Hey SD I have four numbers for you 47-14

  • Pacalen

    If principal Jackson wants to be fair and he truly feels that end zone bleechers and existing seating is satisfactory then purpose to him that they switch and let Whittier Christian be the home team. Problem solved.
    A game of this magnitude should really be played at a venue worthy of these two outstanding teams.

  • Does is really matter where they play?

    Ill ask this, does the MHS field have 100 yrds? Does it have 2 goal post? Will 4 refs be at the game? Will two teams show up at 7pm to play? If the answer is yes to all these questions, then thats all you need. Whittier Christian is trying their best not to play a true home game for Monrovia at MHS. If they add bleachers in both endzones and they are good, then case closed. As far as parking, people will have to walk half a block. So What. Mtown is the higher seed, won the flip, and has the luxury of playing at home. CIF has not stepped in and said no to Monrovia’s choice to play at home…so its fair according to the rules. Your personal opinions have nothing to do with where the game will be played. All of these people complaining are still going to go anyway. Now if the game was on a friday, then time would be a concern. Everyone should have more than enough time to get to the game early And get a the seat of If Monrovia plays at home or at the Rose Bowl, then outcome is going to be the same. Monrovia CIF Midvalley Champs!

  • Monrovian resident

    @sd – I’m not going to touch your “it was a crappy facility” comment. The fact is, it is the contractors fault that we haven’t had the use of the stadium the whole season and that they did not put in the bleachers that were expected on the visitors side. Sorry that it is an old school in a small community that only has one school in our district. We do pretty well here in the MUSD with our “crappy facility” both on and off the field. Stick to the topic at hand which is the current situation with the possible change of venue. It would be a dream come true for the seniors, who didn’t get to play all their home games at home this year, to be able to play one last game at home. The last time they played at home this year was October 8th. This is about the students after all, not the spectators.

  • sd

    Anoyomous, 47-14? whats that? oh!! you think im a San Dimas fan. no stupid, those are my initials,, what a dumbass, just like the whole year of comments, lol

  • Anonymous

    why not play at arcadia high? Close enough and they have a new stadium

  • Anonymous

    SD, im sorry I that the sd was for sexual deviant or sexually deprived or sexual diesease.. Assclown oh yeah LOL

  • Observantcat

    SD… are very, very, funny. Have you seen your field or should I say plantation lately? You could’nt host a holloween party at that joint. By far the worst field Monrovia has ever played on. But lets get off of that subject and reason out the pro’s and cons of playing at MHS.
    1. Because we can (we’ve earned the right)
    2. It would be the peoples choice. (My move the party to another venue)
    3. It would flat out feel better to just take a look at the Big M after a home victory
    4. Much closer to our fan base. (which in fact includes all of our haters)
    5. Whittier Christian has’nt had a great gathering all year in terms of numbers.

    1. Who designed the visitors stands. ( They should be building more as I type)
    2. It may be the Monrovia fans that suffer the space problems.
    3. If there was a larger venue we could make more money (I’d rather stay at home and make less)
    4. We never get around to doing the 50/50 raffle because our games have been much too exciting and the announcer forgets to bring it up. (but who cares)
    5. (Actually Nothing) Lets play the game at MHS…it’ll all work out fine.

  • Mid Valley Fan

    Does anyone know what the seating capacity is for the visitors side? And is it close to being equal to the home side?

  • New York

    It’s time to get out the old letterman’s jackets and represent.

    Don’t worry about the field. Try playing a CIF title game five hours north on Paso Robles’ home field! Heck, cut a deal with the neighbors and sit on their rooftops like they do at Wrigley Field in Chi-Town.

    In all seriousness, I hope no Monrovia player or coach thinks that the toughest teams are behind us. Whittier Christian is the best team on the schedule. The guys last week have five losses. Last year WC held Monrovia to only TWO offensive touchdowns. They are hungry and disciplined.

    Stay focused. Don’t get distracted by the game’s location or, frankly, ANYTHING else. This is the final game of the season. Enjoy it! You’ve earned it. Make it count.

