All-encompassing SGV Top 25 entering the passing circuit …

OK, now that spring ball is done, or just about done, we’ve learned quite a bit all of the teams in the area. There were some HUGE developments, like Bishop Amat’s Jay Anderson deciding to skip football to concentrate on baseball. And then there’s been some notable injuries like San Dimas QB Sean Kennedy and Arroyo WR Anthony Miller.

Also, I don’t know what I was thinking by not including Ayala, Chino Hills and Claremont for consideration in this Top 25. They’re all in the Sierra League and they are going to be part of our coverage … as is Pomona and Ganesha. So, that changes things a bit. Without further adieu, here’s your Top 25 going into the passing circuit.

The Huskies have Hart and that’s one reason they’re No. 4. Get it?

1. Bishop Amat
— The gap between Amat and the rest has narrowed thanks to Anderson’s departure. Hey, did you know Tom Salter is back?
2. La Habra — All accounts are the Highlanders have reloaded. But hey, what did you expect?
3. Charter Oak — Anyone thinking CO has slipped may change their mind when the Chargers go four wide with no receiver under six-feet tall.
4. South Hills — Strong along the line and loaded with skill. But Jamie Canada’s knee injury is a concern.
5. Glendora — Excellent coach + good QB is a nice formula in HS football.
6. Chino Hills — The Huskies ranked below CO and South Hills? I’ll admit it doesn’t sound right. But Nate Harris and who ….?
7. La Mirada — Any team with a Bama recruit is fine by me.
8. West Covina — Bulldogs have to get thru rough Hacienda before they can even think about the Southeast.
9. St. Francis — All reports are the Knights have reloaded quite well.
10. Damien — When Coach Gano is mum, I get a bit concerned.
11. Muir — When getting excited, you have to remind yourself that the Stangs were 4-7 last year.
12. Diamond Ranch — Are we looking at the weakest Panthers team of the Roddy era?
13. San Dimas — Deep at QB, strong along both lines, but I haven’t heard much about the running backs.
14. Monrovia — ‘Cats have beefed up along the line, which will come in handy against San Dimas, Glendora and South Hills.
15. Rowland — A one-man show won’t get it done in the Hacienda. Just sayin …
16. Schurr — Have the feeling that the Spartans are every bit as good as M-Town and Zan Dimaz.
17. Whittier Christian — Have a feeling that the Heralds could throw a scare into M-Town, Zan Dimaz and Schurr.
18. Baldwin Park — Coach Heggins’ busy spring ought to mean the Braves will be ready from the word go.
19. Ayala — The Bulldogs will certainly compete in the new Sierra, but can you really see them beating South Hills, Charter Oak or Chino Hills?
20. Santa Fe — There’s not much confidence on the street about the Chiefs’ chances in the Southeast.
21. Bonita — Eric Podley can be very dangerous when he’s got a big-time offense.
22. Claremont — There’s no doubt The Pack will be solid, but the Sierra is a tall order.
23. Arroyo — Anything less than the semis in the Mid-Valley will be a disappointment.
24. Rosemead — Koffmead going back to ground-and-pound methods.
25. Pomona — Yet another contender in a deep and getting deeper Valle Vista League.

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  • AMAT 73

    Well now maybe the picture on the departure of the freshman coaches is becoming a little clearer.

  • Whats the Message?

    When did the news of Salters return surface? I should think that the addition of another top notch, high quality coach at Amat would have been kept under wraps? Was this confirmed by you Fred? Wow! How do we do it at Amat? Another great coach added to an already stellar coaching staff and other schools are struggling to hire head coaches? Tells you something about the atmosphere at Amat doesn’t it?

  • Kaptain Keifer

    Not ALL the Freshman coaches were dismissed or let go. Some made a personal choice. Regardless, they are ALL good quality guys and Damien is getting a top-notch coaching staff for their entry level teams. Look forward to catching this years Freshman game against Damien, should be fun. Good Luck guys!

  • DRanchhhh

    What a slap in the face. I dont care about the ranking, but the comment behind it is a little harsh. “Weak” and “Roddy Layton” don’g go in the same sentence.

