2011 Schedules: Monrovia Wildcats …

Week 1: Glendora
Week 2: at Arcadia
Week 3: San Dimas
Week 4: South Hills
Week 5: at Paramount
Week 6: at La Canada
Week 7: Blair
Week 8: at San Marino
Week 9: at Temple City
Week 10: South Pasadena

Aram’s take: Of all the schedules I’ve seen, this could be the best put together of the lot. I think Coach Maddox knows his team isn’t likely to get tested too hard over the final five weeks of the season, so he’s loaded up the nonleague with (HERE’S THE KEY) doable but formidable games. It’s a perfect balance. Can you say for sure that M-Town will beat Glendora or South Hills? No. But you wouldn’t be shocked if they did and those wins would do wonders for the Wildcats’ street cred. The games with San Dimas and Arcadia are also nice because if M-Town were to be upset in those games, nobody would be overly stunned. As for league, it’s getting obvious Monrovia needs to be bumped to the Pacific League. As somebody who’s been going to RHL games since the mid ’80s when I was a kid, it breaks my heart to say that. But the demographics have changed just about everywhere else beside Monrovia. And when I see talent like I saw a week ago when I visited practice, it’s very obvious that Monrovia ISN’T a Rio Hondo League team. In year’s past, one would salivate about back-to-back road games at San Marino and Temple City. And while those two games should give the Wildcats a decent workout, they aren’t going to lose. The nonleague is very tough for a team that does have some veteran talent to replace. I will call for one slip up on that notion alone and put M-Town at 9-1 as my early record prediction.