  • Yeh yeh yeh

    Mid Valley Fan, I believe the capacity on the visitors side is less that half that of the home side. Another problem is that the bleachers are too low. Two years ago Monrovia hosted the simi-final game against Rosemead. I was on the visitors side…it was packed and everyone had to stand in order to try to see the game the game. It was like being at the Rose Parade. What’s even worse is the parking situation. I got to the game about an hour early and I had to park about a 1/2 mile away, seriously! I think the suggestion of having the game at Arcadia HS may be the best answer.

  • Hoopla

    @Mid Valley Fan:

    From what I saw last season, it would be very generous to say that it is half of the home side’s. Also the comment about seeing over the players is very true. Good luck with the situation Monrovia/Whittier.

  • Monrovian resident

    Got the word tonight that the game will be held at another venue, yet to be determined. but definitely not Citrus. What a shame for the kids and the parents that will be be paying for that stadium for the next 26 years. Hopefully everyone will be happy now.

  • HS Fandemonium

    What class Yo-Mama Said does it really matter where they play……..listen to you two: no other venue better at this time (if true we wouldn’t be having this jackoplantern discussion foolio); you deserve it as a higher seed? a coinflip? Most real championship games are at a neutral field for a reason…especially if one side cannot offer the appropriate facilities for both teams.

    .you say you want to be big time but you keep thinking small-time. It is 100yds, it is some lines, it is two teams……

    If the facility is so great, how about switching sides with WC? How many M-towners are gonna sit in the nosebleed endzone? Can’t put bleachers on the synthetic turf – NOT! So add another 20-30yds to the track – oh, did you get the waiver from the contractors if the track is damaged by bleachers? Again, very classy……

    Thanks for the invite….suck it up, the High school game is about the players, and about the fans, and about the bands and about the cheerleaders. It is not about looking for parking at the fatburger or sitting in bleachers without good sightlines or in bleachers at the end zone that could be potentially 130yds away from the action, or standing because there isn’t enough room to have a seat!!!!

  • Anonymous

    New visitors bleachers hold less than old. And they are at field level (not raised). Blame the school board for their being less, they signed off on it.

  • PastorHSFootballfan

    Observantcat is cleary a dreamer.
    Monrovia’s visitor bleachers are way too small for the supposed Whittier fans that he claims aren’t very much in number. He should have been at last weeks game in Glendale. Huge school, and more than adequate seating. Clearly at least ten times what Monrovia has. Keep in mind Monrovia isn’t the only team to make it to the finals, Whittier is also in the finals, and they have more fans than Monrovia, also though it doesn’t matter how many weekly fans there are for either team, there will be significantly more as this is the finals. Punishing the fans by forcing them into a space designed for a much smaller crowd is not the way to win fans and finding parking out in the hood doesn’t bode well either. In fairness, I don’t even think Whittier’s home field at Whittier College would be big enough for this caliber of game. Some larger colleges have decent fields, I’m sure there is one near Monrovia, They usually have decent parking too.

  • Miguel Melendez

    I got a text from Monrovia’s principal a few hours ago saying the site is still to be determined. I’ll have all the info Tuesday. Stay tuned.

  • SaintsR4real


    Any way you can get yourself out there and give us a reporters/journalist point of view on the visitors view???????

    Wildcats (Billycats no more) best of luck Saturday.

    Philly B., sorry but I disagree with you about Mtown and San Dimas being all tied up, only because I believe you need to close it out with a WIN this weekend. Just my thoughts.

    Hope to make it to your game…. not sure if I’d be welcome on your side.

  • Observantcat

    See Saints4real, thats were you have been wrong this whole time. The Monrovia fans would have welcomed you anythime as a fan to our side. Ask Golden It’s all about the compettition and whats on the field that counts. San Dimas turned this game into somewhat of a rivalry and we as fans just accepted the challenge. It’s truly all in fun, even if we had of lost you still could have come to our side and no one would have called you out, I know our fans, but you would have definatly gotten a few stares. As far as us being tied….Monrovia vs. San Dimas actually has a much longer history of playing each other and if I’m not mistaken we were 3-0 before last years pre-season game. But nevertheless, come on down and enjoy the game. Philly B is one of Monrovia more classy fans whom everyone gives respect to because he usually tells it like it is.

