2011 Schedules: Monrovia Wildcats …

Week 1: Glendora
Week 2: at Arcadia
Week 3: San Dimas
Week 4: South Hills
Week 5: at Paramount
Week 6: at La Canada
Week 7: Blair
Week 8: at San Marino
Week 9: at Temple City
Week 10: South Pasadena

Aram’s take: Of all the schedules I’ve seen, this could be the best put together of the lot. I think Coach Maddox knows his team isn’t likely to get tested too hard over the final five weeks of the season, so he’s loaded up the nonleague with (HERE’S THE KEY) doable but formidable games. It’s a perfect balance. Can you say for sure that M-Town will beat Glendora or South Hills? No. But you wouldn’t be shocked if they did and those wins would do wonders for the Wildcats’ street cred. The games with San Dimas and Arcadia are also nice because if M-Town were to be upset in those games, nobody would be overly stunned. As for league, it’s getting obvious Monrovia needs to be bumped to the Pacific League. As somebody who’s been going to RHL games since the mid ’80s when I was a kid, it breaks my heart to say that. But the demographics have changed just about everywhere else beside Monrovia. And when I see talent like I saw a week ago when I visited practice, it’s very obvious that Monrovia ISN’T a Rio Hondo League team. In year’s past, one would salivate about back-to-back road games at San Marino and Temple City. And while those two games should give the Wildcats a decent workout, they aren’t going to lose. The nonleague is very tough for a team that does have some veteran talent to replace. I will call for one slip up on that notion alone and put M-Town at 9-1 as my early record prediction.

  • Step Up to The Plate

    I disagree Aram.
    Once you win a title. All that matters are titles. This schedule should have some Div. II inland Empire teams on it or some OC powerhouses. At least TWO of theses games should be against teams the can’t beat.

    Otherwise it’s a house of cards and if they don’t win it all, they don’t deserve to win it all.

    This schedule is mediocre for a champ.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    Step up to the plate,

    Glendora and South Hills are both Inland Division (D-2) teams. The schedule is darn near perfect.

  • Aaron

    Schedule looks good name wise…but Monrovia needs a Chino Hills rather than a South Hills.

    But yes when releaguing comes around Mtown should go to the Pacific where they will do just fine. As far as the rest of the RHL…TC will be better, no idea about San Marino and South Pasadena.

  • Matt

    I think they should move up on the next round of change. As a LC fan,I think they should move up right now. If they went to the Pacific, that league would have to get rid of a Hoover or Glendale or both. That could be the problem. Also in the the Pacific you play your rival the last game. Arcadia plays CV in that deal.

  • Truth

    The reality no one wants to admit is that Monrovia should replace Muir in the Pacific League. Muir is now a small school with only 1000-1100 kids while Monrovia has about 1800. This makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways. Even in the RHL Muir would be only bigger than Blair. No one wants to do this but it should happen.

  • BigCat

    A good schedule for a team that’s rebuilding at a lot of key positions. The schedule should require the ‘Cat’s to work hard, but the hard work should produce wins.
    One key factor is that Monrovia used a lot of second and third team guys last year, even during the playoffs.
    The starters this year will have quite a bit of game eexperience.

  • the pacific

    truth said: i dont think you were using your head when you wrote what you wrote Muir in the rio hondo league would be just the same as keeping monrovia there. i understand the enrollment thing but Muir in the rhl get serious and you compared them to Blair you really dont know high school football. you must be a pasadena high fan or a guy who got the crap beat out of him in his high school days against Muir

  • Pasadenian

    the pacific read it over, what he said at first i thought that to but he was only saying Blair and Muir school sizes would be the same. but if i had a choice of who to kick out of the pacific it would be hoover and glendale and replace them with monrovia and tc.

  • maddog56

    i think monrovia going to the pacific league is a great idea, but they would have to get rid of glendale and hoover regardless if monrovia moves to that league or not. those two teams dont bring any competition really when it comes to football.

  • maddog56

    i think though that the issue with monrovia going to pacific league would be that they would play muir and i know they have avoided playing eachother since the nineties because they had gang problems at there games and fights would break out. i know monrovia doesnt have issues with gangs at there school like before, but i dont know about muir. but those two teams would put on quite a show.

  • Truth

    If you ask every non-football coach in the Pacific League which team they would like to see moved out of the league it would be Muir. Only there football and girls basketball is successful. There boys basketball finally did a little better this year, but not in their league, just in the divsion 5 playoffs!! All of their teams get demolished in all sports even their once-storied track program, not to mention they don’t carry one single frosh program!! Not one frosh program for any of there sports!! It is a pain for all of the Pacific League schools to have to schedule for there lower level programs. And they don’t even have water polo, swimming, tennis, golf, cross country, boys volleyball, badminton, etc!! And I compared there school size to Blair and said that they would be the 2nd smallest school in the RHL.

    Even if they combined Muir and Blair sports they would still be the smallest team in the Pacific League. Muir should be swapped with Monrovia and go to the RHL until they get there #’s up and then they can come back again. I’m not criticizing the school or there coaches at all I’m just saying it is a numbers game and it isnt fair for the kids at Muir or the other teams in the league. CIF does this all the time and I wonder why they haven’t done it in this situation. This is not just about football!!

