2011 Schedules: Covina Colts …

Week 0: West Covina
Week 1: at Gladstone
Week 2: at El Monte
Week 3: Walnut
Week 4: at Pomona
Week 5: at Baldwin Park
Week 6: Nogales
Week 7: San Dimas
Week 8: at Wilson
Week 9: BYE
Week 10: Northview

Aram’s take: Due to the Valle Vista League now having seven teams, Covina and its league brethren play just four nonleague games. In Covina’s case, two of them are strong and two of them leave a lot to be desired. Contrast Covina’s schedule with Monrovia’s. There’s no El Monte or Gladstone on Monrovia’s schedule and there shouldn’t be on Covina’s either. The West Covina game will go a long, long way toward letting us know just how far the Colts have come. The Walnut game is a big revenge spot. Covina cannot afford a slip up there. Folks I’ve spoken to who were at last year’s game said that Covina gave that one away. With Walnut replacing quite a few players, Covina looks like a good bet in that one. So where do the losses come from on this schedule? West Covina is the only potential loss and that game’s a toss-up (for now). Nobody in league is going to touch Covina. The Colts may get pressed by Pomona and possibly San Dimas, but let’s be honest — Covina has the league’s top QB, RB and WR. When you’ve got that big of an edge, only a fluke can derail you. For now, I will call the West Covina game a loss, the only one on the schedule, and Covina should be 9-1 with a lofty seeding heading into the Mid-Valley Division playoffs.

  • Week

    Is it possible for that schedule to be any softer? Maybe they should drop WC and add Los Altos.

  • Bob

    Let’s see what the combine record of these teams at the end of the season will be. 9 and 1 going into to the playoffs. Then a 1st round beat down. Who made this Schedule ???

  • Living Legend

    Bob, 6 of them are league games so in reality the principals of the southern section made up 60 percent of the this schedule…then the other 4 game, two of them are from higher divisions with one of those being the only team in this area to win a CIF title last season. It’s the same schedule that saw them go 9-1 last season and win the first round game by 40, so maybe you need to do a little more research before you pop off

    As for you WEEK, I am going to assume you mean WEAK, well lets just say I am not going to even deal with you cause you can’t tell the difference between what day of the WEEK it is and if a team is WEAK.

  • david rivera

    i hate to see what west covina does to covina this year. this is going to be a major payback and it could get real ugly real fast. covina is overhyped

  • Living Legend

    David, you are a wilson fan right? yeah I am correct, that is the same Wilson team that got smacked by 30 against this overhyped Covina team….oh and that game could have been a lot worse if the Colts did not pull people mid way through the 3rd quarter. No one puts any credence in anything anyone from Wilson has to say.

  • Colt74

    If I could make up the schedule I’d drop Gladstone and El Monte ( is this South El Monte this year gain? ) and insert Glendora and South Hills. Could the Colts win those games? Only way to find out is to play the game. People can speculate till hell freezes over ( or Covina beats West Covina as a lot of people referred to it last year ). To be accepted as a good team you need to play good teams.

    I also heard that Wilson already put in a request for a running clock when they play the Colts this year. I’m just sayin’…….

  • Scoop

    I wouldnt put Covina as a lock on first place just yet. Surprised you had no clue what was going on over at Pomona. I see why coaches in the VVL are concern. I will start with the offensive side of the ball. Last years team had no quarterback, so they ran the ball all year. This years team has a better running game than last years team and now has a quarterback that can throw the ball. They have a second team all-league returning WR 64, great hands and very good speed. The receiving core is at least four deep with quality receivers (one or two transfers). Its gets way better on the defensive side of the ball, the weakest linebacker is their returning 1st team all-league kid, the other two are transfers, both were first team all-leagues LBs. This team has three 1st team all-league LBs starting for them next season. They just got another two transfers in from a city team. On top of all that I was left with the impression I didnt get all of it. My question is how does Rice talk these kids into transferring to Pomona? Gano to Damien we can understand, but Rice to Pomona?