  • Goldenarm

    No question the stands are low and yeah…they hold substantially less than half of the home field stands.
    This is called home field advantage. Have you been to many high school football fields where the visitor side was primo while the home field side sucked? At TC, we proudly put two porta-pottys on the visitor side….at least they are “fresh” porta pottys (if such a thing exists)
    WC – note your team is in the finals…most everybody else is not, get over it.
    Somebody should have snapped the ball before they had a chance to throw the “challenge” flag. Besides, even if you are seated in a hole, you can still see #18 chasing your QB.

    That said, I am looking forward to seeing WC in action and congratulations on making it to the final.

    Looks like Monrovia will accomodate some drastic change, which is a bummer. Wait decades for a new field, then play your most important game elsewhere??? Principal Jackson…keep the party at your house, give WC 4 butt cushions to raise their view angle.

    If it gets too bad, TC’s answer was to get wire cutters and cut the PA cable on the visitor side. (Any Ram fans remember that game?) The announcer was way tooooo much Wildcat. Ram fans went nuts when the voice fell silent.

    I took plenty of shots before I earned a seat. If you recall it was a rough road way back when.

  • Quit Complaining

    You folks ever sit on the Visitors side at a Maranatha game?….Talk about pathetic!

  • Big Football Fanatic

    It doesn’t matter where this game is played,the end result will be the same.

    Whittier Christian should just enjoy these fleeting moments of glory before Monrovia crushes them into dust

  • Hal Lamaster

    Have the game at Glendale High. Seating is great, parking is not great, but it is a very good option.

  • Observantcat

    GA, you are like part of the family…

  • Tom S

    Why not hold the game at PCC
    Great facilities and plenty of parking

  • Monrovia resident2 alumni

    CIF needs to stepin here and shut the wc up! Monrovia earned the right to host this game and has THE best facility in the valley. Did Monrovia complain about how we overflowed the stands last week at San Diomas? NO! We showed up in force to support our team Despite half of the fans having to stand to watch it! At the end of the day, this is about the kids on the field! Not about what you can or cant see from your seat! I also second the opinion of where was all this when Monrovia had to travel 5 hours to play Paso Robles on their HOME field for the finals!!!!!!!!!

  • Monrovia rewsident2 alumni

    Also, Kudos to Mr. Darvin Jackson for being as diplomatic as humanly possible throughout this ridiculous ordeal!

  • lee roy

    Big Football Fanatic, Those are pretty big words, Lets just wait until Saturday nite, good luck to both teams!

  • Anonymous

    Much thanks to Principal Jackson, he knows what the Monrovia fans want and deserve, a supercharged atmosphere in a night of great football at home. Seriously people, theres plenty of standing room.

  • Anonymous

    Wherever the game is played…please Monrovia, destroy Whittier Christian. Let them whine all they want. Shut them up on the field and represent the West San Gabriel Valley.

  • Mid-Valley Fan

    If you are a Monrovia coach, athletic director, or administrator fight for the game to be at Monrovia.

    If you are a WC coach, athletic director, or administrator fight for the game to be at a neutral venue!

    Both sides are doing what they need to do! Two years ago when Rosemead played Paraclete at Knight High School the visitors had more fans than the home team, in fact many had to stand or sit with the home team and bare the cold. I wander if their coaches, administrators, or athletic director fought for a venue change! It could make a difference!

  • lee roy

    Observe Cat, how do you know what the numbers are

  • GET REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Monrovia resident2 alumni said

    Earned the right to host? You call a coin flip the right to host? Let’s be honest here, WC won the Olympic League Title which is more dominant than your weak ass league, also we beat Covina the Valle Vista League Champs which is also a better league than yours. Who have you beaten? South Hills and who else? Beside South Hills was weak this year. We went undefeated in League who had 3 teams in the Top 8, we have one lost to a pretty good Cantwell Team and yet we have a better record than you guys. So why would you say you have the right to host? CIF did not know what they were talking about when they seeded the top 4, yes maybe you do have a good team, but by no way is WC not deserving of it also. The bottom line, every CIF Championship Game is beeing played in a venue to accomodate both teams, so why should you guys be different. If you are as good as you claim then it should not matter where you play, the truth of the matter is Monrovia might have a great field, but the bleachers on the visiting side can not accomodate WC 1000 strong fans. So maybe you should just shut up!

