Montview League predictions … CAST YOUR VOTE!!!

QB Kevin Amezquita is hoping to lead Gladstone back to the playoffs.

NOTE: This is the sixth in a series of previews that look at local leagues that consist of local teams only.

1. Azusa — Other than Monrovia in the Rio Hondo League, there is probably no surer bet in the Valley than Azusa winning the Montview. The Aztecs have been on a major roll in the Montview and what impresses me most is their run is poised to last longer than the recent good runs of the past by teams like Duarte and Gladstone. Azusa impressed me this summer with its collection of athletes and overall tenacity. This is a tough football team at heart, which I like. QB Jake Martinez is looking like a good bet to be the league MVP. My only concern with the Aztecs is that they’re likely to drop a tad on defense when compared to last year. That will hurt in the nonleague against teams like San Dimas and Maranatha … and possibly the playoffs.
Predicted record: 8-2 overall, 7-0 in league.
Playoffs: Yes, likely top-four seed.

2. La Puente — I really like what head coach Brandon Rohrer and his staff have going on at LP. I caught the Warriors a couple times this summer and they’re not really world beaters, but they do have some speedy receivers and some decent-looking athletes. Combine that with the good scheme set in place by Rohrer and you’ve got the making of another solid ball club. The Warriors probably aren’t good enough to stay with Azusa, but they’re a good bet to handle the rest of the league.
Predicted record: 7-3 overall, 5-2 in league.
Playoffs: Yes.

t-3. Gladstone — There was some attrition last year which hurt the Gladiators, but coach Albert Sanchez got enough out of his team to finish third and reach the playoffs. With former Wilson coach Brian Zavala now joining the staff and calling the shots on defense, I think the Gladiators have a good shot equal last year’s bottom line. Gladstone has a lot to replace skill-wise, but I wasn’t disappointed by what I saw at the SGV Shootout. In typical years and when players actually stick with the program, Gladstone has one of the better talent pools in the league. I expect this year to be more of the same.
Predicted record: 5-5 overall, 4-3 in league.
Playoffs: Yes.

t-3. Sierra Vista
— Head coach Don LeGro’s offense did its thing last year and the numbers (if you believe them) piled up. The Dons suffered a big blow in the offseason when it was revealed that 2,300-yard rusher Giovanni Rivera would not be with the team this fall. But LeGro feels like his offense is a plug-and-play system, so expect the featured back to put up good numbers. Although the Dons garnered a lot of attention because of the offense, the defense actually put up a strong year, allowing just 15 points per game, which put them second in the league behind Azusa. Trouble is, the top-five tacklers from last year must be replaced.
Predicted record: 6-4 overall, 4-3 in league.
Playoffs: No.

5. Ganesha — The Giants got some league relief last offseason by being placed in the Montview, but it wasn’t enough to get them into the big dance … or even close. I saw the Giants throw this summer and they’re just fine talent-wise in terms of skill players at this level. But I think overall toughness and confidence, as in knowing how to win, are what will hold them back again this season. The talent is there to spring an upset and make things interesting, so contenders beware.
Predicted record: 4-6 overall, 3-4 in league.
Playoffs: No.

6. Workman — Year 2 of the Scott Morrison era at Workman should see some overall improvements. The Lobos simply did not have enough firepower on offense last season and put up only 16.5 points per game. That number may improve, but it will have to do so with some new faces in key skill spots. The defense, which gave up over 30 points per game last year, also has to get better.
Predicted record: 4-6 overall, 2-5 in league.
Playoffs: No.

7. Bassett — The Olympians played some decent defense last year, i.e. holding Sierra Vista to three points in a 3-0 loss to end the season. And that’s the problem. Bassett cannot score consistently enough to take advantage of its stop unit. The Olympians averaged just 9 points per game for the season, but perhaps that number improves in Year 2 under Aubrey Duncan. Remember, there was a time last season when we weren’t 100-percent sure Bassett would even field a team. Not bad considering …
Predicted record: 3-7 overall, 1-6 in league.
Playoffs: No.

8. Duarte — I’ve heard from some pretty reliable people that the talent level is up considerably at Duarte. One person even told me not to be surprised if the Falcs win 5 games! It’s hard to see that, though, because that would require tremendous improvement after last year’s team finished with an average losing margin of just over 42 points per game. But if anybody is capable of turning around a program, it’s Lavell Sanders. Will we see any green shoots this year?
Predicted record: 2-8 overall, 0-7 in league.
Playoffs: No.