  • Amat Dude

    Jalen Moore and Shay will pick up the slack for Anderson. Plus we have some great Sophomores that will also step up this year. Watch out for Adam Alcantara and DJ Daniels. Coach Salter will be a great asset to the team, but my guess is that he will assist the Varsity. With Salter on the staff, you can bet that more talent will transfer to Amat from the Culver City and other areas.

  • me

    Thats great news that Salter is back at Amat… Can someone remind me when he was a Coach at Amat what were his status (ie records, Championships, win vs lost, status, etc…) Didn’t he when a CIF Championship with the Lancers before moving I believe to Upland?

  • Bonita

    how is bonita so low

  • Joe Amat


    I see you’re pickin’ up what I’m outtin down.
    Good get.

    To clear things up for “me” it’s Tom Salter who left to go to Culver City (and was replaced by DiFiori) that is back helping the Lancers this spring. His older brother Tim (who was a back-up QB in the ’70s) never coached at Amat and is the very successful Head Coach at Upland. Tommy helped them to a championship last season (as did former Amat Head Coach Mark Verti) Tom was the Head Coach at Amat the last time we won a CIF Football championship.

    As for the ongoing discussion of the former Amat lower level coaches now at Damien, I want to point out a few observations. First, Coach Parker, a long time Lancer that still bleeds blue & gold, was not a coach last season. It was the previous spring that he and Coach Hagerty had the discussion about practice attendance. Parker works in law enforcement and had just got a new supervisor who was not going to be as cooperative with time off. It was going to be more difficult for him to commit to the level that the head coach expected – so they parted ways. Another factor is Hags felt it to be a benefit to have a member of the Freshman staff on campus full-time. A bundle of reasons that is a good idea, so it’s tough to argue.

    Sean Koelle, the offensive coordinator during the Verti years, took over as the head freshman coach with the assistants from the Parker. Remembering that Parker was one of the outspoken critics during the previous regime – let’s just say the “chemistry” wasn’t good anyway and often it appeared the HC vs the Assistants. I won;t take sides – but you can go in the archives to see my feelings about Koelle – and it should be easy to do the math.

    When Parker got the offer at Damien he presented a “package deal” and asked Coach Gano if her could bring along assistants. At that point he went into “recruiting mode” and told the Amat coaches he would only take the Damien job if they came along. Some wanted to stay some wanted to go, but it was during this time that Hagerty let a couple of them go. Others made what, I think, is actually a pretty good “career decision.” It became apparent they were going to be look at as “Freshman Coaches” at Amat and didn’t have a realistic opportunity to move up to the Varsity Staff – especially considering the quality up top of guys that aren’t searching to leave for Head Coaching spots. A fresh start and an opportunity to spend time in a different system is good for their professional growth. I wish them luck in all but one week next season.

    Not really as sinister as many have made it out to be, just life in the world of coaching.

  • Joe Amat

    I see you’re pickin’ up what I’m *Puttin’ down. (typo)

  • K


    Just curious. Why is Whittier Christian NOW all of a sudden better than Arroyo and BP? I have been saying this all along but what changed your mind?

  • Pete

    I think Whittier Christian will be pretty good, but I think everyone is under-estimating the loss of Fulbright. He accounted for almost half of the yardage and 27 TDs.

  • K,

    Here’s my thinking — Whittier Christian beat both Arroyo and BP last year and almost made the finals. So right there they have the edge. All three teams will probably improve this season.

    Then you have the Worthy factor. Any team in the Mid-Valley Div. with a player who’s been offered by Nebraska should get the benefit of the doubt.

    I think you’d get a really good game between any of the following: Arroyo, BP, Whittier Christian, Monrovia, San Dimas and Schurr.

    I think Monrovia, San Dimas and Schurr are probably just a cut above the other three, but anything could happen.

    Rosemead is the real wild card. They’re a veteran team with strong coaching. I just wonder if they’ve made up THAT much ground on the top dogs.

  • HuskyFan

    Herd threw the grapevine that Steve Bogan at South Hills is retiring after this season.Can you confirm this.