  • Miguel Melendez

    I deleted some comments. If you can’t control yourselves I have no problem hitting the delete button.

  • lee roy

    Yo Mama, your are truly stupid! Why are you attacking someone who is speaking their view of things. You are really make yourself out to be very dumb! I can’t believe for a second that you could possibly be part of that great repsentation of Monrovia fans that I had the chance to sit next to at the San Dimas game. I also feel that Monrovia’s field is just not big enough for the visiting team’s crowd. D-1 Schools have their finals at a big staduim, Don’t you think these have the same right!

  • 2003 WILDCAT

    It really doesn’t matter were they play Monrovia being the better taem and having the best coaching staff will win the game! Shout out to my old lineman coach Minner.

  • Monrovia resident2 alumni

    to GET REAL!!!!! If a coin flip is how it is officially decided, then YES!!!!! Monrovia has ,thru a coin flip,earned the RIGHT to host. There is no question that the system is flawed.. All the comments about who plays in a “weak ass” league and who beat who means nothing! As I recall, didnt Monrovia beat WC in the semi’s last year? Despite WC being in a “powerhouse” league(LMAO)? By the way, other than Cantwell, who did WC play in the pre season? WC’s pre season opponents had a combined record of 28-25! GET REAL… dont get it twisted! Both teams are deserving and it will be a great game! But by cif rules, YOU LOST THE COIN FLIP! Quit with the whining and let the kids settle it on the field!!!!!

  • Monrovia rwsident2 alumni

    to GET REAL!!!!! If a coin flip is how it is officially decided, then YES!!!!! Monrovia has ,thru a coin flip,earned the RIGHT to host. There is no question that the system is flawed.. All the comments about who plays in a “weak ass” league and who beat who means nothing! As I recall, didnt Monrovia beat WC in the semi’s last year? Despite WC being in a “powerhouse” league(LMAO)? By the way, other than Cantwell, who did WC play in the pre season? WC’s pre season opponents had a combined record of 28-25! GET REAL… dont get it twisted! Both teams are deserving and it will be a great game! But by cif rules, YOU LOST THE COIN FLIP! Quit with the whining and let the kids settle it on the field!!!!!

  • Monrovia Resident

    Glendale? Why Glendale? We are the home team. Why would we want to drive to Glendale? It’s not even middle ground between the schools. I think Arcadia HS would be great if it can’t be at home. It’s also a new facility and has what looks to be enough parking.

  • NDP23

    Hold the game at Citrus College.

  • Monrovia resident2 alumni

    No matter where the game is played, at the end of the day, it’s about the kids on the field. I catch myself getting caught up in this banter about where its at,who’s league is better than who’s…..It’s about these kids(both Monrovia’s and Whittier Christians)and the memories they will take with them. Both teams deserve to be commended on great seasons and may the best team win!(without all this crap that us onlookers put on it.)

  • 2003 WILDCAT

    You got to be kiddin me, here we go again Monrovia never getting the respect we deserve. It always happens to us. Back in the days we had to go to Paso Robles and Lompoc and now we win the coin flip and we can’t play at home. I would not want to play at Arcadia. Why in the hell did we build a new stadium that can’t hold a playoff game. We need to redue the whole seating on the visitors side. Arcadia’s Santa Anita Park’s baseball fild concrete bleachers probably hold more fans. This is redicoulous but only the MHS athletic director and principal is at fault. Look at the baseball field not one thing is getting done to it and it’s the only sport that holds a CIF title. Once again shame on Monrovia for getting punked again.