  • Pot calling kettle

    @ Living dipsh*t
    Pretty funny, considering you have at least two grammatical errors in your first paragraph. Also, you need to improve on your research. There were two CIF Championship teams from this area last year. Can you say MONROVIA?

  • Can of Whoop A@@ …….

    Living Legend,

    Do the math the score was 36 to 16.

    36 – 16 = 20

    Is this the same Covina team that beat Northview by 3 points and beat Pomona by 7 points? What Mr. Rivera is pointing out is Covina didn’t dominate last year they got very lucky in a few of those games. I think that will be proven very early next season.

    With all the crap talking the Covina fans like you have been doing I have a very strong feeling you have a very large can of whoop a@@ waiting for you at the West Covina game.

  • Colt74

    I agree with Scoop. Pomona impressed the hell out of me last year. If anyone takes them lightly this year they will regret it…real quick.

    Aram…I’ll put lunch up against the West Covina game. If West Covina wins I’ll bring a portable table and chair to the Tribune…complete with table cloth….and stand by as your waiter as you eat. If Covina wins you supply the lunch and stand by as my waiter as I enjoy lunch. It would be a fun bet. Plenty of time to iron out details and would make a great 2 min drill addition. I have faith in coach Thomas, his staff, and the COLTS.



    Haha, Colts first league game: POMONA

    How long does it take for bones to heal? If you Colts are lucky, all your injuries dealt by Pomona may heal by playoff time, if your 2nd stringers can somehow manage to squeak you into the playoffs.

    ROTFL – You guys have no idea what’s waiting for you, in the jungle.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram


    Cute idea, but I am not going to that game or any other between two local teams and rooting for one side and not the other.

    I will be happy for the winner of that game and sad for the loser, regardless of my prediction.

    And by the way, re-read what I said … “For now, I’m picking West Covina …”

    but that may change when I see the two teams in pads in August.

  • Colt74

    Aram, No problem. Against any other team I will go with West Covina because of the huge amount of respect I have for them and always have had…but against my Colts..I’m a homer. Now what about Glendora and South Hills into the schedule? Good Idea…Bad Idea? Who would you like to see in our schedule?

    Colts R : God, you are Funny. Delusional and probably on medication….but still funny!

  • @can of whoop A@@

    its funny how u talk about wilson losing by only 20! cause i remeber the wilson fans talking there mess when they were winning by 3! and then what??? Billy comes in and throws 3 touchdowns in the second quarter and then colts run the ball for the rest of their scores and the starters ride the bench.. Wilson scored 2 TDs in the back ups of the back ups!! For Pomona no one said the colts are taking them lightly thats a very good team and if it wasnt for several drops IN the ENDZONE i might add! they would have won by 2 maybe 3 touchdowns! Go ahead and say “WAIT FOR WEST COVINA” all you want because you all know when it comes time to play the colts you all wont have a chance!

  • david rivera

    does anybody really think that covina has a shot against west covina. come on people after loosing to covina last year in the final seconds do you really think west covina has forgotten that. this is going to be major payback and the score will devistate covina for the rest of the year. covina is going to take a beating like they never seen before. believe me

  • Colt74

    Can of Whoop A@@ said “I have a very strong feeling you have a very large can of whoop a@@ waiting for you at the West Covina game.”

    I’d be willing to bet that strong feeling is just hemorrhoids……

    david rivera said ” believe me. ”

    Just like your predictions last season how Wilson was going to win the VVL? Or about all the D1 talent at Wilson? Or …you get the point. I know…if you just had a quarterback….and the rest of the league came down with Leprosy ….
    Here’s my prediction: Covina will beat Wilson by at least 40 and Wilson will be the proud owner of last place in the VVL this season.

    Does anybody think that Covina has a shot against West Covina? Last time I checked there were a whole bunch of people wearing Cardinal and White that think so…… 🙂

  • C-TOWN

    Ive been 2 a few practices already, and I can tell you that this week, The Colts look really impressive. They have a big physical line and offensively they look real sharp. Defense looks aggresive and flies to the football. The total numbers arent flattering but the number of “Football Players” looks very good. Im sure the Coaching staff will have these boys ready for that week 0 and the rest of the season. Goodluck Valle Vista trying to stop these guys.