  • Not That it Matters

    Heard that Los Altos is scrapping the NO-Open Enrollment plan, and going back to Open Enrollment for the 2010 season. Can any LA supporters confirm this?

  • Murphrey Jeffs

    I think Montebello should be at least #3 or #4. PETE GONZALEZ is a coaching legend!! lol. Didn’t he win CIF in his 2nd year at ST. PAul?? If i saw his License plate correctly it said 2006CIF. šŸ™‚ u gotta love people that get license plates like that…Good 4 u. Bet u were pretty bummed that u didnt get that Los Altos job!….He was gonna bail on MHS after one year!…nice guy…

  • Impeach Bogan

    I heard through the grapevine that many over in Huskies Land including myself would just as well prefer that Bogan retired now considering how the program is so undisciplined and in disarray. His hiring a few new coaches as well as keeping some of his old coaches like Coach Guru is just so ridiculous and hasn’t solved one problem but instead added more egos and politics.

  • Anonymous123

    I think that MONROVIA IS THE MOST UNDERRATED TEAM ON YOUR LIST. In week two I guess you will have them at #1,2, or three? Its good to start out the underdog and come away with a victory. Have you checked their roster?..Even with their transfers in the past 3 years to Charter Oaks, they still have maintained an almost perfect record. I havent seen Shurr play in years but I am willing to bet that they have never faced an offensense like Monrovias. It would be a track meet from the start. I am from Pasadena and I have plenty of reletives over at MHS that are waiting for the opportunity to show you where they really belong. They lost maybe three good players from last years squad and have gained about 10 that are going to be just as good or even better. Keep your eyes and ears open for the rush!

  • LA Status

    LA switch to closed enrollment last year, but got caught transferring in freshmen players from out of their enrollment area. Wilson went to the school district with this issue, proved that LA had illegal transfers in the baseball, softball and football program to the district and CIF. CIF stated this isnt a CIF violation, but is a major lawsuit. So the school district decided retroactive that Los Altos was no longer closed enrollment. So long story short they officially have never been closed enrollment. With Gano gone Los Altos no longer has the ability to cheat and get away with it.

    Now as far as Montebello ranked number 3 or 4 what are you smoking? Until Pete gives winning a higher priority than his on the job training of his son Montebello is going to have issues. Maybe you should talk to Pete according to him he doesnt have the talent to win at Montebello anyways. Now when it comes to Pete and the Los Altos job, he didnt even apply for it. Los Altos would have taken Pete over Arellanes in a second.

  • LA Status

    LA switch to closed enrollment last year, but got caught transferring in freshmen players from out of their enrollment area. Wilson went to the school district with this issue, proved that LA had illegal transfers in the baseball, softball and football program to the district and CIF. CIF stated this isnt a CIF violation, but is a major lawsuit. So the school district decided retroactive that Los Altos was no longer closed enrollment. So long story short they officially have never been closed enrollment. With Gano gone Los Altos no longer has the ability to cheat and get away with it.

    Now as far as Montebello ranked number 3 or 4 what are you smoking? Until Pete gives winning a higher priority than his on the job training of his son Montebello is going to have issues. Maybe you should talk to Pete according to him he doesnt have the talent to win at Montebello anyways. Now when it comes to Pete and the Los Altos job, he didnt even apply for it. Los Altos would have taken Pete over Arellanes in a second.

    On the subject of coaching did you hear that Felipe Augilar is taking the quarterback coaching job over at Rowland. The talk over at Rowland is Felipe is pissed off at LA. Just woundering if Rowland being in the Hacienda league with Los Altos has anything to do with taking this job. Maybe a very good move for Felipe, based on rumors going around Rowland.

  • New York

    It would be great if Amat can get back to the point where they unofficially challenge Mt. SAC as the best team in the area. After a year of Salter working the phones to help players get big scholarships, the enrollment will be boosted with blue chippers and big things can happen.

    La Mirada seems 3-5 lines too low, if the recruiting hype is accurate for their 5-6 guys. It’s not just that they have an Alabama OL/DL. Too bad we cant see a matchup of Jeff Worthy from Whittier Christian against La Mirada’s dude. That would be some serious trench warfare.

