CIF-Southern Section playoffs: are major changes upcoming?

Below is a letter that CIF-SS Commissioner Rob Wigod sent out on Thursday, March 26. Below, I will have my take.

wigod letter 3-26-15

I don’t fault the CIF-SS for exploring this option, because ultimately, the CIF-SS serves its member schools. So if member schools want it, then that’s what they’re supposed to do.
An exact proposal won’t be due until the fall, so several details aren’t available yet, but it sounds like teams could be put into playoff divisions based on their individual results, not league placement. That has already happened to some extent for basketball.
In some ways I like the idea of schools being placed into divisions based on that year’s results (and maybe recent past?), so that teams aren’t able to take advantage of a low division as a result of having poor seasons in recent years.
It’s no secret that schools are placed into leagues based primarily on football. Why were San Bernardino and Pacific shipped out of the San Andreas League and Rim of the World and Jurupa Hills brought in? Football. As a result, some schools are misplaced in leagues in sports other than football.
But I could see issues with exactly how this might work. I will admit most of the plan isn’t known, so that’s a big reason why there are more questions than answers.
But, if you put teams in playoff divisions based on their strength, could you see teams that are not putting full effort into winning games at the end of the season? What if a team, in football say, is the No. 16 team in the top division entering the season’s final week, with a playoff spot already guaranteed? What’s to prevent them from resting starters, perhaps losing that last game and dropping down to the next bracket where they could be the top seed and favorite in a lower division?
It seems possible.
And what about at-large spots? Assuming there would still be at-large spots for the playoffs, would those all go to schools in the top leagues? It seems like Jurupa Hills’ run to the 2012 CIF-SS East Valley Division semifinals from a fourth-place finish in the Mountain Valley League might be a thing of the past.
I’ll remain open-minded to the idea, but there are at least three things I don’t want to see happen: don’t devalue league play, don’t shut out the small schools and don’t make it a clear advantage to lose games late in the season.

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Football recruiting Lokeni Toailoa, Stephen Carr, Leni Toailoa make verbal commitments

There were probably more than 100 people (family, friends, and fans) in attendance on Monday night for the event, which was put on by Ground Zero football, which trains many area football players and it was at Athletic Republic in Rancho Cucamonga, a training facility.

In the end, Carter’s Lokeni Toailoa and Great Oak Demetric Felton picked UCLA, Summit’s Stephen Carr picked USC and Carter’s Leni Toailoa chose San Jose State.

One player who wasn’t there was Summit’s Damian Alloway, who had originally said he also would make his commitment Monday, but then changed his mind. He not only didn’t make his commitment, but he chose not to attend.


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Saturday’s San Bernardino County CIF state basketball scores

Saturday’s CIF State Basketball Scores, upcoming schedule


Chino Hills 82, San Marcos 63
Lawndale 75, Redlands East Valley 50


Cajon 49, Riverside North 48
Garden Grove Orangewood Academy 60, Aquinas 20

Tuesday’s Games, 7 p.m.

No. 3 Etiwanda at No. 2 Los Angeles Fairfax
No. 6 Torrey Pines at No. 2 Chino Hills


No. 5 Cajon at No. 1 Ventura

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Is a 26-0 game in soccer excessive?

What constitutes an excessive blowout that crosses the line for good sportsmanship?
Earlier this season, the discussion was about Arroyo Valley girls basketball’s 161-2 win over Bloomington.
While it doesn’t involve a local team, but what about Hemet Tahquitz’s 26-0 boys soccer victory over Los Angeles Summit View West?
Which is worse? Well, the girls basketball game probably should never have been scheduled by the athletic directors, but the soccer was a Division 5 playoff game.
The girls basketball score was 104-0 at halftime, and the leading scorer in the game, Tamera Trigg, scored 43 points compared to her season average of about 27.
In the boys soccer game, it wasn’t reported what the score was at halftime.   Marcos Rojo led the way for Tahquitz with seven goals. He had scored only 11 on the season before that. But the team had 14 different players score goals, and two others had assists.
So are they both bad? And if so, which is worse? To be honest, I’d really need to see tape of both games. I’m sure something could’ve been done in both instances to hold the game down a little, but I don’t exactly know how excessive it was.
I once reported about the aftermath of a game now nearly 20 years ago, a girls soccer game between Bonita and Ganesha. I believe the final score was 19-0 in favor of Bonita, in a league game. The problem was, the  coach left his star player, Kendra Payne, in the game for too long and she set a CIF-SS record with 13 goals in the game (which I believe still stands).  The consensus seemed to be that this was excessive, because they were scoring goals just so Payne could get the record.
But 26-0 and 161-2? Whether excessive or not, it didn’t do the winning teams much good. Arroyo Valley girls basketball lost in the first round of the playoffs, while Tahquitz lost in the next round to Rialto. Did those teams get what they deserved? Some might say so, but I don’t think so, just that playing that kind of opponent isn’t really going to help in the long (or short) run.