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    I see Aram, had the time to put up the Montview league preview and as usual and saved the BEST FOR LAST. LOL… Well I’m not going to be my usual self and say the same old STUFF. Looking at the article and seeing all those teams listed here, come on, anybody that knows football in the SGV knows this isn’t a powerhouse league.

    What you lack in this league is size and speed and predominantly most of all the players are Hispanic, and in no way putting us down. I’m not making excuses, but bottom line this league doesn’t have the players like a So. Hills, CO, Monrovia, West Covina and that’s only the public schools, I’m not going mention the big private schools. If you notice the great football schools have a great balance of races that make for good teams. You know what’s funny, these schools I listed what there about no more then 10 miles apart from each other and makes a world of a difference.

    I’ll say this and lets give these Coaches like Scherf from AZUSA, Roher from La Puente, Sanchez, Gladstone, some credit for being mentors to these players and out there giving it their best year after year. Nobody I believe goes out their to intentionally lose in any sport, you take what you have and coach and teach the best you can and if one of those players continue to play in college, then I believe you have succeeded in coaching, and I’m talking about the Montview league.

    Lets be realistic now, a team from the Montview league to make it to a CIF final would be an incredible feat and thats were the size and speed comes into play and bottom-line they can not compete with those teams I listed.

    What the Montview league has, is the Montview league were these players can hammer it at each other and to be able to CLAIM THEYRE THE MONTVIEW LEAGUE CHAMPIONS at the end of the season, and you better believe that means a whole lot to a lot of people in this Valley. But do you know what makes it all worth though, is when a team from the MVL can win another team from a different league.

    GOOD LUCK TO YOU COACH SCHERF AND YOUR STAFF, and hopefully one day you can play in a championship game!


  • Observantcat

    Very well put AZTEC PRIDE, This message is what all of the bloggers need to instill into their blogging diets every once in awhile. Football is a sport where guys who want to be competitive can get together with friends who feel the same way and try to accomplish a shared goal. Azusa is a school that is on the move in the right direction. Good Post!

  • Agreed. Strong post. I especially found the racial mix part interesting. I know what you’re saying about how the best teams seem to have a mix. But I will say this, there have been some excellent Hispanic football players in this Valley. And Mission Valley League teams like Rosemead and Arroyo have been fielding mostly Hispanic teams for a while and winning a lot of games.

  • SGV Fan

    Let’s go Gladstone & La Puente! Let’s make it interesting in the Montview!

  • J.B.


    Do not sleep on Sierra Vista this season. First, Coach LeGro has been the only consistent willer in SVHS’s 50 years of existence. Second, this team had depth on defense last year so they’re reloading, not re-building. Finally, the Dons we’re one of the best teams in the CIF-SS to be denied a playoff spot so the ‘us-against-the-world’ mentality is in place.

    No matter what, this is one of the stronger football seasons Montview League we may have seen in the last decade.

    Go Dons!

    Ps: Keep up the great work covering SGV high school sports!

  • Sgv Supporter

    Great post Aram, no doubt in my mind Azusa is gonna win league this year, had a chance to see them this summer at the sgv shootout and they have a pretty good team. I can’t wait to see them play San dimas. And does anyone know Azusa middle linebackers name? That kid is huge and down right nasty!

  • Joe Torosian Lite

    1. Azusa 7-3, 7-0 League: Coach Sherf has this program competing. The attitude they have established gives me the sense that they will dominate this league for a long time. This is a team that has a confidence that they belong on the field with anyone. It is not false bravado, but from watching that coaching staff and seeing the players compete, it really is a confidence earned from putting in max work. Is this a team that will make a long playoff run, it really depends on the draw.

    2. La Puente 7-3, 6-1 League: Another program that plays with the right attitude. When you watch them play, they definitely are not soft. These kids play with max effort. Having said that, they are just not as talented up front to make any kind of push in the playoffs, so look for Week 10 to be their season.

    3. Gladstone 5-5, 5-2 League: The rest of the league is not very strong. Coach Sanchez does a nice job having his teams prepared, but it was a mistake to bring Zavala on to the staff. On talent alone they come in third, but do not see them competing with Azusa or LP. No preseason wins equals no playoffs.

    4.Sierra Vista 6-4, 4-3 League: This team did not and does not deserve a wild card in the playoffs. They play a very weak preseason and will be manhandled by LP and Azusa. What gives them an opportunity to upend G-Stone is their offense is unique and difficult to prepare for. As for the defense, the stats are deceiving. They gave up 70+ versus LP and Azusa, as well as, 27 to Hoover. Not good.