    I hope someone at Monrovia is working with Ellis McCarthy. That kid has the physical tools to be big time and take games over from D-Line as well as be a great pulling tackle on offense. It will be fun tracking Monrovia’s progress. This will be Maddox’ third season their and third season as a head coach. Good things are happening.

    Usually the “rich get richer” and I would expect the teams won CIF titles to be have more talent in the pipelines next year. The real question is whether or not the newbies at SD, CO, LM etc realize that championships don’t just happen, and they can not live off the accomplishments of past year’s classes. I suppose the good news for SD and LM is that they have a ton coming back…it sounds like CO does as well, not to mention they are such a well established system.

  • Oiler Pride

    This is going to be the year that Montebello shocks a lot of teams, no one is considering them at all right now, but in the end they will finish above a lot of the “ranked” teams.
    Behind the scenes there have been a lot of positive changes at Oiler-ville, including an improved coaching staff that brings a lot of experience and titles with them, and all the players are practicing with a new level of energy and pride that has been missing for years.
    “2010 is the year of the Oilers”


    !!!FEAR THE MEAD!!!

  • Pete and Son

    Oiler Pride,

    Until Pete puts the team infront of his son (OC) you guys are going nowhere fast. The best part of you staff last year is gone. You core issues coaching, quarterback and no true running back have not been resolved. You are going to get whip by 16th rank Shurr again.

  • Montebello before Pete was no better than a Pop Warner team

    Funny story about Pete’s first days at Montebello told to me by one of his long time assistant coaches. As the story goes some of Montebello’s previous coaches stayed on and were looking at film with Pete and his boys. Pete asks the coaches about their base this and base that and a series of questions that resulted in blank stares and complete silence. Seems St. Paul might have been slightly more advanced than Montebello in coaching circles. Don’t know Pete personally but do know he did win a CIF Championship with the Swordsmen so that’s huge and he still has guys from St. Paul with him. As far as giving his son the OC job, well I’ve never been a fan of nepotism in any form.

    Speaking of nepotism, what did Lady Karma drop on the Kiffin Klan. Talk about wishing he stayed at Tennessee!!! So there is justice after all.

  • itfeelslikesomebodyiswatchingyou

    Oiler Pride(Coach)
    Last year you made the exact same comments. You said that pete is a great coach with a great staff. Same pete but whole new staff, why did they all bail on the great pete & the oilers? Did they all go to the coach that really got them to the 2007 CIF championship at St Paul. His staff he has right now did not make the play-offs last year at temple city and were run out of Eagle rock for being real friendly with the stat keepers. You cant run away from your past it will eventually catch up to you.

  • Pete and Son

    Looks like the new staff is going to get alone real well with Pete and Son. We all can’t go into why Pete was run out of St. Paul, because it won’t be posted.

  • EST = Stoopid

    New York

    “It would be great if Amat can get back to the point where they unofficially challenge Mt. SAC as the best team in the area.”

    No wonder West Coasters hate East Coast Blowhards.

    In any given year, the weakest JC in the area, would blowup the best high school team in the area.

  • New York

    Really? Even though the ’94 Amat team lost to Mater Dei in week 14, they likely would have beaten many JC teams. Minor (Notre Dame), McCutcheon (USC), Huma (UCLA), Brown (Nebraska the next year). How many JCs had that calliber of talent on their rosters? Besides, a great HS team has more chemistry than most JC teams who are cobbled together for a year at a time.

  • Montebello before Pete was no better than a Pop Warner team said:

    Montebello before Pete was no better than a Pop Warner team said:
    Stop blaming the old coaching staff they were not their when pete the great went 3-7 and did not make the play-offs. I think that’s part of the problem Pete being the guru that he is should of asked the true oilers that know what oiler pride is all about to stay and help with the transition and not put all of his chips on coaches he though were loyal to him. If the coaches did not have answersto his questions. That’s where a real head coach step in and coaches up his staff and make his staff better. Pete would know that being a guru and all.

