Citos Marinez makes sense as Jurupa Hills football coach

I had an interesting conversation with Citos Marinez, the soon-to-be-approved football coach at Jurupa Hills on Thursday.
Truthfully, there’s a good chance he wouldn’t have gotten the job without a previous coach-parent relationship with Jurupa Hills athletic director Kristen Braun.
And I don’t have a problem with that at all.
Braun’s son, Blake, played for Marinez when Marinez was an assistant coach at Redlands East Valley from 2004-12. Braun’s brother Kurt Bruich is also the head coach at REV.
Kristen Braun of course already knew him but could get truthful answers about him from her brother and her son, as well as her son’s friends.
In this era of coaches and administration not seeing eye-to-eye, it makes sense for an A.D. and coach to know each other previously. Obviously the A.D.-coach relationship is different than that of parent-coach, but you still have an idea of what he’s like working with kids and whether he knows football.
That weighed in his favor likely much more than the 7-23 record he compiled in three seasons as head coach at Covina Gladstone.
Both Marinez and Braun feel more comfortable I think about his hiring because of their history. She knows what she’s getting in a coach, and although he hasn’t worked for Braun, he knows her. It makes sense.

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