Damien, D-Ranch beware: Pomona hires Rice …

Robledo’s blog has the story from the Bulletin about Anthony Rice being hired. I know you’re shocked … just like you’ll be shocked when San Gabriel promotes Jude Oliva to head coach. Actually, I think that Rice being at Pomona will have a very profound impact elsewhere. Here’s why …

Aram’s take: … Let’s say Coach Rice gets P-town turned around, does that mean that D-Ranch takes a hit? And what about the disgruntled P-town athletes that might find their way to Damien to play for Coach Gano? And what about the P-town talent that has sometimes found its way to Bonita? See what I’m saying? If Pomona is a winner and all that talent stays home (so to speak), then yes, this will have an impact elsewhere. Carry on with your day.

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  • New York

    How about posting Coach Rice’s bio?

  • Football Nostradamus

    Anthony Rice is a winner. He is the one of the best things to ever happen to P-Town and although he is a graduate of Garey HS he is returning to his roots in P-Town to coach the Red Devils. Hats off to Anthony as the SGValley will witness him as he builds the program to a respectable level in as short as time as possible. P-Town is lucky to have such a dedicated individual. Colony’s loss is definitely Pomona High School’s gain. Good luck to you Mr. Rice. Colony doesn’t know what they’ll be missing – the 2 CIF Southern Section Championships in 4 years just wasn’t enough for them.


    Great hire by Pomona, they will be making headlines in a couple years if not next year. I wonder why he left Colony to coach at Pomona?

  • truth

    Anthony Rice was told to find another job by the admin at colony. They were tired of the thug assistant coaches that follow him around.

  • Big Fish

    Well one thing can definitely said about him he has excelled as a big fish in a little pond both on the field and as a coach.(LaVerne, Arena Football, Colony and Pomona) He has yet to really excel when he wasn’t the top dog. (WSU, NFL, Coaching at any school where he didn’t have more talent than most of the teams on his schedule)

    Yes, Pomona is abig fish in a little pond. They have the potential and way more talent than teams in the VVL year in and year out. Just like Colony with Baseline League caliber talent playing in the MT. Baldy League.

    I personally woul have liked to see him go to Garey or Gasnesha and turn one of them around. Now that would have been saying something.

  • Any Doubt

    Is there any doubt that Rice will dominate the VVL? I think not, Coach will dominate the league. This is going to be fun.

  • pomona insider

    Where are all the people saying I was full of it? Big surprise Rice gets the job.
    Good Luck Rice, The Valle Vista ain’t the weak ass Mt. Baldy. There are championship teams in the VVL. Anyone who thinks its going to be a cake walk doesn’t know Pomona and doesn’t know that league.
    And good luck with the admin. don’t think they won’t stab Rice in the back just like the last three coaches at Pomona.

  • VVL

    Any Doubt,

    I’ll take the Sd Coaches every day and twice on Sunday!
    Pomona is a joke!

  • TR

    Sd coaches????LOL Do they even coach the kids, or do they just roll the balls out. Coming from Colony Rice will coach circles around Sd, or any other VVL team. Don’t be surprised if Rice wins CIF the first year.

  • Terry

    Any coach who wins a CIF title should get credit….now depending who you play, what kind of talent you have, etc. the more credit you deserve. However, Colony had two loses last year and both came to Baseline teams (Los Osos and Upland) and I would think that had Colong been in the Baseline league they would have won 2 games…..Alta Loma and MAYBE Claremont. I would even say that had the Baseline (and Sierra) been in their divison two years earlier, they don’t win either CIF title.

  • FBN

    Pomona never had a coach with Anthony Rice’s life experiences. I too have heard the rumors about the so called thug coaches that follow him around. But the bottom line is the guy commands respect. 2 CIF Championships in 4 years.
    Perhaps the thugs will fit in over at Pomona? Perhaps he’ll clean house with his coaching staff and start fresh? This is going to be one of the more interesting situations come the Fall.
    Aram perhaps you can share your opinion further?