  • Observantcat

    Lee Roy Brown….I was at those games. In the early 2000’s

  • Anonymous

    Monrovia was the home team for last years finals at Citrus. Just like last year Monrovia knows their stadium is not big enough (though nice) for a game of this caliber.
    Monrovia and all other west SGV teams should book PCC now for next years championship.

  • Bob Anon

    Good luck Monrovia! Go Cats.

  • Monrovia resident2 alumni

    I agree. I think Monrovia got jobbed! But, we ARE in the finals, even if we have to play the game on the cross town rivals field! BOOOOO!

  • motown resident

    cant believe weve taxed ourselves silly for measure m new this, new that and we cant even host our own cif championship game at our supposedly great new facility. come on monrovians! we need to raise some cain and get this problem resolved. our kids who have worked hard and made it this far deserve better. Shame on the design authority who proposed such a terrible design and for the D.S.A. and school district who signed off on such a “great facility”

  • Anonymous

    Monrovia was the home team for last years finals at Citrus. Just like last year Monrovia knows their stadium is not big enough (though nice) for a game of this caliber.
    Monrovia and all other west SGV teams should book PCC now for next years championship.

  • Anonymous

    If you are going to have the game at Arcadia, no parking and poor vistors seating, then just have it MOnrovia

  • pacalen

    I can tell how passionate the Monrovia fans are about their team, and rightfully so. Having said that, now is the time to start putting your efforts into getting something done. Yo Mama said that you got a 90 MILLION dollar bond for, among other things, a “State of the art” football stadium. And you received a stadium that CIF officials deemed as “Unsuitable”!!!
    for a championship game. No doubt about it you got the shaft!! But now do something about it. Find out who approved the plans for a substandard seating arrangement. You deserve better than that! You are paying for it, start rattling the cages of your City Officials. Local and state representatives.
    Players wait a lifetime for a chance like this, most never get to realize that dream. Do your damnedest to make sure future Wildcats don’t have to relive this.
    I for one can’t wait to see two of the finest teams in California compete.

  • Apachejoe

    Arcadia’s new facilities are excellent for a local high school I think the Monrovia Fans will be happy. Of course not as happy as playing at MHS, but it’s a very nice place to play with plenty of seating for the visitors. As for the parking there’s a ton of parking near the area you can park on the Duarte parking lot right next to the field and use the staff lots on the west side of the school, it’s a little bit of a walk but not bad.. Good luck Cats although you’re a rival the Apaches are rooting for ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • motown resident

    NOTHING replaces home field advantage. True, Arcadia’s field will be adequate but its a shame that we Monrovians are stuck with a new facility that cif deemed unacceptable. Do the people in charge have any sense of planning or the ability to adequately design a football stadium with proper seating for such a game?. Apparently not. How unfortunate for the kids who deserve to play at home, and now we the taxpayers are the suckers who are stuck with this measure M fiasco. I suppose if this design authority were asked to build a freeway in so. Cal they would make sure it had two lanes going each direction. Very poor planning and by the way what took so long?

  • Monrovia resident

    All of us who are Monrovia residents need to write a letter to our city council and mayor. We signed up to have $90 million go towards building a state of the art football field/stadium. Why is it that Arcadia can host the game but we can’t? Sounds like some investigation needs to be done.

    Any word on how the basketball gym is coming along?

  • Goldenarm

    Arcadia has too many rent-a-cops who have little man complex or worse. There was a near riot after the zebras bailed on the 28-28 tie game fiasco, simply because some small huevoed security guys demanded the entire overflow crowd exit in the same direction, despite a big portion of people already loose and traveling half way the other direction….causing a clashing of people like a head on collision….old women hit the dirt and kids got lost and panicked in the mayhem. It was a claustrophobic nightmare for awhile ….

    It is a good place for a game. I just hope they raise minimum wage on the security folk and/or get a plan to address the post game exit on the visitor side.

  • Goldenarm

    monrovia fans should rent green buses and arrive 100 at a time!

  • feathersfromheaden

    Put it on the bulletin board and roll’em Cats

  • Anonymous

    Some of you stupid a$$e$ may want to come to MHS during the daytime and see what Measure M is about.
    You sound like the spent all the money on the stadium. There is more to the school than the football stadium.