  • david rivera

    hey living legend, if anybody has been more critical of wilson it has been me. nobody in there right mind leaves the miramonte league and goes into the valle vista and gets it handed to them. so yes last year at wilson was a complete failure to say the least. the wilson fathfuls were very disapointed in the season last year but it was because of coaching not the kids. but come on if you think your going to beat west covina this year you are completely crazy and so are you colt74. i promise you that you will loose by at least 35 points in that game. those kids at west covina are already talking about revenge on covina. this will be a complete slaughter i promise you

  • Wake-Up Call

    Covina has the league’s top QB, RB and WR
    Do you proof read before you publish? I am assuming that you have visited ever VVL team and evaluated all the QB, RB, WR out there and in your opinion they are the best. Just in case you didn’t lets go by last years numbers;

    5 V. Venegas 60 1064 17.73 88.7 82 12 WR
    15 G. Ainsworth 134 746 5.57 62.2 45 4 RB
    4 B. Livingston 175 289 .606 2838 236.5 25 8 82 111 QB
    4 B. Livingston 60 59 .98 4.9 27 1 QB Rushing

    Other VVL teams
    5 C. Dillion 77 643 8.35 49.5 3 RB San Dimas
    15 G. Czarnack 23 554 24.09 69.3 81 3 WR Wilson
    15 W. Codee 91 155 .587 1488 114.5 12 5 103 QB San Dimas
    15 W. Codee 79 579 7.33 44.5 5 QB Rushing San Dimas

    Based on the numbers I’m taking my three over your three any day of the week. Czarnack is more of a TE style and to put up those types of numbers in the offense that Wilson ran last season, still averaged over 24 yards per catch. How would Czarnack done on a Covina team. Codee Passing/Rushing combined not even close. Dillion rushed for an average of 8.35 YPC Ainworth had 5.57 YPC with a total of 746 yards, either way the 5.57 is just average high school numbers. Please dont go there with the totals are down because they are a passing team, then Im going to throw Czarnack numbers right back at you again.

    If your comment was true, which it isnt even close to being then maybe Nobody in league is going to touch Covina.

    Covina has issues with teams that are coached up like San Dimas and Pomona. Coach Thomas does well for what he has, Covina is small and athletic but when they play teams that are big, athletic and coached up like San Dimas and Pomona they have major match up issues. As we all saw when they played Whittier Christian. San Dimas has some key players returning and looks like Pomona reloaded. I see both these teams being major road blocks for Covina within league. I wouldnt even call it an upset if both these team beat Covina. The week 0 game against Wet Covina isnt even going to be a game, but it will be a wakeup call for Covina. Aram you really need to stop drinking the Kool Aid.


    Crazy to hear all this hype on Pomona. Why? All of a sudden they have a QB that can throw. The kid was 2nd string behind a weak 1st stringer. ??? Has CIF ok’d the ATHLETIC MOTIVATED TRANSFER of Pomona’s QB all 145 lbs. of him. Get real

  • Colt74

    david revera : Even IF West Covina was to beat Covina..it’s still wouldn’t be WILSON beating Covina. What…you just want someone else to do a job that you can’t do? Too funny!

    So If West Covina DOES beat Covina that means Covina sucks? And if Covina beats Wilson what does that make them? Super Suckers?
    You are just jealous and want anyone to do what Wilson never will do.

    Wake up call : Looks like Covina had issues with San Dimas and Pomona last year? Who won those games again?
    And the Whittier Christian game was a Colt meltdown. I was there. Touchdown called back. Long receptions nullified. Covina handed that game to Whittier Christian. You can’t make mistakes like we did that night and get the win. The bye week killed us.

    San Dimas is a great team and I REALLY liked Watts. But based on Wins I’ll take our 3 any day of the week.

  • Concern


    Why don’t you read over what you just wrote, when you don’t play good ball you lose. If I’m not mistaken those wins against San Dimas and Pomona were also won on mistakes by the other team.