    5. Ganesha 4-6, 3-4 League: Has athletes to defeat the lower end teams in league. Will not compete with LP or Azusa, will definitely have problems with LeGro’s offense. Where they may be able to get an upset win is versus Gladstone week 1 of league.

    6. Bassett 4-6 Overall 2-6 League: Bassett played some really close games last year running a spread offense. Look for them to get preseason wins versus the Mt. View/Keppel and league wins versus Workman and Duarte.

    7. Workman 3-7, 1-6 League: Wins over Keppel and South will have the Lobos feeling good, but that’s where the good times end. Not enough talent in the area to fill the coffers of this school. With LP making a run, Workman just does not have enough to draw on.

    8. Duarte 2-8, 0-7 League: Monrovia is way too good, which let’s me know that Duarte must be way down.

    That’s my principle.

  • JustSayin

    Aztec Pride,

    I don’t know who is a bigger idiot, you or the tool. Your comment about Hispanics is ridiculous. You know what the best teams have? Excellent coaching, raw talent, size, speed, and smart players! It does not matter what color a players skin is; if he has the aforementioned, he will succeed. Take a look at the Servite, Mater Dei, Santa Margarita, Bosco, etc rosters and tell me about the “mix of those rosters. Bosco is about the most mixed of those above and we’ve not made the playoffs in 5 years, so what does race balance have to do with anything? In recent years, Bosco has had some great teams that would destroy most SGV schools on any given Friday (I think the last SGV schools we played were Damian a couple of years ago and Amat back about 7 or 8 years ago and Bosco won both games), but or balanced roster cant get over the hump. The other three Trinity schools I listed have rosters that are predominately white (70%) with some Latinos, pacific islanders, and a few African Americans. That said, all Trinity schools have one thing in common: smart players! Anyway, I think my point is made and once again you SGV folks have made your point, which is that you are not very bright!

  • Jefe

    Pretty right-on here, Aram. I can’t see anything to disagree with.

    That being said, Azusa is one & done in CIF once again this year.

  • football jones


    This is great!

    Now I can enhance my knowledge of Sociology, Genetics, Economics & Demographics, all on a single thread.

    Professors please continue…


    Thanks for the complement FOOTBALL JONES; LOL Okay now let me address the SELF PROCLAIMED GENIUS, (JUST SAYIN). First of all, dont try to twist up my post and make me look like Im some type of BIGOT! Did you read my post real good, or did the word Hispanic get you all touchy feely and you started replying ALL EMOTIONALLY charged up. I was talking about the Montview LEAGUE only and I dont know a thing about the Trinity league or ST. John Bosco in Bellflower.

    Im Hispanic, and what YOURE trying to insinuate was the farthest thing from my mind. Ive seen too many games were eventually SIZE & SPEED will eventually overcome the size of a smaller team. I agree with you about race has nothing to do with it though, but in this league youll have a few players over 6ft tall and maybe a couple of players over 200lbs!

    When the playoffs come around, like I said before thats when you begin to see the size differences and speed, when the offensive line and defensive line comes into play and start controlling the game and eventually wear down the smaller teams in this league. Okay stay with me here, Im not saying they cant win games because they are all HISPANIC, because Ive seen AZUSA win games. AZUSA two seasons ago played San Dimas in the semi playoffs and for two quarters they played well, but eventually the size and speed caught up to them and lost 50-24. For the record, do me a favor and check to see when the last time a team from the Montview league has ever won a CIF Championship??? This league is considered a joke on here, but Im on here to stating otherwise!

    JUST SAYIN, you have your opinion and I have mine, but when come in here blasting with insults and name calling, well you take it to another level. Remember my key board is black and white just like yours, so try to act like an adult. Heres a suggestion, if thats how you feel about the SGV people, then why are you even on here? By the way see if ARAM, can contact your local paper to see if they can have a PREPS sports blog in your area. Oh one more thing, you can take that TOOL and use it to turn off that BRIGHT LIGHT BULB OFF IN YOUR HEAD.


  • JustSayin


    Okay, so it seems that I’ve struck a nerve (you want to talk about emotional, geez!). All I did was come back with fact, which is that race balance has nothing to do with excelling on the football field. That said, I appreciate your explanation and your clarification your original post certainly did not contain the points that you made in your follow-up post, so thanks.

