2011 Schedules: Covina Colts …

Week 0: West Covina
Week 1: at Gladstone
Week 2: at El Monte
Week 3: Walnut
Week 4: at Pomona
Week 5: at Baldwin Park
Week 6: Nogales
Week 7: San Dimas
Week 8: at Wilson
Week 9: BYE
Week 10: Northview

Aram’s take: Due to the Valle Vista League now having seven teams, Covina and its league brethren play just four nonleague games. In Covina’s case, two of them are strong and two of them leave a lot to be desired. Contrast Covina’s schedule with Monrovia’s. There’s no El Monte or Gladstone on Monrovia’s schedule and there shouldn’t be on Covina’s either. The West Covina game will go a long, long way toward letting us know just how far the Colts have come. The Walnut game is a big revenge spot. Covina cannot afford a slip up there. Folks I’ve spoken to who were at last year’s game said that Covina gave that one away. With Walnut replacing quite a few players, Covina looks like a good bet in that one. So where do the losses come from on this schedule? West Covina is the only potential loss and that game’s a toss-up (for now). Nobody in league is going to touch Covina. The Colts may get pressed by Pomona and possibly San Dimas, but let’s be honest — Covina has the league’s top QB, RB and WR. When you’ve got that big of an edge, only a fluke can derail you. For now, I will call the West Covina game a loss, the only one on the schedule, and Covina should be 9-1 with a lofty seeding heading into the Mid-Valley Division playoffs.