  • Hoopla

    @Monrovia resident:
    Home field advantage? It’s common sense NOT to have it at Monrovia. You signing up for a 90 million dollar field has nothing to do with it.

  • Senior M-Cat:

    State of the art multi sport playing surface was in the plans; however, there was not enough space for a stadium. All one has to do is take a look at the satellite views to see it. Compare the available space to Arcadia, PCC, Citus and other “stadium”-venues to get a feel for the space needed. For a stadium to be constructed at Monrovia, eminent domain of properties along Sunset Pl. would’ve been required. I don’t recall any of that in the plans. IMO, the term stadium was misrepresented.

  • Another slap in the face to Monrovia, Our field is so unqiue I love looking across the field and seeing the residents sitting on there roofs with lawn chairs holding signs supporting Monrovia, Looking north and seeing the M all lit up, Whiiter Christian what is this really about? Is this really about your teams fans not having enough room or is there a back story here, The visting stands at San Dimas HS were packed the band had to stand off to the side. But Monrovia fans were gracious, Thanks to Arcadia for allowing us to use your stadium.

    This is a slap in the face cats, We’re being disrespected lets go out there and kick some butt.

  • BigCat

    Listen up ‘Cats!

    You’re gonna play Whittier Christian. First, they aren’t from Whittier, they’re from La Habra. Second, they don’t wanna play at your home field, even though Monrovia won the home field advantage.

    Lying isn’t Christian, nor is denying others their rights. Watch out for sneaky, trick plays and the other guys whining to the officials. Protect yourselves at all times.

    GO ‘CATS!!!

  • Jerene Quinn Thomson MHS ’63

    Go Cats! This is our time, not like ’59 (San Diego), other Paso Robles games, etc. It’s too bad we couldn’t play at MHS, but let’s put our energy behind rooting for the MOTOWN team.

  • Jerene Quinn Thomson MHS ’63

    Go Cats! This is our time, not like ’59 (San Diego), other Paso Robles games, etc. It’s too bad we couldn’t play at MHS, but let’s put our energy behind rooting for the MOTOWN team.

  • Read ALL Before you OPINE

    Hey Steve-o The new stadium is nothing like last year. The Stadium is new and is a result of a 90 million dollar bond to add state of the art classrooms,track,gym and football stadium. There is no other venue better than MHS at this time. So before you open your pie hole go take a look at the stadium it looks just like a million dollars just like the homes right up the street. IT WASNT 90 MILLION FOR A STADIUM

  • Reno Hightower

    Reno knowas a few things about championships. 1st, MHS visitor’s bleachers are horrible. They are flat with the ground and can only hold 150-200 people. 2nd, moving the game to Arcadia is the right thing to do. The home stand and the press box are very similar to the new stadium (er, 1/2 stadium) at MHS. The visiting side is raised and can hold over 500. Reno gives a big clap for Caoich Maddox and Nick Bueno; two Good Guys. By the way, the 50-50 drawing at Corona Centienniel @ Chino Hills was $3600($1800 a piece). Whew! Reno missed it by not buying a ticket.

  • motown resident

    To anonymous please dont insult our intelligence or foul up this chat with your bad attitude. Of course we know the entire measure m bond was not just for the football venue but when you vote for a state of the art football stadium and cant even host your own championship game because the cif officials say its not acceptable it makes us feel as though we have recieved something far less than we expected. Im sure the rest of the school’s projects will be wonderful but the seating at the field just plain stinks

  • Goldenarm

    Practices are tough this late in the year. You got to work, but you also got to back off some, you can’t just shove the “one more game” mentality into hard core August type practice intensity.
    Monrovia has playoff experience and Maddox does as well. This is where those early season, and even last season experiences, will help the Cats. Bueno has started at QB since the Dead Sea Scrolls and can handle any championship pressure. He was flustered last week by the wild shotgun snaps flying over his head when the M-town center went down, but he kept it together. Last week was an excellent passing game for Bueno (particularly the deep down the middle throw) and throws that were not perfect – were caught anyway.
    I still love the M-town 3 receiver set, it opens a ton of potential plays as you observe the defensive positioning against it.