  • WG OG

    The teams before Pete went 3-7 every year on average. Sorry I looked it up, remember I wrote “averaged”. Is that the Oiler Pride you’re talking about. I’m sure if the coaches didn’t have the answers the players were probably lacking as well. Not sure what has happened at Montebello during his first year but it’s clear Montebello needs to get his act together. Hopefully Oiler Pride takes hold but my guess is Montebello will continue to become Pico Rivera West.

  • EST = Stoopid

    New York

    I’m sure you’re a great fan, but also one that believes the likes of the following teams could play at the next level:

    2004 USC & 2005 Texas teams could surely play at the level of the weakest NFL teams…

    2001 Duke, & 1984 Georgetown teams could hang with the Clippers & Rockets…

    Sorry, not gonna happen.

  • Oiler Pride

    To all you non-believers(ex-coaches)that have something personal against Coach Pete & his son, jealousy is bad because karma will eat you alive.
    But let me tell you my son and the rest of the team have learned more this Spring with the new coaching staff, then they did all last year with the quitters that left the program.
    The truth will be told this season in the final outcome of each game, Montebello’s football program is finally back to the level of tradition.
    “2010 is the year of the Oilers”

  • Pete is the problem

    WG OG,

    I do know what was going on, Pete blamed it on the players. He clearly stated that he didn’t have enough talent to win. The coaches blamed it on Pete and his son, why do you think they all quit. Very rare that you see a DC quit during the middle of the season. I have never seen a coach quit during the season because of the players, it has always been because of the coaching. Your team will continue to suck due to coaching, unless you want to believe Pete you don’t have the talent to win.

  • WG OG

    Are coaches different than coaches? I don’t think so. Players who quit are quitter, coaches who quit are quitters, where’s the difference? The players cry to Momma and the Coaches cry to their Wives. Either way it’s still being a cry baby.

    Curious were the coaches who quit St. Paul guys or Montebello hold overs?

  • Get your stories straight

    All the ex SP guys at Montebello went to Warren when the new staff took over there. Too bad SP is stuck with those guys from Glenn.

  • Oil Spill

    No story to get straght just say who’s still there and who left. Better yet why would anyone care. We’re talking Montebello Oilers right? When you average 3 wins over the past seven years that’s not saying much regardless of who’s coaching.

  • New York

    Stupid not Stoopid:

    Nope. I don’t think the best collegiate teams can compete in the NFL, not even close. The NFL(even the losing teams) is filled with the best of the best from every level of football imaginable AND there is no eligibility clock ticking to cause the attrition that hits colleges. The offensive and defensive schemes in the NFL are far more complex, the players are nastier, stronger, faster, etc.

    My feeling regarding the top/elite high school team versus a JC is this: The age and physical maturity difference are not as great when considering ELITE HS programs (LB Poly). The best JC talent tends to stick around one season and then go to spring ball at a four-year school, meaning the top JC players are usually 6 months older than the top HS players. So an ELITE high school team who has guys who actually end up starting at major four-year schools as freshman should be comparable or better to JC teams who have guys transferring out to four-year schools after the season. Also, team chemistry and pride (high schoolers are playing for their school/team/eachother) while a lot of the JC guys are playing for themselves to get noticed. The high schoolers have 4+ years together while a lot of the time the JC team has one year together.

  • Best to Worse is Stupid

    Best vs Worse arguments are stupid. I weighed 172 when i graduated HS and by Summer or my 1st JC year I was 210 with muscles on top of muscles with the same 32 inch waist!

    Men mature quickly after HS as so many parents are acknowledging by keeping kids back in the 8th grade.

    Furthermore, JC coaching is more advanced, even at losing programs as evidence by the constant flow of players moving on. Also in HS 19 years is the limit to play. In JC ball there is no limit, only years played that total 4!

    HS Football is about young boys and a few yound men. JC ball is all MEN !!! Huge difference.
    In HS players develop and get groomed, in JC ball players come from all over and all think their studs or at least were in HS. Big Difference!

    Worst to Best is just Stupid.

    Lew Alcindor’s UCLA best team vs today’s LA Clippers? Go with the Clippers!