    Pomona is about a lot more than one transfer, the QB is a very big part of their team but that defense is going to be a major concern for any VVL team. Those two LB transfers are probably the two best in the VVL. Then they have their own 1st team all-league LB returning. If you don’t see the concern go to the softball thread.

  • vvl


    If the new Pomona qb is so terrible, why are you worried about whether his transfer goes through (BTW: it’s already a done deal)? Pomona is glad to have him, cause now they’ll be a dual threat with a pass, and run offense, whereas last year they just ran the ball.

    Similar to Wilson last year in their tough games, where #12 couldn’t throw the ball. Wilson was stuck with just running the ball.
    BTW, I hear Wilson has a recently transfered in 6’2″ 200# plus qb (project?)trying out this week. Maybe there’s hope for a passing game yet over there.

  • Colt74

    Concern : Isn’t anytime an offense scores on a defense technically a mistake by the defense? So we could go on and on about the losing team losing because of mistakes.
    So yes you are not mistaken…San Dimas and Pomona lost by mistakes. The mistakes of not scoring more points than us. And we lost to Whittier Christian by not producing more than the refs could take away from us. 🙂 But that was soooo last year…let’s concentrate on this year.

    And David..since you are positive that WC will win by at least 35…How about I take Covina and you give me 28 points…and lets say we make it interesting. If WC wins I’ll wash your car at Wilson high school and if I win you wash mine at Covina High.


  • Game Over


    I was at that Covina/Whittier Christian game clearly the better team won. That game also validated one of Covina’s weaknesses. Your OL got dominated by WC D-line. Livingston had no time slow feet game over.

  • david rivera

    hey colt74 i give you credit you are a faithful covina follower but the truth is covina is not even going to win league. it will be a battle between pomona and san dimas for first and then covina in that order. but lets face it the valle vista is a weak league. there in the mid valley division,doesnt that say it all. i think covina will be a descent team but not a great team. i think rice has his team primed to make a serious run this year and that my covina fathful is your problem.


    It’s true the cancer is now at Pomona! Where will PoHi QB transfer if he is not the starting QB weak at WHS will be weak at PoHi?

  • #12


    Be their week 9

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    Wake up Call,

    I stand by what I said.

    Is there a better receiver in the league than Venegas? No way.

    Is there a better quarterback in the league than Livingston? No way.

    Is there a better RB in the league than Ainsworth? No way. The guy was a soph last season and from what I hear has gotten more physically mature this offseason.

    I’m not talking about LAST YEAR. I’m spinning forward to this year.

    And by the way, Watts was a senior last season. Again, we’re looking toward this season. Covina has the Big 3.

  • Open Your Eye’s


    Are you for real, Covina’s running back the number one returning back. Just going by the numbers that is an absolute joke. Do you realize this kid average 5.5 yards a carry for a total of 746 yards, he averaged 62 yards a game rushing.

  • Norco

    Well Aram…I`ve learned to take what you say with a grain all salt…last year you were all over La Mirada and their D1 players….nut riding at its best…You were talking up a storm on them….What happened to LM? LMAO

  • whats in a name

    Who is this C. Dillon at San Dimas you are talking about? You mean Dillon CORONA?????? You musta had too many coronas when you wrote your spiel. . .

  • Scoop


    Have you been to Pomona, talked to Rice? I’m asking since you predicted no one is touching Covina in the VVL league. I’m assuming you are basing that comment on your evaluation of Pomona’s talent, right? I mean how can you be so sure Covina is going to win when you really have no clue what Pomona has.

  • Dan

    Heard this week that WC’s Chris Solomon was one of the standouts at the Sparq combine in Oakland last week, so I checked it out and of over 1100 kids he had the third highest sparq rating of the day with a sparq score of over 106, he also had a 40 time of 4.58 and a shuttle time of 3.97, what make that impressive is both of those are electronic times, not hand times. the webpage is listed below, when you get there, if you click on the video link of the Oakland recap[right side of webpage] you will see an interview of him.