    M-town needs one more physical, aggressive effort from the line players, as witnessed at San Dimas. Their O line is big on the left and small on the right and last week these kids layed it on the line and trust me, their individual names are not in anyone’s headlines. Without these fab five going mano y mano every down, Bueno and Blanco would still be in the whirlpool and applying Tiger Balm afterward.

    M-town fans give a shout to your linemen Saturday night! The fight for the banner starts with them.

  • BigCat

    Everything starts with the lines, offensive and defensive. To win championships, you have to win in the trenches.
    Size definitely helps with line play. However, it’s not the size of the ‘Cat in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the ‘Cat. GO ‘CATS!

  • BigCat

    Everything starts with the lines, offensive and defensive. To win championships, you have to win in the trenches.
    Size definitely helps with line play. However, it’s not the size of the ‘Cat in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the ‘Cat. GO ‘CATS!~

  • natha senior

    monrovia has “earned” the right to home field, however flawed the coin flip system may be. but wasn’t monrovia seeded higher than WC anyway? either way, since most of you wildcat fans believe you’re gonna spank the heralds, why not just prove that you’re the best on a neutral field? wouldn’t that just be the fairest way? the college bowl games and the super bowl are all on neutral fields… that way you’ll leave no doubt, not that there really would be, but just a thought.

    lets go dub c… represent the olympic!

  • Goldenarm

    Does anyone know if Saturday’s game will be professionally filmed and covered ?

    I can’t make the game and would like to get an end to end game film. Will gladly pay –


    Bring it home Monrovia – the time is now!

  • rovia

    thank you m-town resident for setting it straight in regards to the stadium/campus.

    natha, superbowl games etc are not always on neutral fields. Let’s say new Orleans is hosting the superbowl and new Orleans makes it that far. Is it a neutral field.

    What about the Rosebowl and the last time UCLA made it that far?

  • High School Sports Lover

    Kudos to Arcadia AD Ryan Press, Pricipal Dave Van Asdel, and everyone involved for making such a smooth and welcoming transition to Arcadia High School for the championship game. Anyone that knows high school sports knows that Monrovia and Arcadia students have competed on the same teams hundreds of times while growing uo next to each other. It’s a great way of saying congratulations and good luck neighbor. Sportsmanship…. what a novel concept after what happened at the Rose Bowl Saturday. I’m sick and tired of idiots and alcohol. Those of us who love sports and kids need to stand up and yell loud and clear ENOUGH!
    Good Luck Cats from a Cardinal and Gold bleeding Apache!!

  • Observantcat

    I just want to send a shout out to all of the Apache nation who have our backs when it all said and done. Thanks for being good neighbors and some friends. This ones not just for the Cats it’s for all of the West San Gabriel Teams. I hope we win and win big so that some of the talk about not being in the picture stops shining its negetivity this way. Next year I see Arcadia, Monrovia, Muir in at least the Semi’s Good Luck Cats and bring home the RINGS…….

  • natha senior

    yeah rovia i thought of that when i wrote that but thats not really the point.. and its pretty rare that it works out like that unless ucla somehow turns it around and gets to a rose bowl.

  • BigFatFan

    Congrats to CIF for stepping in and moving the game to a secondary location. from the report in the Star News, 50% of the visitor seats had a blocked view of the field. Too bad Monrovia had an incompetent contractor erect the visitor stands. i’m sure the game at Arcadia will “seem” like a home game for the Cats anyway.

  • pacalen

    Woo Hoo!! I am now the proud owner of four tickets to “The Big Dance” in Arcadia Saturday night!! Good luck to all the fine young men who will be representing on the field. Likewise to the Coaches and their staff. Thanks for providing us the fans a memorable season.
    And the best is yet to come……..

  • NDP23

    Hold the game at Citrus College.

  • Mad Dog Maddox

    Saw the game tonight, hated being at Arcadia but the Cats kicked ass which made sitting in all that red and gold apache crap bearable

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