Michael Anderson agrees to coach Arroyo Valley girls basketball


Michael Anderson, new girls basketball coach at Arroyo Valley

Michael Anderson, new girls basketball coach at Arroyo Valley

Michael Anderson, who led Rialto High School’s girls basketball program to prominence in his five years as head coach, is the new head coach at Arroyo Valley he said.

Anderson built a 123-21 record in five years, winning at CIF-SS title in 2011 and was runner-up in the state that year. He stepped down after last season to spend time with his mother, who had suffered a stroke.

His mother lives with him, from where he can “walk to Arroyo Valley.”

Anderson said he talked to seven different schools after last season, but “Arroyo Valley was my first choice all along.”

Anderson takes over an Arroyo Valley program that went 6-20 last season and was blown out by Anderson’s Rialto squad by an average of 64 points in two San Andreas League games.

A full story will be on sbsun.com.

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  • John Berry

    He said he was retiring to take care of his mother. Well, that story wasn’t true. He was actually looking for another job. Press doesn’t know what really happened at Rialto. Hey, Mke, it takes the same amount of time to drive to Rialto as it does to walk to Arroyo Valley. Coaches aren’t suppose to recruit other teams players. It’s against CIF rules and coaches can be asked to leave a school for doing so. Ethical Athletic Directors wouldn’t hire someone who is known to do that.

    • Houserulez

      Barry your stupid look at rialto’s roster prior to Anderson getting there and look at it during his time there and you’ll see all the same girls were there prior to Anderson taking over as they were while he was there. This ain’t the riverside or the Orange County area we are talking about. Know your facts and know who and what’s really going in before you write a comment. Set aside your personal likes and dislikes cause you clearly have a issue with this coach.

      • John Berry

        I just read the article, spoke with a Rialto Coach, who told me why the coach was let go and made a reply to what should seem to be obvious manipulation of the Press.

        • Joel

          Which Coach? Seems like jealousy on that part of that coach. They probably can’t even come close to emulating the success that Michael Anderson had at Rialto High.He transformed players into great players. What other sport has gone to a CIF STATE championship game in recent Rialto memory? Rialto’s Loss….

          • Sean Cobb

            By the above comments and that of those in his district, the talent was already there, he undercut the coach that was there, played a weak schedule and when he moved up to Division One got slaughtered.

  • B-ball 101

    It’s crazy that by certain people’s judgement they are ok with certain coaches that are aggressively out recruiting players all the time like Etiwanda, centennial corona, summit, and all these other programs that got so called travel ball feeders where the actual high school coach is coaching and then you have the nerve to have an issue with other coaches and or schools just cause u don’t like a player, parent or a coach from that school. Come on be honest with all of the transfers, travel ball tourneys, etc. this coach and any coach from the San bernardino, Rialto, area is least the concern, the talent in those areas are down and the last time I check there is Lil or no true travel ball or club teams or tournaments in those areas, at least be fair about it don’t over look the real programs and coaches out there recruiting like vultures.

  • Unreal

    Mr. John Berry if what you say is true and this coach was “Let go” was he then not supposed to accept another job that he states is walking distance away from his house? I didn’t know that because he was “Let go” from Rialto he should know better than to mentor/coach at risk girls in his own community. People who want him and welcome him with open arms.