  • Glendora95

    Aram, are you serious, 9-1? Monrovia has no chance against Glendora and South Hills. Nice pumping up the Monrovia Alumni preseason, but let’s see what happens come the actual season. Monrovia plays in a weak ass league,and if they even give us a run this coming season, I’ll run naked through their campus with their colors painted all over my body……..

  • SaintsR4real

    Monrovia vs Glendora…. Glendora too big, but, they do have a new coach. COULD be a good game.

    Monrovia vs South Hills….. I can’t see S. Hills taking a big hit from Monrovia again, S. Hils wil step up to the level we know.

    Monrovia vs San Dimas…. as much as we all kmow Monrovia wil have almost as much talent as last year (losing Bueno is big), San dimas will give them a run for their money. Series is tied 2 – 2, exciting times!!

  • Aaron

    Wait you guys really think South Hills and Glendora will be better than last year…no shot.

  • mtown

    Ellis McCarthy, #6 recruit in the nation, 5 star recruit.
    He won’t be the only D1 prospect coming out of Monrovia. All the homegrown kids are staying put; what happens once Monrovia starts getting transfers?

  • Pasadenian

    truth said: maybe you need to go back and check your stats Muir boys basketball team finished 3rd in league going 7-7 so that statement was false about them not doing good in league only two teams had winning league records and that was c.v and p.h.s. and believe me no coach would want Muir out of the pacific league. oh and you say they had a once storied track program well so far this year only Muir and i think arcadia still have runners running in the finals so once again that statement was false also. your right about their numbers in students are low and dont have a frosh program but come on get real Muir still owns the pacific in the most watched sports besides baseball.

  • Goldenarm

    Mentioning Muir exchanging anything with Blair, let alone looking at the Stangs as though they are some slouch is unreal.
    TREMENDOUS athletes suit up as Stangs. Their football program is one coach and two lineman away from a deep run into CIF at anytime, any year.
    Blair on the other hand, is a breath away from extinction.

  • If they win the games will come

    The cats have a great schedule. Glendora beat Monrovia, so the cats have something to prove against them. However, the cats are replacing Bueno with Frazier a D-1 prospect on both sides of the ball. Who is Glendora replacing Jefferies with? If you watched last years game monrovia beat themselves with interceptions and fumbles. They actually played the tartans well. This year all the soph and juniors will be Will be a year older. They also will have more speed. Monrovia will win this game. South hills lost all of their lineman. Just how are they going to beat Monrovia? They will get canada back, but skill guys dont win games…the hogs do? San Dimas? Nah they won’t beat the cats. Arcadia will be a tough game, and paramount will be a tough game. Monrovia is the favorite in the Midvalley. If they can go 14-0 they will get a bid for state championship. Then you can talk about moving monrovia into the pacific. Then you may see the wildcats playing schools like West Covina, Bishop Amat, maybe a chino Hills, Diamond Ranch or venture down into the OC. After this year I would like to see monrovia play this schedule… but they have to win it all this year before we can even think about changing anything.

    Week 0 Glendora
    Week 1 Charter Oak
    Week 2 Bonita
    Week 3 West Covina
    week 4 Bye
    Week 5 Burbank Burroughs
    Week 6 Arcadia
    Week 7 Phs
    Week 8 Muir
    week 9 Crescenta Valley
    Week 10Burbank

  • maddog56

    monrovia can easily play west covina now if they wanted to, they used to play them not too long ago. out of the three years i played varsity against west covina at monrovia, we beat them twice and they beat us once, and that was when they won cif for the first time in sixty years so monrovia is more than capable of playing with west co expeicially now with a new coaching staff who have obviously proven themselves these past three years. and i also think that monrovia is capable of playing in the pacific league too. i think they should make this move asap.

  • Dan

    Monrovia and West Covina had a good series of games between 2001 and 2006, Monroia won in 02 and 03, West Co won in 01,04,05,06, I think I remember New York or another Monrovia poster mentioning that the two teams had another series of games in the late 90’s with Monrovia getting 2 out of three or the teams splitting
    even, maybe they can chime in. with all that said, I think that this year West Co and Monrovia would have been a nice game.
    Finally got out to a West Covina practice today, lots of good, athletic kids on this team, The qb moving up from jv looks like he will do well, the line will lose
    many starters from last year but the kids filling in are being coached up by Maggiore and his staff, I was
    watching Mike Maggiore work with his line up close today and it helped ease my worries of our heavy graduation losses on the line, he does a very good job with linemen. I also heard the Bulldogs looked very good last week in a passing game vs Claremont. Maggiore and his staff are running a great program and doing a good job of creating interest from the kids within West Covina.

  • fg

    whos gonna stop ELLIS MCCCARTHY???? no one lol any team they play will have too put 4 guys on him …i saw this kid at the USC nike camp and he dominated every OL man he went up against …sooo GOODLUCK TOO YOU SGV coaches your gonna have your hands full with #18 ELLIS MCCARTHY

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