  • Aram nut up for once and rank the coaches in the area

    Aram if you consider Jeffries a “good” QB and Pasquerella an “excellent” coach what would you consider and “excellent” Qb and a “good” coach, lol. I think Jffries is an “excellent” Qb and Coach P is a “very solid high school coach”. I’d leave excellent to men like Servite’s Thomas or the legendary Welch. Hagerty is well on his way to that status considering his long career and many successful stops.

    Aram we always rank high school players by position and rank schools every year but we never rank coaches, why is that? Does that put too much pressure on you.

    For once I’d like to see a real list that ranks coaches, either by staff or on their own merit.

    What do you say Aram isn’t it time to allow the MEN in the game to be evaluated like the KIDS are?

    Come one Aram get your feet wet. Ask the Guru, an expert for sure, to help you rank the coaches in the area. Include all regions like you’re suppose to be doing.

    Nut up for once.

  • New York

    Best to Worse,
    That was well thought out. I am not talking about on average, just an elite high school team with a handful of guys who start at elite colleges the following year.

    By the way, Lew Alcinder’s frosh team at UCLA beat the varsity…go figure.

  • Dan

    New York,
    I think I’m with the other two posters on this one.
    Last season Citrus was like 3 & 7 or 2 & 10, can’t quite remember, but my point is they were not very good, yet you could easily see that the size and speed were above any highschool team in So. Cal wether it’s Poly, or Servite or Mater Dei. Big step up from highschool to just a JC. Now can you imagine a JC football farm like Mt. Sac? I mean even at Citrus
    just about every body on the line was 280 to over 300, add to that some of the best skill players from the local area and one to two more years of physical and mental maturity and there is a huge difference. I saw one of our linebackers that played over at West Covina
    walking at Citrus, the kid was already pretty good sized in highschool but he had grown much thicker compared to his senior year in highschool.

  • New York

    I definitely agree that the LOS would usually have huge differences, but doesn’t Poly typically have those types of numbers across it’s line? I also realize my initial post was a stretch and meant for fun until someone said it was “stoopid”… As far as coaching goes, consider the pedigrees at places like Mission Viejo or Oaks Christian. Look at Amats…these guys know a lot about football.

    Anyway, glad everyone is doing well.

  • Dan

    New York,
    Your probably right, I’ll bet Poly and a few others get close to that size on the LOS, although I don’t think the quality of player would be as good over all, I’d bet the the JC kids would be more mature with quicker instincts and a year or two stronger.
    Off the topic, I’m looking forward to seeing how Monrovia will match up with South Hills and Glendora this year, you always hear about the talent over at M-Town, couple that with Maddox keeping more of the talent at home and you can’t help but get the feeling that in any given year the Wildcats could come out with some kind of jaggernaut, also looking forward possible match ups of Monrovia Schurr and San Dimas.

  • GameDayatUSC

    Which is the BEST week for football this season? Meaning the WEEK with the BEST matchups?
    I did a quick check, and it looks like it could be:


    These are the matchups playing that night:












    This is the week where we need 3 on Thursday,4 Friday, and 4 Saturday. I Will go to the DAMIEN/AMAT game, but would love to see a few others.

    Now this would be a GREAT three day event @ ANGEL STADIUM, or the H.D Center at 30.00 a night w/proceeds going to some charity. CIF NEEDS to come up with something like that besides in the FINALS!

  • New York

    Glendora and South Hills will be great litmus tests for our LOS, big time! Maddox has been a great addition to the family. I’m looking forward to see what we’ve learned for SanDimas-Monrovia 3.

  • St.Paul 77


    Your #6 ranking of Chino Hills was respectful to the sgv, the ” ? ” after Nate Harris is a kid named Ifo Ekpre-Olumu. Look him up, or just ask any coach in the Pac-10 who he is. By the way, La Habra QB Cody Clements is the son of former All-CIF Swordsmen LB Brian Clements. Amat 73 might remember him, St.Paul went all the way in 1972.

