Cajon’s epic 2-point conversion fail

It meant nothing to the final outcome, but Cajon failed on a 2-point conversion on the final touchdown in last week’s 46-6 win over Miller and coach Nick Rogers says, “I can laugh about it now.”

Here’s the situation. Cajon goes for 2 after every touchdown because they don’t have a placekicker.
On this situation, the Cowboys tried a fade to the corner of the end zone, pass was completed, but offensive pass interference was called. Cajon went back to the same play and again, the pass was completed but offensive pass interference was called, butting the ball back to the 33 now. Rogers was visibly upset, and had to talk the officials out of getting an unsportsmanlike conduct call against him, which would have pushed the ball back to the 48. As it was, it was on the 33 and at that point, Rogers threw up his hands and ordered quarterback Jayden Daniels to take a knee.
I’ve never heard that happening before. I’ve seen a team taking a knee in the third quarter of a game. Teams take knees on kickoff returns or interception returns all the time. But on a two-point conversion? And that turned out to be the only conversion that Cajon failed on, in six touchdowns.

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