Arroyo tops 20 teams to win Hauck Tournament in Vegas; Monrovia reaches semis …

Arroyo, one of several Mid-Valley Division contenders, won the Bobby Hauck 7-on-7 Tournament at UNLV, beating out 20 teams from California, Nevada, Texas and Utah.

The Knights went 6-0. Monrovia, also from the Mid-Valley Division, advanced to the semis before bowing out.

Aram’s take: Since one blogger who sounds like he was there says Knights WR Anthony Miller played, I will change my take. Uh, great job by the Knights and ‘Cats. Maybe I’m not giving Arroyo enough credit in the Mid-Valley Division. Maybe they do belong on the same level as Zan Dimaz, M-Town and Schurr.

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  • Fear the Knights!

    Congrats to Arroyo! I have to say watching them in the Finals last year versus Charter Oak in the Knights own tourney was a thrill especially going Sudden Death. I was really upset that Charter Oak avoided our tourney this year and there won’t be any long awaited rematch versus the two teams. Charter Oak beat us on the last play and none of us will forget that game ever. We want to play you Chargers! Anyways, Arroyo continue to represent and remember Friday nights is where the “real” games are won and loss. This is our year!

  • K

    Rivera is the real deal, I am not surprised at all. I am surprised to hear Monrovia did so well, only because they are not really a passing team. Shoot, if Bueno can kill you with him legs and his arm a lot of people are in trouble!

    I am excitied for the Arroyo Shootout on July 10th! It will be a great chance to see some area teams go at it early! Don’t forget Whittier Christian QB Stephen Anderson, he is gonna make some noice at that tourney, I can promise you that!

  • Silly

    Considering that Monrovia was just a few of the players without any coaches or a full team. I understand that some parents took some of the kids on the trip. None of the coaching staff was there. ‘Cats could stir up some trouble in the valley this season.

  • PB

    Monrovia showed up in Vegas with a make shift team of players from all 3 levels and without key players. Oh, and no coaches. Bueno coached the offense while a dad called the defense. Bueno can throw, they just never had to. Watch out this season!!!

  • MidValley

    It was awesome to see the only 2 California teams pulling for each other as they played back to back on the same field in the semi’s. Bueno was real good & the Wildcat athletes are going to be a huge problem for a lot of teams. Defensively both California teams were the most physical of any team in the tournament. And I got news for you, Aram, Anthony Miller played. Rivera and his wr’s shredded defenses all day averaging over 30ppg. The Arroyo starting defense also looked solid with 9 int’s on the day and brought 2 back for scores. The tournament began at 3 and the championship game ended about 10pm. By the end of the night champion Arroyo & Semi-finalist Monrovia all had a 4 hour drive back to the SGV to look forward too. Great job Knights and Wildcats way to represent.

  • Reno Hightower

    Vegas, Baby, Vegas! Reno knows about road trips to Vegas and he ain’t talking about the buffet @ Circus Circus. Congrats to Arroyo and M-Town on fine showings. Mixed feelings. Great that Bueno has the charisma to shift from baseball to football and lead his troops. Concerned that the M-Town players went on their own with out the coaches or maybe the coaches knowledge. Interstate 15 is not an easy drive late at night or during the day. New York, who is running the asylum; Maddox or some parents?

  • just to let yall know

    Umm come on this is passsing league arroyo would never compete with CO in a real game soo stop hyping up this little passing tournament junk get a grip people!

  • M-town parent

    It was a last minute decision for Monrovia to attend the UNLV passing tournament. Several key varsity players were unable to commit, so the roster was filled with some JV and frosh players. They were just going for the experience and they had the coaching staff’s blessing. Thank you to the parents who volunteered their time to make this possible. My son had a great time playing with the varsity kids. Kudos to Nick Bueno for taking charge of the team and making my son (a freshman) feel welcome. Since none of the coaches could attend, Nick was player/coach during the whole tournament. I was told that he did a tremendous job and was able to give every player ample playing time. No wonder coach Maddox thinks so highly of his quarterback.

  • RHL fan

    Which CO? The CO team with legitimate CO student/athletes or the one with several transfers from other schools?


    This is what happens when you you when 3 championships in this decade let the hate begin… HAHAHA

    Please passing league is one thing but to compare Arroyo to CO is like comparing CO to Long Beach Poly. CO will all ways have bigger, stronger and faster kids than Arroyo.