  • Westy

    7 from pomona will light it up. Haters just sit back and read the stats. Yes he was 2nd string at a dysfunctionaly coached wilson. 7 would see things n holes in defenses that his OC couldnt. The kid is smart and all BALLS. He doesnt run scared to the sidelines, or throw HAIL MARY’s as he ducks for cover.

  • mtown scout

    @ open your eyes….
    Numbers can be really deceiving. Did you watch any of the covina games? First of all the RB Ainsworth was a sophmore. a 5.5 avg is good and so is 746 yards for a tenth grader. He had these stats and he was not even featured. Covina played 12 games, so this kid only got 10 touches per game. That boils down to 2-3 carries per quarter. So He really did not get going. Actually him not getting ball was the reason why Covina did not go further. They have no balance. If Thomas gets this kid the ball it will open things up and they will be tough to beat. Covina is still the team to beat in the vvl. As for the west covina game…no one had covina to win last year and they did. No matter how bad west covina wants to win that game, they are going to have to beat covina. Its all about matchups….covina has a lot of quick wr running around the field, and West covina will have to cover them all. Covina does have some road blocks like San Dimas and Pomona. Until the games are played, we wont know. Now… Ive heard some things about pomona. If they have what they say they have, they could make a run for the league title. its always hard to repeat league titles, but I still have covina bc they have the best QB in VVL and best all purpose guy in Venegas…if Ainsworth develops , like Ainsworths normally do, then he is on his way to being the best in valley, and threat on the field. Believe me he has alot of great people getting him ready..

  • Scoop

    Mtown Scout,

    Covina should be the front running, my issue is with Aram’s statement.

    “Nobody in league is going to touch Covina”

    Made a few phone calls, Pomona has a transfer at the QB,RB,WR,LB,LB,FB, and DB positions that I am aware of. I’m being told all top tier players. How can you make a comment like the one ARAM made without even seeing what Pomona has. As a reporter, you need to investigate then report, don’t report on what you think.

  • Dan

    Interesting on all the Pomona transfers, wondering if they have been cleared through CIF? Not trying to insinuate anything just an honest question, seen too many teams having to forfeit games or kids having to sit out seasons lately.
    M-Town good post, I’m with you on Ainsworth, considering he was a sophomore I thought he was very good the few times I saw him carry the ball last season, big, quick strong elusive kid. Like you mentioned, I would think If Covina would have featured him more to balance out their offense they would have gone deeper in the playoffs.
    As for West Covina vs Covina your batting a 1000 on that too, Covina is well aware that West Co hasn’t forgotten about last season and they will prepare well for the Bulldogs. I don’t think West Covina is expecting Covina to cower down in fear, or to roll over for the Bulldogs, WC still has to come out and execute a good game plan, if they loose focus and don’t take care of the ball like they didn’t in last years game this could turn into another week 0 fiasco, which would be three years in a row for the Bulldogs.
    From what I read on here, it sounds like the Colts have some size returning on the line and with the skill players and all around sound football players I keep hearing about, they could match up well with the Bulldogs, It would not suprise me if the Colts end up being one of the top teams in the SGV next season, ala 2005 & 2006.

