2011 Schedules: San Gabriel Matadors …

Week 0: Muir
Week 1: at South Pasadena
Week 2: San Dimas
Week 3: at Baldwin Park
Week 4: Rosemead
Week 5: BYE
Week 6: Montebello
Week 7: at Keppel
Week 8: at Bell Gardens
Week 9: Alhambra
Week 10: Schurr

Aram’s take: Excellent schedule. Love the Week 0 test against Muir. Last year’s game was supposedly close for a while before mistakes did in the Mats. Maybe things can get crazy this year. Then you get right into to some nice Mid-Valley Division matchups against San Dimas, South Pas, BP and Rosemead. It takes stones for any Mid-Valley team to play that many inter-division games given how that no league has more than two guaranteed berths into the postseason. Obviously, SG needs to handle business in those games in case they need one of the four at-large berths come Noviembre. The Almont League should be interesting this year with several teams, including league champ Schurr, losing LOTS of guys. There’s no good reason why SG shouldn’t be 3-0 heading into the final two games of the year, and those two games are HUGE and at HOME. San Gabriel is one of my sleeper teams this year after beating both Alhambra and Schurr to end last season and finish 5-5 (missed the playoffs). Alhambra was young last year and will be a year older/better this year. Schurr is always formidable, but unless there’s another Aaron Cantu around campus Sparty will be down a notch (sorry for any hurt feeling there). With experience back at QB and the second year of a new coach, I make SG my early favorite to win the Almont. I will call for 7-3 as an early record prediction.

  • Alex_Trebek

    muir – L
    South Pas – L
    San Dimas – L
    BP – L
    Rosemead – L
    Montebello – W
    Keppel – W
    BG – L
    Alhamba – W
    Schurr – L


  • Aaron

    Muir always has athletes. South Pasadena doesn’t have Bednarski. San Dimas will still be a playoff team but not what they have been, that o-line is now gone. BP…complete overhaul and new coaches. Rosemead…idk.

    I’m thinking more 6-4 or opposite of what you have there Alex.

  • Pony Express 7

    Aaron said:
    Correction. Not all of the O-line for San Dimas is gone. They still have one of the best Centers in the SGV and a few starters from last year.



    Can you look into this “six-game extravaganza” going down at Mission Viejo?

    Here is the link:

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    SGV Football,

    OK, I looked into it by clicking the link and it’s a great concept but nothing I will go to because those aren’t SGV teams.

    We could/should do something like that here that same weekend with the San Dimas/Bonita on Thurs, Glendora-CO on Fri and WestCo-Covina on Saturday.

    But who’s gonna host it and run it is beyond me.

    Also, don’t laugh but I view this as being a small sign of Mission Viejo/the OC showing they can run things on their own. Hint to CIF.

  • Coach Slayer

    Muir on any given Friday night can give any team in the country a game. Even if you win on week 0 you lose because you will for sure have injured and bruised up players. Muir is one team I would try to avoid especially in week 0. If Muir thumps them then I think Alex Trebek is probably right. Any chance I can see Muir’s schedule?

  • Big Dog WC

    Alex Trebek is probably closer than you Aram……Why are you even writing anything here. It is nice that you give these teams lots of credit pre-season, but try and be realistic. You don’t have to be such a brown noser Aram…………

  • Goldenarm

    It is all about league, and this schedule will have the Matadors ready for league play.

  • football is almost here!

    Good luck to Coach Jude, and the Matadors. Can’t wait for the outcome of all games, except south pas and keppel.

    P.S keppel will never make the playoffs now. Sad but true. Perhaps they should go to the mission valley league, switch over Rosemead or Arroyo to the almont league.