    Fear the Knights!,

    By all means Charter Oak is trying to stay away from your tournament. When we played you guys last year and beat you on your own field! Racial slurs were being thrown by your players and even your coaches! The CO tradition will have none of that, and will not be associated with that type of bigotry.

  • Aaron

    Does Arroyo play Claremont again this season? Because if so expect a big loss. Arroyo was ranked first in the Mid-Valley Division and then they met Claremont and lost 42-21. Kessler threw for 334 yards 20/25 and three touchdowns.

    So I say don’t anoint them. However give it up for the M Town Wildcats and what they accomplished.


    Nobody cares!

    Bitter about a passing tournament in 2009? Silly Knights!

    San Dimas is 10 times better than you and you know it!

  • SGV shootout

    I was at the SGV Shootout last year- was there the whole day. I was standing right there the whole time CO and Arroyo were playing and there was never ever any racial slurs thrown by players, coaches or fans. What are you talking about? Arroyo has a lot of latino players anyway so why would race even enter the conversaton. I talked to the Farrars (both of them) after the game and they never said a word about it. They shook Singiser’s hand! You playing the race card just shows how immature and ignorant you are. Farrar told me he thought Rivera was great. Dude get your facts straight and quit hiding behind race. If you’re going to represent CO at least have your information correct.

  • New York

    There is a strong Monrovia contingency up in Vegas. Hopefully these guys were doing some state of the art training up there.

    There must not have been any golf tournaments up there that weekend, but Bueno’s the man.

  • SGV

    All winter we read that we can’t wait for football. So we have the start of passing league and you have 2 teams from your own backyard that that drove 4 hours in the morning to kick a** from 2pm-10pm and then drive back 4 hours that night and you guys still have to look for something to tear apart? I was so impressed by the Monrovia kids who(almost to player) wished the Arroyo kids well in the championship. And it was neat to see our coach telling the Monrovia kids to hustle to the line and call plays because time was running out on them. See for them it was the “SGV vs everyone else”. No one is saying Arroyo won anything other than a summer passing tournament. Right now all we have is 7 on 7 to look at. In 3 months we will have real football to dissect. If after week one anyone is talking about getting their fingers sized for rings… by all means blast away! Until then relax.

  • Arroyo Parent

    Instead of trying to find negative things to say, why not just say Congratulations to both teams for representing SGV so well. We are very proud of our boys for not giving up after loosing there first game. Instead they came back to play and win. As to the comment made about Monrovia players possibly being there without Maddox’s knowledge, I don’t believe that was the case. Just knowing the kind of kid Bueno is, he would of never gone without his coach’s Ok. I have to give it to Monrovia, if I am not mistaken they were the smallest team there. I think they only had 13 or 15 players, and at that of all playing levels. If I am not mistaken I do believe I also saw two Arcadia High School players as part of there team. When I did some asking around I was told they were Arcadia’s two Varsity running backs. Can someone verify that for me. Congratulations to both teams for representing SGV so well.

  • Reno Hightower

    Reno don’t know much about nothing especially if it comes to football. What if any of the Arcadia boys got hurt in this passing tournament coached by Monrovia parents? Reno seems to recollect that one of Arcadia’s top players was lost for the season last year when he hurt a knee at a 7 on 7 passing combine. Would players from School A playing for School B in a passing league/tournament fall under the umbrella of undue influence? If so, would these players lose their eligibility or the school face sanctions? Did you think that question out? Reno believes in the importance of passing leagues and tournaments. Reno just believes that it should be left in the expertise of coaches not players and parents.

  • KnightStalker

    I think the point the Arroyo parent was making was that it was a makeshift group of players from Monrovia that played their butts off. And it isn’t undue influence if no coach was present to influence them. And it certainly isn’t undue influence if the kids continue to play for Arcadia. Bueno is a great kid and the Monrovia parents were totally supportive of both SGV schools.

  • anonymous

    Lighten up Francis!!! These are just kids having fun with their friends. Everyone was okayed by their coaches. In fact, the UNLV coaching staff took special interest in several of the players (Bobby Hauck spoke to them individually), so that benefitted the kids tremendously. This is no different from players attending camps.

  • Reno Hightower

    Reno to Francis. You touch my stuff and I’ll kill ya’. Reno is happy that the SGV boyz did well and thinks the world of Nick Bueno. It wasn’t a camp and Monrovia, coached by parents, used kids from another school. Did those kids from another school have their coaches okay? Are you positive? Undue influence is not only for coaches. It can come from parents as well. Why did UNLV Coach Hauck take a special interest in certain kids? It is called RECRUITING. Don’t make Reno go Sgt. Hulka on you!