    As far as why I read these blogs I can give two reasons: 1) because it’s there and it’s my right to do so; and, 2) they are entertaining and funny as @#%$. You won’t see me commenting too much because I don’t like getting caught up in all the hyperbole, the talk about passing leagues, i.e., touch football games, the ridiculous preseason predictions, etc. But, when I read a comment that is simply asinine I do feel compelled to respond. I may have gone too far with the SGV comment and folks not being too bright (sorry to all intelligent SGV dwellers), but when someone makes a comment like yours, which you obviously felt you needed to explain, I jump in.

    Good luck to all – can’t wait for Sept 2nd. (Heck I can’t wait to get out on the field this afternoon for our first day in full gear so I can hear the beautiful sound of cracking plastic). Have a good day Aztec Pride and think before you make stupid comments. Or at the very least, explain yourself a bit when you do. Dont wait to explain yourself after the fact when you get called out.

  • wt

    Stop talking s@#$ and let the teams play football this a working class league.


    JUST SAYIN, I see the LIGHT BULB went on and you decided to apologize to AZTEC PRIDE; LOL… J/K. By the way I hold no grudges and call a peace treaty. But… I see you had to throw in that last jab about think a little before you post stupid comments. LOL… AZTEC PRIDE speaks (NOTHING BUT TRUTH, SO HELP ME GOD)!

    By the way JS, are you a player or Coach? Yes, I can’t wait for the season to start also and my son will be starting at linebacker this season for JC football. Well good luck to you this season and the most important thing in Football is stay INJURY FREE!

    p.s. WT, great post;NOT…

  • football jones

    Azusa is finally stepping up with 2 solid ‘playoff type’ games during the season.

    Even if they drop both games, this will definitely make them a better team and allow staff to make adjustments in time for post season.

    Azusa vs SD should be very interesting.

    When and where is that game?

  • JustSayin


    Right on, truce. I read and sometimes comment on this blog because of this fun banter. Good luck to all and reat assured I will be back on this blog to “yank chains” and submit fact as needed – LOL! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!


    Football JONES, Here’s the info for the game.

    Week 1
    Thursday, September 8
    Ayala at Colony, 7:00pm
    Azusa vs. San Dimas at Citrus College, 7:00pm
    El Monte at La Puente, 7:00pm

    Jones, go to Freds Blog and scroll down until you find the article(The 2011 Football week-by-week schedule).It has the entire SCHEDULE GAMES for this coming season. Here’s what I did, cut & paste it to Microsoft Word and then you can print it out!

    GOOD LUCK, and i’ll see you there with my AZTEC PRIDE T-SHIRT on. LOL…

  • ST G54

    Azusa & LP are the teams to beat.
    after that #’s 3-5 are up for grabs bewteen Gladstone, Ganesha & Sierra Vista..
    & 6-8 well its 6-8 again.. LoL

  • The Minnesota DON

    I was one of Le Gros last offensive line in 2000, The running game was at its prime and unfortunately it was all down hill from there. We could have taken the Montview League, but the team was moved up to a higher league. We were not ready for San Dimas, North View, Bonita, We were torn to pieces. We had a great team, but could not keep up

    The only thing I know is that the Class of 2000 DONS football team was the last to beat Baldwin Park High School. The rivalry lives and I really hope we beat them this year. I only wish I could be there to watch this season but I live in Minnesota for now.

    Good luck to Le Gro and I look forward to reading all about the DON’s this year. God Bless.

  • Former high school player

    Aztec pride shut yo mouth ur and old guy trying to relive ur high school career that’s sad get life. Plus ur son is starting at a jc if it’s not mount sac it ain’t nothing to brag. Come on guy plus ur talking s&$@ on a league that’s looked down on.


    Wow it’s getting to the point were you can’t even blog anymore without some little brat boy coming in here trying to SHUT YO MOUTH. LOL…

    FORMER OF WHAT? come on brat boy lets talk about you since you seem to know so much about me. I’ve seen some stupid post, but yours takes the most arrogant post i’ve seen! “Come on guy plus ur talking s&$@ on a league that’s looked down on”.

    The last time I looked the article was about the Montview League, and I didn’t see ARAM write down what you mentioned. You know I just better stop saying anything more, because I might say something that SOUNDS LIKE YOU!

  • Svdons pride

    Aztecpride I’ve been coming to this blog for four years and ur pride with Azusa is actually really annoyin there a good team but truthfully montview league is really looked down upon to the point people prefer playin teams from our league in the playoffs just shut up already -___- rite now Azusa is just having it’s time just like all high schools do wen they fall n they will u probably won’t post nutin on here n congrats to ur son but if it ain’t mt. Sac then no reason to brag it’s like sayin ur the best… the montview league nobody cares -___-

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