  • It’s Pomona

    Let not forget we are talking about Pomona. How many parents take there kids to Bonita, D-Ranch, and Damien to get them away from pomona. He may pull a few more kids into the program but its still Pomona. Their is a reson why teachers and school administrators get combat pay.

  • VVL

    It’s interesting to see the VVL coaches get underestimated here. Rice may be a good coach, but I know there are good coaches in the league as well. I’d also be careful about calling the SD coaches out. I know some of those guys, and they are as dedicated as any staff I know.

  • SD

    Keep Talking P-Town, Keep Talking

  • FBN

    This topic is heating up. Where’s your further insight Big Fella?

    Football Nostradamus

  • DRanchhhh


    Aaron Almond was just offered by San Jose State University.

  • I said what I needed to say. If you’re a school that’s been getting Pomona talent, it’s probably going to dry up. To me, the most logical area for Damien to get the talent it needs is Pomona. Carry on …

  • ComeOn

    I disagree Aram. If you are a Pomona kid going to Damien, you aren’t going to stay at Pomona for Rice. You would have to be out of your MIND! Damien has a far superior educational foundation in place. Any parent who pulled their kid out of Damien to go to Pomona should be sent to prison.

  • QB coach

    The pool is small in numbers for the kids that are not going to go to Damien, DR and SD (forget exisitng kids this is more moving forward). That being said there will be some very highly skilled kids in that pool.
    One or two of these kids in any of the above programs is a difference maker. Coaches know it, players know it and fans know it.Rice is significant enough to change the landscape.
    This doesn’t mean the other programs are going to fall apart. It just means they are going to need to work even harder. The staffs at the above listed schools are all positioned well to deal with these kind of challenges.
    Also dont under estimate Rice’s challenges, Pomona is way behind the curve. It will be intresting to see how long he is comitted to stay and turn the program in the right direction.

  • Transfers

    Any kid that was already going to a school in La Verne will remain there and there will always be kids going to them especially from Ganesha Hills area. Kids from Pomona don’t really attend Damien and Bonita for football. There may be some kids that play football but the majority of kids that come in from Pomona to either school is because of their academic strength and safe environments.

  • Don’t Worry

    It’s true we will keep our own kids. Also, transfers from Colony have been enrolling at Pomona since the “rumor” Rice was coming started. Pomona will be a powerhouse very soon!

  • mcg

    yea Aram I can really see Coach Gano cruising the streets of pomona looking for talent in his coup de ville

  • Alone

    Let me start out by saying that I’ve known Anthony Rice for over 10 years. Honestly I don’t see what all the hype is. Two rings I guess, but for those that remember those teams, they were stacked. In tight games I’ve seen Rice get out coached more times than not. Upland game this year is an example. It’s true that he brings shady characters in to coach. He will do just about anything to win, fair or unfair. I think he’s good at having talent around, however his coaching skills are very average. I think we’ll know within the fist 5 or 6 games whether he really is a good coach, or whether he just had superior talent at Colony. The Valle Vista may not be the best league around, but there are some well coached teams, and some descent talent. Rice will fight for the last playoff spot, and he’ll be exposed for what he is. An average coach!

  • For the Record

    Gano doesn’t cruise the streets, that is Coach Curtis’s job, he is Gano only black coach on his staff, and he doesn’t coach.

  • DHS and Bonita

    Actually, I think any kid who is going to go to Bonita or Damien is going there. The lure to those schools is for bigger and let’s face it better things. I do, however, think this will effect DR but more importantly it will destroy Ganesha and Garey. Any athletes they currently get will no longer go there. They will all be at Pomona. And that will be enough, if Rice can coach (remember they had waaaaay more talent than the rest of the Mt. Baldy league so the verdict is still out about that), to get them into Championship caliber for the league/ division they play in.

    And when I say waaaay more talent check out the signing day list – 14 kids signed scholarships. The rest of the league had 4. No matter how much hustling a coach does, the kids still have to pass the eyeball test to sign the scholly.

    But it should be interesting.

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