  • PB

    You are over-thinking this, sir. This whole thing was okayed by everybody concerned, parents and coaches. Great job by both SGV teams. And to clarify matters. They didn’t register as Monrovia High School, but as “Monrovia”.

  • GET LOST !!!!








  • Reno Hightower

    Hey All Caps. Reno stated congratulations in all his previous posts. No need to insult. And if a key M-Town player playing for another city/high school got injured what would the response be on this site? Reno bets the house that it would not be positive. Again, Reno shouts out congrats to Arroyo High School and the City of Monrovia Club Football Team.

  • AZ13

    In case you missed it yesterday, Azusa kicked San Dimas ass in passing league. We hope we see them in the playoffs, it will be different.

  • Idiot


    Do you know anything about football, are you really that clueless. San Dimas is a traditional Wing T team. That means they run the ball a lot, don’t have much of a passing game. If you guys over at Azusa played them in the playoffs you would get destoryed, in the first quarter.

  • Perspective

    Hey AZ13,

    Please put this in perspective. San Dimas scored 50 running the ball on you last year. Its passing league.

  • Aaron

    It’s been said that San Dimas is supposed to open it up next season because of Kevin Kolbeck…well he’s one guy and he’ll lead the team in receiving. But Kennedy will be about 12-1300 yards passing and for San Dimas Runningbacks to put up 4000+ yards unless defenses start shutting them down.

    I hope my alma mater does.

  • AZ13

    Were you there? I was, and maybe they will run the ball on us a little, but we scored anytime we wanted. SD must have lost a lot on D, because they sucked. Our lineman were the best of all the schools that were there.

  • Observantcat

    Aaron, I dont think that San Dimas has the firepower to get even 2500 rushing yards this season. You graduated 85% of your running game last year and the QB is not fast enough to make up the difference in his passing game. Unless there is another Monsoon in the forecast I think that this year’s San Dimas team will be mediocre at best. San Dimas has lost their best defensive players as well. A lot of teams will show no mercy in exploiting these weaknesses.

  • Aaron

    Whoah there Buddy! I am not a San Dimas Saint. I am a Bonita Bearcat!

    I was just using the trend base on statistics since Zernickow has taken over. And well Bonita will be ready in zero week for them!

  • Keep Dreaming

    AZ13 please understand we are talking about Azusa and San Dimas. You guys suck and always will suck. No body and I mean no body is going to attend Azusa High from outside of the attendance area, it’s Azusa and you will always suck, sorry that is just the way it is.

  • AZ13

    Observantcat knows what’s up. San Dimas is finished. Hey keep dreaming Azusa will show no mercy on san dimas in the playoffs.



    Hey I bet your still dreaming about getting LA_ED! AZUSA FOOTBAL doesn’t suck. Mr.SUCKS and all we needed was the right coach! So suck on that. You act like there’s another type of football were playing, and explain to me what football your talking about?

    By the way have the BA_ _ S to put down the school your represnting down, so I can think of school that would slap the DREAMING out of you!n There’s always a BIGGER & BETTER team out.

  • SD Backer


    SD may have graduated 85% of their running offense, but the year before they graduated 100% of it. Just saying that the SD coaches seem to develop talent very well. Something tells me they run the ball fine this year.

    AZ13, I wasn’t there yesterday but it sounds like Azusa put a whoopin on SD. Was anyone else there that can back this story, or is this guy blowing weed smoke?

  • Observantcat

    SD backer, Not knocking the program but where San Dimas is going to hurt the most is on D. They will have a decent O but not nearly as effective as 2008-2009. There is a lot of hype in being the Defending CIF champions and the kids will have to live up to every bit of it this season. Just like Paraclete tried to. It should be a very intersting season for all of the Mid-Valley teams. I think the entire conferece is underatted.

  • Check it — We had San Dimas in today for some photos for the preview issue. Wow. It was just Coach Z and three players and I seriously thought they were Amat or CO when they walked in. Not saying that means anything, but wow.

    —- What I’m trying to say is that I was shocked SD has athletes/size like that —-

    Remember, I wasn’t here last year.

  • ???

    ARAM, What are you trying to say? “and I seriously they were”??? What’s this post about anyways?