  • Dan

    St. Paul 77,
    I agree about Chino Hills, I would put them at # 3 behind Amat & La Habra, along with Ekpre Olumu, to answer the question of Nate Harris and who, I would say a team that seems to reload pretty well every year.

  • Dan

    I saw Claremont in a passing game against West Covina a few weeks back, if they have any kind of line they will make some noise in the Sierra, lots of good sized athletes, kind of reminded me of Upland or Rancho C. with the number of athletes they had. They had a nice looking offense and they played a pretty tight pass coverage too.

  • SGV 4 30 Years

    All these passing tournaments are great during the summer. I’m excited and can’t wait until the season starts for real. I’m also interested in seeing how good these passing league All Americans are when they get hit, or have to make a tough throw with blitzing lb’s coming at them from all angles. Football is still a simple game the team that blocks the best and tackles the best will usually win. I’ve seen some Tarzans’ turn into some real Janes’ going over the middle once the pads are on.

    SGV430 Ouuut!!!!!!!!!!

  • Football is just around the corner

    There are those who think La Habra has slipped this year. As Aram said, they have reloaded. Offensively, I don’t think they will miss a beat. Clement is getting recruited by D1 schools, Bartalone is now a junior and will tear it up this year and they have a nice solid backfield.

  • Aaron

    I’m just going to leave these names here:
    Garrett Pendleton
    Casey Horine
    Garrett Horine
    Matt Migdat
    Giamani Johnson
    KC Huth
    Tarez Lemmons
    Daniel Harriman
    Cody McKenzie
    Matt Gelalich
    Eric Mikity
    Zach Brungard
    Robert Moss
    Brandon Odle

  • AMAT 73

    St Paul 77.
    Yes I do seem to remember that name although I do try to keep memories like that out of my mind. Good luck to you guys and here’s hoping your program rises again because it would be great to look forward to yearly meetings between our schools again even though you do know who would come out on top . All kidding aside I wish your team a winning and injury free season.

  • St Paull 77

    AMAT 73

    Good luck this season, Chino Hills has contributed a lot of talent to Bishop Amat in the past five years.

  • Karma

    South Hills and injuries. the football gods punishment for recruiting!

  • Don

    I made this observation regarding the Santa Fe HC but I think Campa’s software didn’t like it:

    Re Santa Fe Coach.

    Jack Mahlstede was coaching the Santa Fe team back when I was playing against them from the old Whitmont League between 69 and 72. To illustrate HOW long ago that was, RETIRED La Serna Coach Kenny Lavigne was his center.

    And Dick Nixon, another Whittier boy, was in the White House.

    Mahlstede is a legend, not only in the SE LA County but adjacent areas too. He also seems to have scheduled a barn burner of a preseason: Warren, Bonita, Esperanza, Charter Oak, and Downey.

    Keep strokin’ Jack.

  • Dan

    Yeah Don, I played against his seventies teams too, the guy’s been around forever.

  • Air Ball

    Does anyone know the winners of last weeks passing tourneys? Who won the Beverly Hills Tourney? Who is the favorite for the Bonita Tourney this weekend and is Bishop Amat in this one again too?

  • Aerobic exercise will support you burn the fat the most effective. Exercises like this consist of jogging, swimming, cardio workouts, and running. In the event you do not have lots of time throughout the day, you are able to incorporate your workout inside your regular routine. Rather than walking your dog, you may desire to jog instead of walk. You could try a cardio workout whilst watching television instead of sitting on the couch and performing nothing.

  • Aerobic activity comes in a lot of forms and you can benefit from the time you spend in performing them. The benefits of aerobic exercise are very good for your body and your mind and will help to make you live longer, stay healthier and feel great.

  • Forget running on the treadmill or riding a stationary bike there’s a new method to do aerobic exercise, The Wii Fit game. It’s definitely a sign of the times that it is possible to actually get a excellent workout by playing a video game. The Wii Fit has strength training, yoga, balance, and aerobics. I spend most of my time doing the aerobics because that’s what I’m most interested in and I think it’s the quickest method to burn the most calories. Plus I really like the aerobics games like rhythm boxing and the step classes. These games are actually fun but they are also a fantastic workout.