  • Mtown scout/ Transfers

    The problem with transfers is one getting them all cleared, two developing chemistry, and three how will other players handle competition. Programs are built on stability and familiarity of the system…Normally a player is in the program for 3-4 years. Bringing in guys who are not familiar with system can create problems. You first have to break his bad habits or change some things to make him fit. Especially when it comes to the offensive side of the ball. Defense you run around and make plays, but qbs rbs and Wr have a timing that can only be developed with time. For example San Dimas brought in a new Qb last year. He was a athlete, but he did not have their system down. It end up costing them in the semis. They tried to run a 2 qb system and it did not work. We all understand competition, but when you have a kid who has been there for 3 years, then some guy comes in and takes his spot, its discouraging and may effect how this new back up may play. It takes a special kid to lose his spot or a transfer not getting one, and still keep a positive attitude…and parents are not better, sometimes worse. When their kid goes to 2nd string for his senior year things can get ugly and childish. what if the transfer does not start will he be a cancer? Pomona is going to have some challenges getting these guys to gel. You can expect a few ints or fumbles early on. If they could get through that they may be able to be ready. It does not help that they are playing Covina the first game of league. Covina has a huge advatange in that game. Pomona’s defense is going to have to play outstanding, to give the offense a chance. If they can score 28-31 points in that game, they may win. Covina will avg at least 24 pts for the year. I’ll say this…The streets are saying Pomona has skills..but I have not heard them mention anything about the line. That is where the game is won. If the line is not good, Pomona will be a third place team. If they have some big uglys blocking, you may see a new VVL champ…I do see both these teams going to the playoffs…But hey thats Monrovia territory lol. Does Covina have what takes to beat a Monrovia, Maranatha or Valley Christian? I think its too early for that

  • avg 24 points??

    i think covina is going to average more then that i have them averaging at more like 30 maybe 35!

  • Average Against Quality Teams

    Average don’t mean much, what does is what you score against the quality teams. That is where Covina had and will have issues. Check out Covina’s offensive stats against the quality teams, you will be shocked. That is why Covina wont even win league this year.

  • Quality?

    ok here we go
    West Co. 27 points
    Walnut. 42 points
    SD. 27 points
    BP 17 points
    looking at this “quality” they still averaged about 24 points against your quality teams


    All this Hype over a 5’10” 125 pound and 19 years old QB over at Pomona. Cmon I’m sure next out of his agents mouth will be he is D1 material. 2nd stringer face it.


    Pomona Qb ok quit your begging you’re 150lbs max wet with weights in your pads

  • CatParent


    What’s your issue with the Pomona qb? If you’re a Wilson parent/fan, are you jealous that he left for greener pastures, and your kid got left behind? Or, are you one of the bitter HH people that are hell bent to crucify the father, and just takes it out on the kid?

    Get over it already.

  • 411


    You are the definition of a clueless idiot. P-Towns QB is legit. You must not have seen any passing leagues last season. Or seen him march the ball down the field against DB, C-Town, and P-Town last season. I know, I know you watched MVP march the ball down the field against LP, ELM, and LA. FYI. 7 IS 6′ plus…. 175-185lbs. 18yrs.old and ready to give ur sorry a@@ the ride of your sorry life.


    Pomona QB has never been a starter always 3rd or 4th Qb lucky he was 2nd last year.

  • CatParent


    As a sophomore, he was backup to Mo Vega on varsity, and last year as a junior, according to Zavala; “he never lost his starting job”. Now that we all know what a lying sack of crap Zavala is, he was just leading the kid on, so he’d have two qbs on roster, while Williams (OC) tried to run his “unstoppable” run game.

  • 411


    U must be an LA parent.. A straight up hater. Just watch this 4th stringer. U already seen what happened when a coach had the wrong qb in. 4-6

  • Coach


    Actually he started at least half the games his sophomore year.

    You say this kid sucks as a quarterback well Coach Rice must think an awful lot of this kid, I mean he has a team stacked with talent and he has this kid running his offense. I’m going with Coach Rice on this one. Coach Rice has two CIF titles in his first five years as a head coach. I think he is a pretty good judge of talent.

    By now everyone has realized your real motivation.

  • unk

    Holly smokes give Schreimanator a break!!!! Go get em “White Devil”

  • Covina Blog

    Once again the blog is hijacked by the same guys from Wilson (now Pomona) who hijacked the blog last season. Thank God this kid is graduating so we don’t have to hear anymore about him. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that Pomona (who hasn’t been talked about on this blog ever) will be the most talked about team all year regardless of their performance. Did I mention that Pomona has never been a topic on Aram’s blog, NEVER! Aram, as a public service could you create a separate blog entitled “In the Pomona Huddle” so we don’t have to suffer through another year of Schreimann talk.