    Take your time and rewrite what your trying to say.

    Thank you>

  • Observantcat

    Well Aram, if the Saints look like Amat then the Cats Look like the SC Trojans. I dont know about you but I would put my money on the SC Trojans.

  • I’m sure they will. I don’t know about SC, but I get the point. I just wasn’t used to seeing San Dimas with horses like that. That wasn’t how it was when I went to prison in Century City three years ago.

  • Size does Matter


    OK, you brought up the size topic, now I have a question for you? How tall or should I say how short is Fred? A few players and a coach from a school not to be named meet with you guys recently and all the players were talking about was how short Fred was.

  • Harry Blackstone

    Fred’s about 5’6″ in heels and wears a size 1. Think Eva Longoria.

    I used to sell Levi’s at the Starlight Drive during high school. He’s probably a 29/30 or waist size 26 if it’s Grease NIght at the local Diner!


  • Observantcat

    FOR ALL OF THE LOYAL MONROVIA FANS AND ALUMNI: This is the reason a lot of Monrovia High School Fans and Alum are greatful for having a coaching CHANGE in the past few years. Coach Garrison Had this kid in the palm of his hands and though he made a better Corner Back or saftey. I just rean accross a great story of one of Monrovia’s Atheletes that would have never had a real chance under Coach Garrison and his regiem. Dwight Smith! This article should put thngs in prosective as to what kind of hidden talents lye right in Monrovia’s own back yard.

    When Dwight Smith arrived at TCU, nobody thought he would ever be able to play football for them. One year later, he may not only the most underrated player in college football, but also one of the best running backs in the entire NCAA.

    Smith had a very interesting journey through high school. He started out in Texas, moved to California in his junior year to live with his dad, and then back to Texas for his senior season. But something happened to add a big speed bump in his road.

    When Smith returned to Texas, he learned that some of the classes that he took in California did not count towards his high school credits and that he wouldn’t be eligible for college.

    As a football player in high school, he was one of the best Texas has ever seen. He lead Carthage High School to their first ever division 3-A state championship in his senior season. During that season he rushed for a whopping 2,820 yards, 11.8 yards per carry and 43 touchdowns in a single season.

    That included 272 yards and five touchdowns in the state championship game.

    At 5’11, 225, he has the body to be a great running back. Add that to his hand timed 4.24 and 4.39 electronic timed 40 yard dash at a USC workout and his brute strength, and you have everything you need to be a dominating running back.

    Smith had one visit to USC, and then it became the thought that he would never be able to play college football, so no teams gave him offers.

    USC coaches said he was not only the best player to visit that year, but the best running back they’ve ever had visit. A player who is widely regarded as the best player in the state of Texas, and one of the best high school running backs ever, was very unlikely to even play a single down in college.

    USC gave him a verbal offer on the spot, but then a week later revoked it after they found out that he had a zero percent chance of qualifying academically. Texas was also recruiting him very hard until they saw the exact same thing.

    That didn’t stop TCU from going after him. TCU, along with the help of his high school coach, did a lot of research, and found a spot where Smith could qualifyif was a long shot, but they went for it.

    They tried to appeal it anyways, thinking there’s a less than 1% chance it would go through. Very shockingly, the appeal went through, so there was now a very slight chance that Smith would be able to qualify.

    Smith then took the ACT test, and passed it, which was another big surprise. He was beginning to defy all odds and it started looking even better for him.

    But it was still a big long shot, as he needed two years worth of classes to take all in his last semester of high school.

    When Major Applewhite of Texas saw Smith actually had a slim chance of playing college football, he offered him right on the spot, which was a few days before National Signing Day.

    But Smith stayed loyal to the team that originally offered him and that stuck with him the whole way in TCU. He still had a ton of work to do, but TCU had a potential diamond in the rough with Smith.

    TCU showed a lot of patients and interest in helping him not only be able to live his dream and play football, but also help get his grades up and live a successful life.

    He spent all of 2009 as a greyshirt (You go to the campus, but are not on the football team, so the next year you can play football as a true freshman) and worked very hard to get the amount of credits he needed to play football.

    Smith worked extremely hard all year long to catch up on year’s worth of work, and recently became eligible to play college football.

    Nobody thought he would be able to get his grades up that much and work that hard, but he proved people wrong. Nobody would’ve thought that TCU would ever have a running back as good and talented as LaDanian Tomlinson, but they might have one, just a decade later, in Smith.

