Backstage with “The Class”

I love the CBS sitcom “The Class” and how cool that it won the award for favorite new comedy series. The entire cast was there. I earlier had noted that Neil Patrick Harris was absent. Of COURSE he was! He’s on “How I Met Your Mother” after all. They air back-to-back so cut me some slack, mmmkay?
So, Jason Ritter who had threatened to sing the nominated songs when he waq presenting, was asked to sing his acceptance speech backstage. He didn’t hesitate. Jason grabbed the microphone and sang a silly song of thanks. The song was silly but the voice, not bad.
I asked the actress, whose name I do not know, but she plays the girl with two casts on her legs on the show, how it felt to be able to show the world on this night that she does have some great gams!
“I have felt restricted,” she said. “It’s nice to have mobility and energy!”

Backstage w/the cast of Two and a Half Men…

I thin k the technical glitches have been solved. Check home page for some postings you might have missed. Anyway, the cast of “Two and a HalfMen” was just back here, the whole cast. Charlie Sheen looks clean and sober and was quite funny in whispering an answer into his young co-stars ear when he was asked what he had learned from Sheen and Jon Cryer who play his undle and father, respectively.
“Cryer Everything I know,” he said.”Every brilliant moment I’ve had came directly from Jon or Charlie.”
Cryer was informed that the show is enormously popular in Argentina: “I met the guy who dubs my voice into Spanish and he looks like me!”
I was happy to see Conchata Farrell who is one of the funniest actresses on television. She plays the very sassy housekeeper on the show.

Halle Berry glad she wore underwear…

Halle Berry won for favorite female action star and was handed her
trophy by David Duchovny. She high-fived audience members seated
right below the microphone: “Wow! Thank God I wore underwear tonight!”
She then told fans that if they want another “X-Men” movie, “write
letters! Write a letter to Tom Rothman at Fox and tell him so.”
Backstage, Bwrry was asked what advice she had for getting through
the hectic awards season: “You get through the craziness with a good
publicist to lead you through. That’s your must-have item of the

Ellen backstage…

Backstage, favorite talk show host and funniest female star winner
Ellen DeGeneres refused to weigh into the fracas involving Rosie
O’Donnell and Donald Trump: “I have no comment, I’m not getting
involved with that. I’m not diving into that pool.”
Then she was asked if she had any advice for troubled Britney Spears:
“Me? Help Britney? I’m still trying to help myself. She’s gonna do
what she’s gonna do until she’s ready to do something else.”
DeGeneres, who will be hosting the Academy Awards, had praise for
Queen Latifah’s performance as host so far: “Queen’s doing a great
job. She’s so natural at everything she does…I love her.” Then she
added: “What if I said I didn’t [like her]? That would be terrible,
wouldn’t it?”

Bring on the A-list

It went from D-list to A-list in about 10 minutes with EVERYONE showing up including just about the entire cast of Grey’s Anatomy. McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey, is the real superstar of the group: EVERYONE wanted to talk to him, fans were screaming for him. He took it all in stride, seemed very relaxed and happy. McSteamy (Eric Dane) was here too and it kinda shows how he’s got a ways to go before he reaches McDreamy status.

Red carpet observations….

It pays to show up early to the People’s Choice Awards. The cast of “How I Met Your Mother” (minus Neil Patrick Harris) are being treated like the Beatles right now. “Jason! Jason! This way!” Jason Ritter is sort of the Paul McCartney of the group. His hair is terrific, he’s wearing a black tux, black tux and black tie. I’m sure his socks are also black but I’m just not gonna ask. If you watch the show, the girl who has two broken legs and has been in a wheelchair with two giant casts on since the show debuted, has great LEGS! I’ve seen ’em.
About the or four members of the cast of “Heroes” are here but since I never watch it, I’ve got no idea who they are! Sorry.
But Rob Morrow, star of CBS’ “Numbers” is here and I remember HIM from “Northern Exposure.” And a group called Rascall Flats is here too. People are going crazy. I’ve drawn a blank.
And, I gotta be a little catty: Cojo from “Entertainment Tonight” is sipping a Diet Coke and having make-up applied. The hair. It’s very Meg Ryan when she did that movie with Andy Garcia, when she was a big drunk.
back in a bit!

Greetings from the People’s Choice Awards!!!

I think if you’re ANYONE who has a tuxedo or an evening gown, you can actually be announced on the red carpet and have a buncha pictures taken because so far, the first three performers are people I have never heard of! Very well-dressed people, yes. But, neverheardofem.
The first is a singer named JP. Huh? Then one named Bettina. Don’t ring a bell. And finally, Joanna. I guess no one here is famous enoiugh to have a last name!
The fourth person is someone I’ve actually HEARD of: Alan Dale of “Ugly Betty.” He plays the father of the hapless magazine editor who is Betty’s boss.
As for the TV infotainment personalities, I vaguely recognize some but the only really household name here is…Pat O’Brien!!! Pat looks very tan and very thin. Actually a little too thin.
I’m gonna go take him a cookie or something. Will check back in a bit.