  • Grow Some B@lls

    Covina Blog aka whsfootball,

    You come on this thread about 40 comments ago in an attempt to bash the kid, then after you get slapped in the face over and over by multi bloggers you come back with this comment. Why don’t you grow some balls and stop hiding behind a screen name and tell the kid what you really think of him face to face. Don’t think it will happen because he will slap you down like the little b*tch that you really are.

  • #7 against C town?

    ok im sorry but i never saw him drive on Ctown i saw him throw two TDs against the 3rd string! and on his one good drive he threw a pick in the endzone! and he threw a pick to ctowns third string DB #11 which almost got taken to the house!

  • Stats

    #7 against C town?,

    “i saw him throw two TDs against the 3rd string! and on his one good drive he threw a pick in the end zone! and he threw a pick to ctowns third string DB #11 which almost got taken to the house!”

    As you can see by the stats below he only threw one touchdown and he only threw one interception. Wilson drove down the field and scored first with a field goal late in the first quarter. Don’t forget #12 started the game and was pulled after no success the first two sets of downs. Then #7 came in and drove down the field stalled short of a town down and kicked a field goal. After that Wilson didn’t move the ball much until the fourth quarter when the game was already over. Your pick that DB #11 almost took to the house never happen, sorry. That is per your own stats on Max Prep, the one interception had zero yards. Now the turning point of that game was when Livingston came into the game. Covina could not move the ball at all with the second string QB, whom started the game. When Livingston came into the game, after the Wilson field goal he destroyed the Wilson defense and basically scored at will.

    Check out the stats below #7 didnt have a great game but those arent bad numbers.

    #7 16 26 243 .615 1 1 39 89
    #12 2 8 19 .250 19 40

    Livingston 13 19 278 .684 3 151


    I told you Pomona has the cancer. Qb’d dad makes enemys everywhere he goes. Shut up dude!

  • Covina Blog

    @ Grow Some B@lls

    Did you read the post? I don’t think I said anything bad about the kid. I was speaking to YOU, and your hijacking of every blog post on this site. YOU are the problem! YOU are the IDIOT (I figure by adding the caps you will understand that my comments are directed at you, also that I am speaking in a louder tone). I would never talk ill of a kid, but you are not him, you are a blogger, who has some difficulty with reading comprehension. So in conclusion (this refers to the fact that this is the last thing I am about to say on this post) my previous post was in reference to you and all the irrelevant posts you have made throughout the year, and so I suggest a blog be created for you, about you, 24/7 YOU!

  • 411


    You should be happy that they are at pomona. But nooooo you still feel the need to pick and poke. Everyone already knows that you do not like mark or his son. but you are hooked on this soap opera.. So deep that you cant turn away and continue to follow pomona blogging.

  • SaintsR4real


    Hopefully you are taking in consideration while you are putting your rep (opinion) question….
    The same group of kids that won the Mid-Valley Ring in 2009 are still intact (Kennedy, Corona, Brown, Torres, Espinoza)and better than ever. Kennedy brought home a ring, Livingston didn’t, now who has the leverage??

    Just a note…. their O-line is better than ever!!

  • SaintsR4real


    Key injuries all of 2010 season (including Kennedy all season). Main ingredient was CHEMISTRY, which always plays a big part in your success.


    your talking about all those san dimas seniors shawn? dillon? etc? the ones who got handled their freshman year? you understand this colts squad at covina only lost to SAN DIMAS ONCE!! and not because of the up comming seniors (SHAWN and DILLON etc) but because of chemistry as a team with tre evans and justin winrow NO WAY will the colts lose to San dimas! your crazy!

  • @kool aid

    yeah exactly if we are going on which kids win “on the field” then if im not mistaken that was the covina kids!

  • Living Legend

    @don’t drink the kool-aid: maybe you need to lay off the sauce, cause Covina was up 17-14 with 7 minutes left in the game against W.C. and lost 28-17 that is hardly getting man handled. As far as when it was SD playing when it counted, with the league title on the line and SD up big at half they laid down and Covina came roaring back, so I am not sure you have a clue what you are talking about.

  • koo aid

    SD, Covina have fun with the pomona dad