    But don’t take it from me how good he is, here are some things that other people have said about Smith:

    NFL running back who was at the same football camp working out with Smith once said, “Dwight Smith has the most God-Given talent I have ever seen in a young player. He could play in the NFL right now, and he would not only be the biggest running back on my NFL team right now, but he would also be the fastest”.

    An opposing team’s coach that Carthage and Smith played against said, “Dwight Smith is better at his age, than any other running back that I have ever seen in East Texas. And that includes Adrian Peterson who I saw play, and whom I coached against. Smith is ahead of Peterson at their same ages. Smith will be a starting running back in the NFL”.

    An opposing player once said, “I had the privilege of seeing Dwight Smith play last fall in a district game. After the first time I saw him carry the ball I realized the chances of beating Carthage was about zero.

    “This kid had size about 225 and could flat out fly. I was concerned that someone would try to take Dwight head on and be seriously hurt. The best high school running back I have ever seen. This kid’s talent just blew me away”.

    That is very high praise for a player that you’ve most likely never heard of. It’s amazing to me how a player this talented is talked about this little. He deserves the hype Adrian Peterson got when he was a freshman at Oklahoma, Smith could be that good.

    To see his only highlights, check him out in the Texas High School State Championship game in the Dallas Cowboys stadium here:

    Smith is #22 on the red team.

    If you didn’t know the name, Dwight Smith, you do now and you will be hearing a lot more about it in the future.

  • Dan

    Observant Cat,
    I don’t know Garrison or his situation at Monrovia but I don’t see the connection, how is Garrison responsible for this kid leaving Monrovia? It doesn’t sound like this kid slipped thru the palm of his hand,
    the kids family moved to Texas. As for playing this kid at corner was the kid young at the time? Maybe in his later years he would eventually have been moved to running back.

  • Observantcat

    Good Question Dan. The reason I took more interest in this story is because a lot of kids slip through the cracks in the sports that they are great at. I notice that the area papers dont do most of these types of athelets any justice as well. This Kid came back to live with his Father hoping to fulfill his dreams of playing football and advancing to a D1 school and continue playing the game. As you can see that fell apart under the leadership of the Monrovia Coaching staff at the time. He was played so sparingly at running back that his opportunity to prove himself went out the window. After his Jr. season at Monrovia, he decided to take refuge back in Texas where a coach saw through his rough spots and helped him get his eyes back on the prize. At Monrovia he would have just been a whinning pre-maddona in the eyes of Garrison and staff. As you may also remember others left during the 08-09 season as well lured by more playing time and more college recruiting possibilitys. These players went on to improve an already good Charter Oaks team to 2 CIF championships, While Dwight Smith took his Texas team to the Texas finals and won handily over their opponent. So the reason I bring this up mainly to Monrovia fans because most others in the area may or may not understand why people were so pro Maddox, is because we lose players simply because the kids get lost in coaching and parent politics and end up Nowhere! eg. Marquise Williams. He along with Smith would have been the best 1-2 punch in probably The Whole Southern Cal along with back-ups Brandon Golden and DJ Cole in 2008.

  • Dan

    Marquise Williams, Dwight Smith, Brandon Golden, Nick Bueno on the same offense! Quite the strain on any defense, think of the possibilities, all of the what could have been’s… Better yet don’t go down that road O Cat, it would probably drive you nuts.

  • Observantcat

    Your’re right Dan. I’m trying to think about what can be. Now that Maddox has seen the potential in a lot of his players that are coming of age, he should keep focused on their development on to the next level and not just their athletic abilities but their academic abillities as well. I think the best is yet to come for Maddox, this year he has a more experienced team overall and a backfield that to me is hard to match. I hope the local papers live up to their jobs to best illustrate the positive aspects of most of these atheletes. This area has a long way to go in achieving that respect. I just want to see these kids go as far as they can possibly go and acheive the most out of their experiences as both atheletes and scholars. I’m sure Maddox will keep up the good work and the players will play as a team with great team leaders to help them stay commited.

  • Saint

    Is Deshawn Ramirez still with the team? I heard he was m.i.a. from one of your coaches! I hope not he’s a great player!

  • Observantcat

    I Heard the same rumor…. but I know he is still on the team. It may be a gpa issue.

  • New York

    Time to do some outreach, O-Cat. No more dying on the vine.

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