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Upland’s Vincent Elefante chooses Sacramento State

Upland High School football standout Vincent Elefante has committed to Sacramento State. He broke the news via Twitter today.

Elefante has been to the school twice, once for a summer football camp and another time during the regular season when it played Montana State.

He was shown around campus by former Upland teammate Trevor Wright, who is just starting his sophomore year here there.

“I really liked it there and think it’s a good place to take my game to the next level,” he said.

Elefante played defensive end the past season for the Highlanders but expects to move to defensive tackle.

He also had considered Weber State and New Mexico, both places he had official visits scheduled for later this month.

Elefante was a first-team All-Inland Valley and Baseline League selection. The 6-foot-4, 280-pounder registered 43 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 fumbles caused and one fumble recovery.

He plans to major in anatomy/physiology or communications.

The Hornets went 7-5 overall and 4-4 in the Big Sky Conference the past season.

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REV’s Kurt Bruich named state coach of the year

Kurt Bruich (in red hat) celebrates with his father Dick after winning the CIF State title.

Kurt Bruich, the coach of the CIF State Division II champion Redlands East Valley football team has been named state coach of the year by

Bruich wins the award for the first time and he and his father Dick (who won the award as Fontana’s coach in 1989) are the first father-son duo to win the award.

The Bruichs are also the only coaches from San Bernardino County to win the award, which dates back to 1930.

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San Bernardino Kiwanis boys basketball schedule

REV and Julian Senegal (battling in white, above), should be one of the favorites in the San Bernardino Kiwanis Tournament

It’s just a few days away, so here’s the schedule for some of the San Bernardino Kiwanis Tournament (boys basketball)

Dec 26, first round
At Arroyo Valley HS
Serrano vs. Ramona, 11 a.m.
Yucaipa vs. San Gorgonio, 12:30 p.m.
Barstow vs. Summit, 2 p.m.
Arroyo Valley vs. Redlands, 3:30 p.m.

At Indian Springs HS
Fontana vs. Rialto, 11 a.m.
Redlands East Valley vs. Pacific, 12:30 p.m.
Beaumont vs. Apple Valley, 2 p.m.
Indian Springs vs. Carter, 3:30 p.m.

Day 2, Dec. 27
At Arroyo Valley HS
Consolation quarterfinals
Serrano/Ramona loser vs. San Gorgonio/Yucaipa loser, 11 a.m.
Barstow/Summit loser vs. Arroyo Valley/Redlands loser, 12:30 p.m.
Championship quarterfinals
Serrano/Ramona winner vs. San Gorgonio/Yucaipa winner, 2 p.m.
Barstow/Summit winner vs. Arroyo Valley/Redlands winner, 3:30 p.m.

At Indian Springs HS
Consolation quarterfinals
Fontana/Rialto loser vs. REV/Pacific loser, 11 a.m.
Beaumont/Apple Valley loser vs. Indian Springs/Carter loser 12:30 p.m.
Championship quarterfinals
Fontana/Rialto winner vs. REV/Pacific winner, 2 p.m.
Beaumont/Apple valley winner vs. Indian Springs/Carter winner, 3:30 p.m.

Day 3, Dec. 29
Semifinals at Arroyo Valley HS, 6 p.m., 7:30 p.m.

Day 4, Dec. 30
Third place at Arroyo Valley HS, 6 p.m.
Championship at Arroyo Valley, 7:30 p.m.

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Bloomington Christian to host girls basketball tournament

Several local teams will be taking part in a girls basketball tournament Dec. 26-30 at Bloomington Christian. Here’s the run down.

Pool A -Jurupa Valley, Riverside Prep, Ontario, Bloomington, Glendale Adventist.
Pool B - Carter, Pacific, San Bernardino, Pomona, Bloomington Christian.

Pool play games Dec. 26
1:30 p.m. – Glendale Adventist
3 p.m. – Carter vs. Pacific
4:30 p.m. – Jurupa Valley vs. Riverside Prep
6 – Bloomington vs. ONtario
7:30 p.m. – Bloomington Chr. vs. San Bernardino
Dec. 27
1:30 p.m. – Carter vs. Pomona
3 p.m. – Bloomington vs. Jurupa Valley
4 p.m. San Bernardino vs. Ontario
6 p.m. – Glendale Adv vs. Riverside Prep
7:30 p.m. – Pacific vs. Bloomington Chr.
Dec. 29
1:30 p.m. – Riverside Prep vs. Ontario
3 p.m. – San Bernardino vs. Bloomington
4:30 p.m. – Glendale Adv vs. Jurupa Valley
7:30 p.m. – Carter vs. Bloomington Chr.
Dec. 30
1:30 p.m. – 5th in Pool B vs. 5th in Pool1
3 p.m. – 4th in Pool B vs. 4th in Pool 1
4:30 p.m. – 3rd in Pool B vs. 3rd in Pool 1
6 p.m. – 2nd in Pool B vs. 2nd Pool A
7:30 p.m. – 1st in Pool B vs. 1st in Pool A

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